J. Mike Minnix

J. Mike Minnix
J. Mike Minnix
PastorLife (www.pastorlife.com)
Charlotte, NC

Dr. J. Mike Minnix is the Founder and Editor of www.pastorlife.com (begun in the year 2001) and president of More Than Bread Ministries, Inc.

Mike was saved as a child and surrendered to preach the gospel in 1968. He pastored churches in the Southern Baptist Convention for more than 40 years, served as Vice President for Evangelization at the Georgia Baptist Convention for 3 1/2 years, and has served in numerous interim pastoral positions. He also previously served for 12 years (1990-2002) as pastor of First Baptist Church, Lilburn, Georgia (Metro Atlanta)

Dr. Minnix holds a B.A. (cum laude), a M.Div. (summa cum laude) and a D.Min. (summa cum laude) having attended Gardner Webb University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Trinity Theological Seminary. Dr. Minnix was the Doctoral Scholar graduate at Trinity Theological Seminary in 1993.

He was elected President of the North Carolina Pastor's Conference in 1989, and has served in various denominational committee positions in North Carolina, Georgia and in the Southern Baptist Convention. He served as Guest Chaplain to the Georgia State House Of Representatives and Guest Chaplain to the Georgia State Senate, speaking to both chambers during their annual sessions.

He delivered the Mission's Sermon at the 2002 Georgia Baptist Convention in Atlanta, Georgia and has spoken in numerous revivals and conferences, led Christian radio and television ministries in previous churches, and served on various boards for Christian leaders.

Dr. Minnix served several churches as interim pastor or pulpit interim, including Calvary Baptist Church, Lilburn, Georgia; First Baptist Church, Snellville, Georgia; First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Georgia, and Mountain Park First Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia, First Baptist Church, Belmont, North Carolina, Alexis Baptist Church, Alexis, North Carolina and others.

He authored three books: Christian Seniors Living Super Lives, published by Tate Publishers, 2013, and two books published by Evangel Publications: Panorama of the Bible, and Panorama of the Bible - Pastor's Supplement, 1993.

He married his wife Jayne in 1962 and they have TWO grown children, FOUR grandchildren, and Eleven great-grandchildren. He and Jayne reside in Kings Mounain, North Carolina area where Mike continues to preach and serve as president and editor of www.pastorlife.com.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
The Danger and Power of Human Decisions 1 Chronicles  29 :14-20 Will of God; Will, Human; Purpose in Life; Decision Making
The Conquests of the Cross 1 Corinthians  1 :17-25 Victory in Jesus; Cross; Forgiveness of Sin; Resurrection; Satan Defeated
A New Look at the Old Rugged Cross 1 Corinthians  1 :18 Cross of Christ; Salvation; Service, Faithfulness
The Foolishness of the Cross 1 Corinthians  1 :18 Lord's Supper; Cross of Christ
The Offense of the Cross - Lord's Supper Sermon 1 Corinthians  1 :18 Cross; Cross, Offense of; Blood of Jesus; Lord's Supper
Thankful for a Carnal Church? 1 Corinthians  1 :1-9 Church, Gratitude for the; Church
The Purpose of Gospel Preaching 1 Corinthians  2 :1-5 Salvation; Preaching, The Purpose of; The Gospel; Power of God
Crown Him With Many Crowns 1 Corinthians  3 :10-15 Heaven, Rewards in; Judgment Seat of Christ; Crowns
The Torch Test 1 Corinthians  3 :11-15 Bema Seat Judgment; Judgment of Christians; Judgment
Conquering Carnal Christianity 1 Corinthians  3 :1-23 Carnal Living; Christian Living; Spiritual Living
The Master of Stewardship 1 Corinthians  4 :1-4 Stewardship; Giving; Materialism; Monday; Lordship
Discipline In A Messy Church 1 Corinthians  5 :1-13 Church Discipline; Church; Sin in the Church
Honoring God With Your Body 1 Corinthians  6 :19-20 Body, The Human; Eternity; Judgment
This Old House - Body Trouble 1 Corinthians  6 :19-20 Bought with a Price; Human Body; Christian Living
America's Greatest Need 1 Corinthians  9 :22 Soul Winning; Evangelism; Witnessing; Faithfulness
The Athlete 1 Corinthians  9 :24-27 Christian Living; Discipline; Commitment; Discipleship
The Danger of Losing God's Blessings 1 Corinthians  10 Failure in Christian Living; Unfaithfulness; Disobedience; Revival; Renewal
The Significane of Spiritual Symbols 1 Corinthians  11 :23-26 Lord's Supper; Baptism; Ordinances; Symbols, Spiritual
4 Facts About The Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians  12 Holy Spirit; Power of God; Indwelling of God; Spiritual Gifts
A Life Interpreted Through Love (funeral) 1 Corinthians  13 Funeral; Love
Love Beyond Valentine's Day 1 Corinthians  13 Love
Stand Fast 1 Corinthians  16 :13-14 Christian Living; Faithfulness; Church; Dedication
The Focus of the Children of God 1 John  1 :1-4 Focus on Jesus; Love for Jesus
The Biggest Little Word in the Bible 1 John  1 :5-10 Sin; Forgiveness
Walking In The Light 1 John  1 :5-7 Christian Living; Fellowship with Jesus
What Can We Do About Our Sins? 1 John  1 :8-10 Forgiveness; Cleansing; Sin, How to Remove
Bad Love 1 John  2 :15-17 Worldliness
What In The World Can I Do? 1 John  2 :18-29 Faithfulness; Worldliness
Three Levels of Love 1 John  2 :3-11 Love; God's Love
Love From Above 1 John  3 :1-10 Love, God's
Hearts On Trial 1 John  3 :11-29 Heart; Forgiveness
Christmas Love 1 John  3 :1-2 God's Love; Love of God; Christmas; Salvation
The Love of God and Fear Overcome 1 John  4 :16-19 Fear; Love, God's
The Mighty Power of Prayer 1 John  5 :14-15 Prayer
Faith is the Victory 1 John  5 :1-5 Faith; Victory
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 1 John  5 :18-21 Birth of Jesus; Christmas; Faith; Joy at Christmas; Family
The Triple Testimony 1 John  5 :6-13 Assurance of Salvation; Eternal Security
The Deposit in the Strangers 1 Peter  1 :10-12 Christ, Blessings in; Gifts from Christ; Salvation
I'm Just A Stranger Here 1 Peter  1 :1-2 Encouragement; Dedication; Election; Christian Living
Easter Hope 1 Peter  1 :13-14 Christ, Return Of; Easter; Rapture; Holy Living
Look for the Blessed Hope 1 Peter  1 :13-14 Rapture; Jesus, Return of; Blessed Hope
Helps To Holy Living 1 Peter  1 :13-25 Holy Living; Holiness; Christian Living
Live Under The Blood 1 Peter  1 :17-21 Christian Living; Holy Living; Blood of Jesus; Jesus, Blood of
Blood Money! 1 Peter  1 :18-19 Jesus, The Blood of; Blood of Jesus; Salvation; Atonement; Redemption
The Blood and Some Money 1 Peter  1 :18-19 Atonement; Blood of Jesus; Redemption
Love The Brethren 1 Peter  1 :22 Love, Christian; Unity; Fellowship; Love, Godly
Listen To The Book 1 Peter  1 :23-25 Bible; Word of God; Holy Living; Christian Living
Mercy Magnified 1 Peter  1 :3-5 Mercy; God, Mercy of; Salvation; Heaven; Assurance
Behaving For God 1 Peter  2 :11-25 Christian Living; Revival; Witness
The Christian Appetite 1 Peter  2 :1-3 Growth, Christian; Christian Living; Word of God
The Christian Appetite 1 Peter  2 :1-3 New Birth; Christian Development; Hunger for God; Growth
Shame 1 Peter  2 :6 Testimony; Witness; Shame; Unfaithfulness; Boldness
God's People 1 Peter  2 :9 God, Belonging to; People, God's; Church; Faithfulness
Winsome Wives 1 Peter  3 :1-6 Wife; Wives; Home; Family; Women
Lordship Involves Suffering 1 Peter  3 :18 Suffering; Persecution; Resurrection Victory
Heavenly Husbands 1 Peter  3 :7-12 Husbands; Fathers; Men; Family
Lordship Involves Teamwork 1 Peter  4 :10 Team Work; Unity; Cooperation; Church; Success
Lordship Involves Thinking 1 Peter  4 :1-6 Mind; Lordship; Thinking; Christian Living
How To Annihilate Anxiety 1 Peter  5 :7 Worry; Trouble; Trust; Faith; Anxiety
A Lesson In Disaster 1 Samuel  Sin, The Danger; Disobedience; Confession, Lack of; Pride; Faithfulness
Mother's Helper 1 Samuel  1 Mother; Mother's Day; Faith; Prayer; Hope
Ichabod - The Glory is Gone 1 Samuel  4 :18-21 Revival; Renewal; Evil Generation; Commitment; Dedication; Ichabod
The Danger of Disobedience 1 Samuel  15 Disobedience; Judgment; Pride; Repentence; Confession
The Power of One 1 Samuel  17 :33 Significance; Dedication
Resurrection Victory 1 Thessalonians  1 :10 Resurrection; Easter
Ready? 1 Thessalonians  1 :1-3 Christian Living; Rapture; Coming Again of Jesus
Ready for the Future by Remembering 1 Thessalonians  1 :4-10 Remembering; Church; Faithfulness
Faithful Living In Fearful Times 1 Thessalonians  2 :1-13 Christian Living; Hardships, Christian; Trials
The Crown Worth Seeking 1 Thessalonians  2 :17-20 Soul Winning; Witnessing
Three Gifts From Dad 1 Thessalonians  2 :8-12 Fathers; Dads
Trials and Troubles 1 Thessalonians  3 Trials; Hardships; Faith
TipToe Christians - The Return of Jesus 1 Thessalonians  4 Resurrection; Hope; Rapture; Return of Jesus
Could This Be The Year? 1 Thessalonians  4 :13 Rapture; End Times; New Year
We Believe Jesus Died 1 Thessalonians  4 :14 Cross; Crucifixion; Jesus, The Death of
We Believe Jesus Rose Again 1 Thessalonians  4 :14 Resurrection
Right and Wrong 1 Thessalonians  4 :1-8 Morality; Christian Living; Bible
Christian Love 1 Thessalonians  4 :8-12 Love, Christian; Love One Another
The Thankful Christian 1 Thessalonians  5 :18 Thanksgiving; Gratitude
When Jesus Gave Thanks 1 Thessalonians  5 :18 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Praise; Lord's Supper; Communion
A Time For Children 1 Timothy  3 :13-15
Money Matters 1 Timothy  6 :6-9 Money; Stewardship; Christian Living
Dark Days Overcome 2 Chronicles  7 :12-14 Trouble Turned to Victory; Pandemic; Terror Overcome
If, Not When 2 Chronicles  7 :12-14 Prayer; Disaster; Judgment; Deliverance; America
The IF of Thanksgiving 2 Chronicles  7 :12-14 Thanksgiving Day; Thanksgiving; Renewal; America; Revival
Who Can Save America? 2 Chronicles  34 America; Revival, National; Independence Day
Dealing with the Unexpected in 2016 2 Corinthians  1 :1-11 Confidence; Faith; New Year; Commitment
Facing The Future 2 Corinthians  1 :1-11 New Year; Future; Faith; Christian Living
Victory in the New Year 2 Corinthians  1 :1-11 New Year; Christian Living
Ready For A New Year 2 Corinthians  1 :1-12 New Year; Living in Victory
The Seal of Ownership 2 Corinthians  1 :21-22 Faithfulness of God; Eternal Salvation; Promises of God; Security, Eternal
The God of All Comfort 2 Corinthians  1 :3-5 Comforter; Jesus, Presence of
Victory in Jesus 2 Corinthians  2 :14 Success; Victory; Christian Living; Triumphant Church; Jesus Leading Us
Inspired To Serve 2 Corinthians  5 Ordination; Ministry; Preacher; Service
The Final Exam 2 Corinthians  5 :10 Baccalaureate; Graduation; School; Students
Something To Look Forward To 2 Corinthians  5 :1-10 Bema Seat Judgment; Death; The New Body; Old Age
Crazy Christians 2 Corinthians  5 :13-20 God's Love; Love of God; Christian Commitment; Dedication; Love of Jesus
Motivated for the Master 2 Corinthians  5 :7-21 Commitment; Presistence; Dedication; Christian Living
A Servant's Heart in a Heartless World 2 Corinthians  6 :3-13 Servant; Service; Loyalty; Faithfulness; Christian Living
Tithes and Offerings - Part Two 2 Corinthians  8 Tithes; Offerings; Giving to God; Money; Possessions; Stewardship
The Magnificence of Stewardship - Sermon 1 of 6 2 Corinthians  8 :14 Stewardship; Giving; Tithing
We Gather Together 2 Corinthians  9 :15 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Appreciation; Praise; Jesus, Thankful for
The Ladder of Hilarity in the Matter of Charity (Farmer - Part 2) 2 Corinthians  9 :6 Giving; Stewardship; Tithing; Money
Strongholds in the Mind 2 Corinthians  10 :3-5 The Mind; Thinking; Strongholds; Thought Life; Christian Living
The Stronghold of the Mind 2 Corinthians  10 :3-5 Mind; Stronghold; Thinking; Victory over Evil; Christian Living; Satan
The Christian Thorn 2 Corinthians  12 :1-10 Hardships; Christian Living; Faith; Suffering; Commitment
What To Do About A Vicious Virus 2 Corinthians  12 :1-10 Covid; Virus; Suffering; Hardships; Trusting God; Faith; Prayer; Growth
Unity 2 Corinthians  13 :11 Disunity; Unity; Peace; Conflict; Fellowship
A Spiritual Examination 2 Corinthians  13 :5 Salvation, A Call to; Examination, Spiritual; The Heart
Water in the Desert - Revival! 2 Kings  3 :15-20 Power from God; Holy Spirit; Renewal; Revival. Water of
A Life That Counts 2 Kings  5 Graduate Recognition Day; Bacculaurate Day; Life, Meaningful
Will The World End This Year? 2 Peter  3 :1-18 Jesus, Return of; Judgment; End Times; New Year
The Man With God In His House 2 Samuel  6 :6-16 Christian Living; Walking with God; Home, The Christian Home; Father
How Great Thou Art! 2 Samuel  7 :18-29 God, Greatness of; God, Nature of; Praise of God
The Person The King Did Not Forget 2 Samuel  9 Salvation; Redemption; Love of God; Mephibosheth
God's Prescription for Overcoming Fear 2 Timothy  1 :3-7 Fear; Faith
Mother's Faith 2 Timothy  1 :4-7 Mother; Child Rearing
The Good Soldier 2 Timothy  2 :1-13 Saints; Soldiers Of The Cross; Soldier of Jesus
Onward Christian Soldier 2 Timothy  2 :1-4 Soldier Christian; Christian Living; Dedication; Discipline
The Warrior - Portriat of a Christian 2 Timothy  2 :1-4 Portrait of a Christian; Dedication; Discipline; Christian Living; Soldier
The Word of God 2 Timothy  3 :14-17 Bible; Word of God; Scripture
God's Plan For The Preacher 2 Timothy  4 :1-5 Ordination; Preacher; Judgment
An Ordination Charge to God's Man 2 Timothy  4 :1-8 Ordination of the Preacher; Faithfulness of the Preacher
Faithful To The End 2 Timothy  4 :9-18 Faithfulness; Christian Living; Church Life
Gazing or Going Acts  1 :6-11 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism; Holy Spirit, Work of
God's Plan and Power Acts  1 :6-11 Church; Christian Living; Holy Spirit; Witnessing; Growth, Church
A CHURCH CHANGING THE WORLD Acts  2 Church; Homecoming
Setting the World on Fire Acts  2 Church; Christian Living; Holy Spirit; Witnessing; Growth, Church
The Right Stuff Acts  2 Church; Christian Living; Evangelism; Church Growth
Rejoicing in the Risen Savior Acts  2 :22-41 Resurrection; Easter; Life in Christ; Salvation; Invitation, God's
A Secret of Triumphant Churches Acts  2 :42-47 Church Life; Unity; Partnership in Church; Church Fellowship
The Fruit of Fellowship Acts  2 :46-47 Ground Breaking Celebration; Fellowship; Partnership; Love among Christians
The Selection of Deacons Acts  6 :1-7 Deacons
Jesus Makes The Difference Acts  16 :25-34 Jesus; Service in Hardship; Faithfulness; Difference Jesus Makes
Missions - A Call For Help Acts  16 :6-10 Missions; Stewardship; God's Call
Truth or Consequences Colossians  1 Truth; Colossians; Danger of Lies; Satanic Disinformation
A Wonderful Look at our Wonderful Lord Colossians  1 :15-20 Jesus; Salvation; Purpose
Christ in You Colossians  1 :20-29 Jesus, Indwelling of; Victory; Christ In You
The Glory Factor Colossians  1 :27 Glory of God; Life, Purpose of; Heaven; Salvation
Is Anyone Thankful for YOU? Colossians  1 :3-8 Appreciation of Others; Gratitude for Others; Faithfulness
Older Now Than When I Was Young Colossians  1 :9-14 Senior Adults; Faithfulness; Growing in Christ; Living for Jesus
Room For Improvement Colossians  1 :9-14 Growth; Progress; Christian Living
I Am Living Three Lives Colossians  3 Joy; Christian Living
The Christian in the Church Colossians  3 :12-17 Christian Living; Church Life
Give Thanks Colossians  3 :15-17
Why Thanksgiving Matters Colossians  3 :15-17 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Worship
Real World Christianity Colossians  3 :17 Commitment; Dedication; Christian Living; Marriage; Family; Work
Victorious Living Colossians  3 :18-24 Christian Living; Victorious Living; Faithfulness; Commitment
Does Prayer Make A Difference? Colossians  4 :2-4 Prayer; Christian Living
Set For Life Daniel  1 Commitment; Courage; Revival
The Difficult Dream Daniel  2 Courage; Faithfulness; Prayer
The Rock Cut Out of the Mountain Daniel  2 :31-49 Jesus; Rock, The Solid Rock; Judgment; Jesus, Return of; Rapture
They Would Not Bend, Bow Or Burn Daniel  3 Faithfulness; Courage; Testimony; Witness; Jesus, Presence of
God's Man and the Wolf Man Daniel  4 Pride; Humility; Longsuffering of God
The Handwriting on the Wall Daniel  5 Judgment; Worldliness; Worship, Idol
Daniel in the Den of Lions Daniel  6 Prayer; Faith; Faithful
End Times Daniel  7 End Times; Final Days; Return of Christ; Judgment on the World
Moving Heaven And Earth Through Prayer Daniel  9 Prayer; Prayer Ministry
The Touch of the God's Hand Daniel  10 :10-19 Touch, God's; Jesus, Fellowship with; Power, Peace
The Call to the Home Deuteronomy  6 :1-12 Home; Christian Living; Parents, Christian
God's Word to the Home Deuteronomy  6 :1-9 Family; Bible; Home; Parental Guidance; Parents; Children, Leading
On the Wings of an Eagle Deuteronomy  32 :11-12 Christian Living
The Marriage Mess Ephesians  Marriage; Home; Family; Husband; Wife
The Eyes of the Heart Ephesians  1 Graduation; Baccalaureate; Faithfulness; Heart, The
The Spiritual Silver Spoon Ephesians  1 :1-14 Victory; Joy; Salvation; Christian Living
The Dead Walking and the Living Dead Ephesians  2 Death and Life; Life in Christ; Christ, Life in; Halloween; New Life
Before, After and Forever Ephesians  2 :1-10 Salvation; Eternity; Time; New Year
Praise From A Prisoner Ephesians  3 Victory; Praise; Joy; Strength; Christian Living
Unity in the Church Ephesians  4 :1-16 Unity; Fellowship; Maturity
Forgiving Because I'm Forgiven Ephesians  4 :29-32 Anger; Bitterness; Revenge; Forgiveness of Others
How To Turn Bitterness into Blessings Ephesians  4 :30-32 Bitterness; Anger; Revenge
The Fullness of the Holy Spirit Ephesians  5 :18 Spiritual Infilling; Holy Spirit, Infilling of; Victory; Christian Living
Giving Thanks Ephesians  5 :20 Thanksgiving Day; Thanksgiving
Dressed, Ready and Faithful Ephesians  6 :10-20 Spiritual Battle; Armor of God; Christian Living
Dressed in the Armor of the Lord Ephesians  6 :14-20 Christian Soldier; Godly Armor; Prepared for Duty
For Such A Time As This Esther  4 America; Freedom; Boldness; Courage
The Saving of a Nation Esther  4 America; Freedom; Esther; Courage; Witness
4 Steps for Families in the New Year Exodus  2 Moses; Family; Children; Abortion; Will of God;
God and God Alone Exodus  20 :03 God, Sovereignity of; Monotheism; Ten Commandments
Idol Making is not an Idle Matter Exodus  20 :04-06 Idols; Worship, True; Ten Commandments; God, Worship of
Bless That Wonderful Name Exodus  20 :07 Name, God's; God's Name; God's name in Vain; Cursing
A Day To Remember Exodus  20 :08-11 Ten Commandments; Sabbath; Rest; Sunday; Worship
The Breaking Point Exodus  20 :12 Ten Commandments; Family; Children; Parenting
Is it a Piece of Cake or a Real KILLER? Exodus  20 :13 Murder; Killing; Life; Eternal Life; Ten Commandments
It Is For Your Own Good! Exodus  20 :14 Sex; Immorality; Adultery; Marriage
The Iniquity of Larceny Exodus  20 :15 Ten Commandments; Stealing; Robbery
I Just Hate It When You Do That Exodus  20 :16 Lying; Tongue; Honesty; Ten Commandments
To Have Or Not To Have Exodus  20 :17 Ten Commandments; Coveting; Greed; Things; Materialism
The Congregation That Gave Too Much Exodus  36 Stewardship; Giving; Money; Possessions; Offerings; Building Projects
Standing in the Gap Ezekiel  22 :30 Faithfulness; Commitment; Dedication; Young Christians
Showers of Blessings Ezekiel  34 :26 Restoration, Spiritual; Revival; Renewal; Showers of Blessings
A Heart To Build Ezra  1 :5 Stewardship; Building for God; Dedication; Loyalty
Good Fathers In Bad Times Ezra  8 :21 Father's Day; Father, Men; Family
Is There Another Gospel? Galatians  1 :1-10 Revival, Eternal Life; Jesus, the Only Way
Four Facts For Every Life Galatians  1 :11-24 Plan of God; Love of God; Purpose in Life
Paul - No Wonder He Was Wonderful Galatians  2 :1-14 Christian Living; Discipleship; Faithfulness; Servant of Christ
The Power and Necessity of the Cross Galatians  2 :15-21 Cross, Necessity of the
GROW UP! Galatians  3 Maturity; Growth; Christian Joy; Grace Versus Law
The Necessity of Faith Galatians  3 Faithfulness; Commitment; Dedication; Confidence
Bewitched Galatians  3 :1-11 Salvation; Works of the Flesh; Redemption
The Flesh and the Spirit Galatians  5 :16-25 Holy Spirit; Life in the Spirit; Flesh, The; Victory in Life
A Bragging Believer Galatians  6 :14 Bragging; Pride; Jesus, Salvation in; Redemption; Witnessing
I Will Glory in the Cross Galatians  6 :14 Cross; Salvation; Christ, Death of; Redemption; Calvary
God Made You - Read The Label Genesis  1 :27 Creation; Made in God's Image; Life, Source of; Evolution
Creation of the Home Genesis  2 :18-25 Home; Family; Marriage
The Creation of the Home Genesis  2 :18-25 Home; Family
Four Spiritual FLAWS Genesis  3 :1-6 Sin; Garden of Eden; Satan; The Devil; Temptation; Salvation; Call of God
The Feet of God Genesis  3 :8 God, Feet of; God, Nature of
Better Than A Silver Lining Genesis  9 :12-17 Noah; Mercy; Promise of God
The Perils of Pride Genesis  11 :1-9 Revival; Pride; Sin, Danger of
The Backslidden Believer Genesis  12 :9-20 Backslidding; Repentance; Commitment; Lying; Failure; Witness, Poor
Do We Serve The Lord in Vain? Genesis  15 Service For The Lord; Purpose In Life; Trust; Faith
Is Anything Too Hard For God? Genesis  18 :13-14 God, Power of; Prayer; Promises of God; Faith; Trust; Hope
The Mastery of Stewardship - Sermon 4 of 6 Genesis  22 :1-14 Stewardship; Giving; Sacrifice; Obedience; Money
Five Elements in True Worship Genesis  22 :5 Worship; Abraham and Isaac
Doing the Right Thing the Wrong Way Genesis  27 Family; Home; Mother; Father; Prayer; Selfishness; God's Will
Let Us Go Up - Father's Day Genesis  35 :1-7 Father's Day; Dad; Father; Family
The Challenge Away From Home Genesis  37 Children; Graduation; Baccalaureate
Do Not Be Afraid Genesis  46 :1-3 Fear; Trusting God; Faith
Talking To God When Life Doesn't Make Sense Habakkuk  Trouble; Hardships; Trials; Prayer; Faith; Overcoming
Opening the Windows of Heaven through Faith Hebrews  3 :19 Faith; Trust; Belief
The Eyes of God Hebrews  4 :13 God, Nature of; God, Eyes of
Keep Moving! Hebrews  6 :1-2 Growth; Christian Maturity; Christian Living; Growing in Christ
Death in Paris Hebrews  9 :27-28 Death; Eternal Life; Salvation; Terrorism
A Godly Man Hebrews  11 :24-29 Men, Godly; Faith; Commitment; Family; Fathers
We'll Work Till Jesus Comes Hebrews  11 :7 Working for the Lord; Naoh; Obedience to God; Faithfulness
We'll Work Till Jesus Comes Hebrews  11 :7 Works; Grace; Faithfulness; Salvation; Service for Christ
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus Hebrews  12 :1-3 Victory; Pressing On; Running the Race; Faithfulness
A Sad Song Over A Blessed People Isaiah  5 :1-7 Blessings Spurned; Backsliding; Fruitlessness; America; Revival, Need for
A Change in Scenery Isaiah  6 Cleansing; Confession; Calling of God; Isaiah; Trials; Peace
The Light of Christmas Isaiah  7 :14 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of; Salvation; Jesus, The Presence of
How Firm A Foundation Isaiah  8 :14 Jesus, Rock of Ages; Rock, Solid; Trust; Faith; Foundation, Jesus the
Sneaking a Peek at the Gift Under the Tree Isaiah  9 Christmas; God's Love; God's Gift
A Gift That Never Grows Old Isaiah  9 :2-7 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of; God, Gift of
Everlasting Father Isaiah  9 :6 Christmas; Jesus; Names of Jesus
Mighty God Isaiah  9 :6 Christmas; Jesus, Birth Of; Christ, Names of
Prince of Peace Isaiah  9 :6 Christ, Birth of; Nativity; Peace; Christmas
The Gift That Lasts Isaiah  9 :6 Christmas; Stewardship; Gift Of God
Wonderful Counselor Isaiah  9 :6 Christmas; Jesus, Birth Of; Christ, Names of
Peace Isaiah  9 :6-7 Peace
The Song of Salvation in a Pandemic Situation Isaiah  12 :1-6 Singing to the Lord; Worship; Salvation in Christ; Wells of Water; Praise
Lucifer Isaiah  14 :12-17 Devil, Victory over the; Lucifer
I Will Exalt The Lord Isaiah  25 :6-9 Thanksgiving; Praise; Thanksgiving Day
True Thankfulness Isaiah  25 :6-9 Thanksgiving; Praise
Power Through Prayer Isaiah  37 :14-38 Prayer; Faith in God; Power of God; Victory through Prayer
God's Prescription for Overcoming Stress Isaiah  40 :27-31 Stress; Peace; Victory
The Christmas Shepherd Isaiah  40 :6-11 Christmas; Shepherd; Love of God
Victory Over Fear Isaiah  43 :1-7 Faith; Promises of God; Worry; Fear
A Man With Three Names - Father's Day Isaiah  44 :1-3 Men, Christian Men; Men, Godly; Father's; Father's Day
The Jeshurun Man - Christian Excellence Isaiah  44 :1-3 Christian Living; Christian Growth; Excellence; Men
GOING In The New Year Isaiah  45 :22-25 Witnessing; Missions; Preaching; Christmas
Redeeming or Reckless Faith Isaiah  50 :10-11 Faith, True; Believers in God
Enlarge Your Tent - Stewardship Isaiah  54 Stewardship; Giving; Growing
The Money Factor Isaiah  55 :1-3 Money; God's Economy; Faith; Desires; Happiness and Money; Salvation, Free
Your Light Has Come! Isaiah  60 :1-5; 19-20 Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Blessings in Christ; Light of the World
Ceaseless Prayer in the Church Isaiah  62 :6 Prayer; Church, Prayer in the
A Plea For God's Presence Isaiah  64 :1-9 Revival; Renewal
Triumphant Trials James  1 :1-12 Trials; Troubles; Faith; Growth, Christian
Defeating The Deceiver James  1 :13-20 Sin; Deception; Satan
The Way To Wisdom James  1 :1-8 Wisdom, Lack of; Wisdom
A WORD for Believers James  1 :21-27 Bible; Word of God; Christian Living
Futile Faith James  2 :14-26 Faith; Faith, Lack of; Faith, Believing; Works; Service; Christian Living
The Little Troublemaker James  3 :1-12 Tongue; Speech; Words
The UN-ACCEPTABLE SIN James  4 :11-12 Judgment of Others; Christian Love
What Is Your Life James  4 :14 Graduation; Life
Danger and Duty James  5 :19-20 Remembering; Faithfulness; Witnessing; Commitment; Ambassadors for Christ
How To Live In A Tough World James  5 :7-12 Christian Living; Faithfulness; Commitment
When Summer Has Ended Jeremiah  8 :20 Procrastination; Laziness; Witnessing; Time; Salvation
What Have I Done? Jeremiah  8 :4-7 Evangelism; Lordship; Witnessing; Soul Winning
Sermon Before the Georgia State Senate Jeremiah  33 :3 Prayer for Leadership; National Prayer
Three Things That Never Change Job  33 :12-30 Change; Weariness; Suffering; Salvation; Peace, Jesus, Unchanging
A Great Time To Be Alive Joel  2 :28-32 Holy Spirit, Fullness of; Church Age; Power of God
The Unopened Christmas Gift John  1 :11-18 Christmas, Gift, God's
The First Christmas Gifts John  1 :1-13 Christmas; Birth of Jesus
A Christmas No One Can Steal John  1 :14-17 Christmas; Birth of Christ; Jesus, Birth of; Grace
No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus John  1 :14-18 Jesus; Love of Jesus
Introducing Jesus John  1 :1-5 Jesus, Who Is; Christ; Lordship; Savior
The Light of Christmas John  1 :1-9 Christmas; Jesus, The Light; Light of the World; Birth of Jesus
The Lamb of God John  1 :29 Lamb of God; Savior; Salvation
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus John  1 :35-39 Commitment; Discipleship; Salvation
Andrew - The Witness John  1 :36-42 Operation Andrew; Evangelism; Witnessing
Come and See John  1 :40-51 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism; Holy Spirit, Work of
The Light of God in a Dark World John  1 :6-13 Light; The Light of the World; Salvation
The Super Supernatural Savior John  2 :1-11 Water to Wine; Miracles of Jesus; Love of Jesus; Home; Marriage
The Day Jesus Got Mad At Church John  2 :12-25 Church; Christian Living; Jesus, Anger of
The New Birth John  3 :1-17 Salvation; New Birth, The; Born Again
The Cross Says God Loves YOU John  3 :16 God's Love; Salvation; Cross; Nicodemus; Serpent of a Pole
The Greatest Sentence Ever Written - Part 1 John  3 :16 Christmas; God's Love; Eternal Life; God's Gift
The Greatest Sentence Ever Written - Part 2 John  3 :16 Christmas; God's Love; Eternal Life; God's Gift
WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? John  3 :16-21 Love of God; Salvation; Judgment
Blessings in Brokenness John  4 :43-54 Brokenness, Blessings in; Faith; Power of Christ; Healing; Prayer
Answered Prayer John  4 :46-56 Prayer; Faith; Miracles; Healing; Fathers
The True Light of Christmas John  8 :12-21 Christmas; Light, Jesus the
The Good Christmas Shepherd John  10 Jesus, The Good Shepherd; Salvation; Eternal Security; Christmas
I AM THE DOOR John  10 :9 Jesus, The Door; Salvation; Christ Alone; Purpose; New Life
He Will Do When You Are Dying John  11 :26 Death; Eternal Life; Testimony
The Servant John  13 Service; Servant
Humility at Supper John  13 :12-17 Humility; The Lord's Supper; Arrogance; Pride
The Hidden Blessings In Humility John  13 :12-17 Lord's Supper; Communion; Humility; Fruitfulness
A Christian Trademark? John  13 :34-35 Love; Christian Love; Christian Living; Love of Christ; Foot Washing
All We Need And More! John  14 Assurance; Heaven; Jesus; Salvation; Peace; Holy Spirit
The Hereafter John  14 :1-6 Heaven; Hereafter; Death; Eternal Life; Home with God
Walking and Talking with Jesus John  15 Fellowship with Jesus; Fruitful Christians; Witnessing
What About MY Faithfulness? John  15 Faithfulness; Dedication; Christian Living
Jesus Prayed For You John  17 :20-26 Love of God; Jesus, Prayer of; Priestly Prayer
The Centrality of the Cross John  19 :1-18 Cross; Calvary; Easter
Here Is Your Son, Here Is Your Mother John  19 :16-27 Cross; Mary; John; Mother of Jesus; Faithfulness; Commitment
The Love of Jesus for the Home John  19 :25-27 Home; Family; Jesus and the Home
It Is Finished John  19 :30 Cross of Christ; Last Words of Jesus; Salvation; Jesus, Completed Work of
Resurrection: The Skeptic Confronted John  20 Resurrection; Easter
The Crucial Nature of the Cross John  20 :1-18 Cross of Christ; Blood, The; Salvation; Substitution
The Hands of the Risen Christ John  20 :20 Resurrection; Easter
Time to Go John  20 :21 Missions; Witnessing; Work for the Lord
Come Let Us Adore Him in the New Year John  21 :15-17 Love of Jesus; Love for Jesus; New Year
Leaning On Jesus John  21 :20 Lord's Supper; Spiritual Commitment; Love for Jesus
God's View of the World and Ours Jonah  Love of God; Missions; Selfishness
Running From God Jonah  God, Running from; Disobedience; Witnessing; Evangelism
The Path To Victory Joshua  1 :1-11 Victory; Overcoming Obstacles; Dying To Self
On To Victory Now! Joshua  1 :1-4 Victory in Christ; Christian Living; Victorious Living
New Courage for a New Mission Joshua  1 :5-9 Courage; Victory; Rededication
Courageous Christians Joshua  1 :6-9 Courage; Determination; Commitment; Meditation
The Scarlet Cord Joshua  2 Blood of Jesus; Cross, The; Salvation; Rahab; Faith
From the Wall of Shame to the Hall of Fame Joshua  2 :1-7 Salvation; Grace; Rahab; Jericho
God's Dry Ground Joshua  3 :1-17 God, Power of; Miracles; Problems; Faith; Deliverance
Faithing Your Future Joshua  5 :13-15 Graduation; Baccalaureate
The Aching Achan Caused Joshua  7 Sin, Consequences of; Confession; Judgment; Repentance
Blessing or Cursing Joshua  8 :28-35 Curse; Blessings; Choices; Forgiveness
Give Me This Mountain Joshua  14 :6-12 Senior Adults; Faithfulness of God; Christian Living; Dedication
Life At Its Best Joshua  17 :14-18 Commitment; Christian Growth; Progress; Life at its Best
The Children in the Home - The Father's Role Joshua  24 :14-15 Fathers; Home; Children; Family
A Father Stands Up For His Home Joshua  24 :15 Father
The Kind of Father I Should Be Joshua  24 :15 Fathers; Father; Dad; Father's Day; Home, The
Praying in the Spirit Jude  1 :20-21 Prayer; Praying in the Spirit
Dying on the Sunny Side Judges  16 Sin; Joy; Eternal Life
Samson and Amazing Grace Judges  16 :25-31 Grace; Forgiveness; Renewal; Power of God; Love of God; Samson
cutting edge Lamentations  3 :19-24 Hope; Trust; Faith; Troubles; Trials; Hardships
You Can See The Cross From Here Leviticus  16 Cross; Blood of Jesus; Atonement; Forgiveness; Redemption
Give Peace A Chance Luke  2 Peace; Christmas; Prince of Peace
The Baby That Spoke On The Day Of His Birth Luke  2 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
What Christmas Is All About Luke  2 Christmas, Meaning of; Birth of Jesus; Gift of God
Baby Talk From The Manger Luke  2 :1-14 Christ, Birth of; Jesus, Birth of; Christmas
Lost Fellowship With Jesus Luke  2 :41-49 Jesus, Fellowship with; Fellowship with Christ; Joy; Christian Living
Have I Got News For You Luke  2 :8-11 Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Blessings in Christ; Good News
The True Christmas Spirit Luke  2 :8-21 Christ, Birth of; Christmas; Birth of Jesus
A Disease Only Christ Can Cure Luke  5 :12-16 Salvation; Jesus, Compassion of; Jesus, Power of; Leprosy
When God Changes A Life Luke  8 :26-38 Conversion; Salvatoin; Freedom; Purpose in Life; Demons
When God Says No Luke  8 :26-39 Prayer; Discouragement; Disappointment; Evangelism
Don't Look Back Luke  9 :62 Looking Forward; Dealing With The Past
The Prayer Life of Jesus Luke  11 :1-13 Prayer Partners; Prayer; Jesus Praying
Is It Too Late For America? Luke  13 :34-35 Independence Day; July 4th; America; Judgment, National; Procrastination
Joy in the Father's House Luke  15 Love of God; Grace; Joy
Celebrating the Father's Love Luke  15 :17-31 Love, God's
Three Good Things In Hell Luke  16 :19-31 Hell; Judgment; Salvation; Prayer; Witnessing
What is all the Shouting About? Luke  19 Praise; Joy; Jesus, Praise for
The Devil Knows Your Name But So Does Jesus Luke  22 :31-34 Satan; Failure; Sin; Forgivness; Grace
Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise Luke  23 :29-43 Cross Of Christ; Paradise; Heaven; Deathbed Repentance
Father Forgive Them Luke  23 :33-34 Cross; Christ, Last Words Of; Forgiveness; Pardon
At The Cross Luke  23 :33-43 Cross; Thief at the Cross; Salvation; Resurrection; Eternal Life
Into Your Hands Luke  23 :46 Death; Peace; Trust; Faith; Cross; Easter
Easter: What A Difference A Day Makes Luke  24 :13-36 Resurrection; Jesus, Presence of
Listen - I Am Speaking, But Not for Long Malachi  1 :1 God's Word; Judgment; Listen to God
Listen - I Love You Malachi  1 :2-5 The Call of God; Tithe; Stewardship; Giving
Listen - I am Disappointed in your Worship Malachi  1 :6-14 Worship; Adoration
Worthy Worship Malachi  1 :6-14 Worship; Disappointing God; Church
Listen - I am Disappointed in your Ways Malachi  2 :1-9 Obedience; Covenant Living; Judgment; Curse
Listen - I Am Coming To You Malachi  3 :1-6 Judgment; Hardships; Trials; Commitment
Listen - I Am Separating Those Who Serve and Those Who Don't Malachi  3 :16-18 Faith, True
God's Jewels Malachi  3 :17 Christian Living; Joy in Christ; Eternal Security
Listen - I am Calling you to Stewardship Malachi  3 :7-12 Stewardship; Tithing; Giving; Faithfulness of God
Listen - I am Bring things to a Close Malachi  4 Judgment; Salvation; Procrastination
The Touch of the Master's Hand Mark  1 :40-45 Hand of Jesus; Sin Removed; Salvation; Healing; Jesus, Power of
Sailing Stormy Seas Mark  4 :35-41 Storms of Life; Hardships; Faith; Jesus, Power of
The Storms of Life Mark  4 :35-41 Problems; Troubles; Storms of Life; Power of Jesus; Hope; Peace
The Arms of God Mark  10 :13-18 God, Arms of; God, Nature of
Somebody's Something Mark  10 :35-45 Humility; Servant; Pride; Selfishness
Immanuel Matthew  1 Christmas; Jesus; Christ; Birth of; Immanuel
Gems from a Genealogy Matthew  1 :17 Degeneration; Redemption;
What Are You Giving Jesus? Matthew  2 Christmas; Gifts To God
Herod's Christmas Song - I'm All Shook Up Matthew  2 :1-12 Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Herod; Magi; Bethlehem
It Will Never Be A Silent Night Matthew  2 :1-12 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
The Baptism and Lord's Supper Matthew  3 Baptist; Lord's Supper; Commitment; Dedication; Obedience
Baptism Before Supper Matthew  3 :13-17 Baptism; Baptism of Jesus
Overcoming Temptation Matthew  4 :1-11 Temptation; Victory
The Challenge of the Christian Life Matthew  4 :1-11 Temptation; Word of God; Christian Living
The Mouth of God Matthew  4 :4 God, Mouth of; God, Nature of; God's Word
Rejoicing Though Reviled Matthew  5 :10-12 Persecution; Trials; Hardships; Faithfulness
The Atmosphere of Eternity Matthew  5 :10-12 Persecution; Rewards in Eternity; Beatitudes; Sermon on the Mount
Attitude Adjustment #1 - The Beggar Matthew  5 :1-3 Beatitudes; Lordship; Joy; Happiness; Usefulness
Basket Case Christians Matthew  5 :15 Evangelism; Witnessing; Light of the World; Soul Winning
God's Prescription for Overcoming Anger Matthew  5 :21-22 Anger; Peace; Effectiveness
The Divine Atmosphere of Poverty Matthew  5 :3 Sermon on the Mount; Beatitudes; Humility
Attitude Adjustment #2 - The Weeper Matthew  5 :4 Beatitudes; Joy; Gladness; Forgiveness
The Divine Atmosphere of Sensitivity Matthew  5 :4 Mourning; Sin; Beatitudes; Sermon on the Mount
Attitude Adjustment #3 - The Waiter Matthew  5 :5 Meekness; Beatitudes; Trust in God
The Divine Atmosphere of Humility Matthew  5 :5 Humility; Meekness; Sermon on the Mount; Beatitudes
Attitude Adjustment #4 - The Seeker Matthew  5 :6 Beatitudes; Seeking God; Seekers; Fulness
The Divine Atmosphere of Sincerity Matthew  5 :6 Beatitudes; Sermon on the Mount; Hunger for God; Sincerety
Attitude Adjustment #5 - The Merciful Matthew  5 :7 Beatitudes; Mercy, Forgiveness; Grudge
The Divine Atmosphere of Mercy Matthew  5 :7 Beatitudes; Mercy; Judging Others; Sermon on the Mount
Attitude Adjustment #6 - The Watchful Matthew  5 :8 Purity; Heart; Lord's Supper
The Divine Atmosphere of Purity Matthew  5 :8 Beatitudes; Sermon on the Mount; Purity; Heart Purity
Attitude Adjustment #7 - The Peaceful Matthew  5 :9 Peacemakers; Peace; Beatitudes
The Divine Atmosphere of Unity Matthew  5 :9 Peace; Peacemakers; Beatitudes; Sermon on the Mount
Attitude Adjustment #8 - The Cheerful Matthew  5 :9-12 Beatitudes; Persecution; Joy in Hardship; Faithfulness in Trials
The Motivation in Stewardship - Sermon 5 of 6 Matthew  6 :1-16 Stewardship; Servants; Giving; Lordship; Tithing
Opening Heaven Through Forgiveness Matthew  6 :12-15 Forgiveness Of Others; Grudge
Tackling Temptation Matthew  6 :13 Temptation
Opening the Windows of Heaven Through Focus Matthew  6 :33 Faith; Vision; Focus on Jesus
SEEK AND HIDE Matthew  6 :33 Focus on Christ; Devotion to Christ; Look and Live
The Lord of the Harvest Matthew  9 :35-38 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Testimony; Harvest Time
Follow Me Matthew  9 :9-13 Call of God; Condescension of Christ; Love of Christ
The Unforgivable Sin Matthew  12 :22-31 Sin, Unforgivable; Forgiveness; Salvation
Moving A Mountain Matthew  17 :1-20 Ministry; Power; Service; Victory; Missions
Moving the Mountain into the Valley Matthew  17 :1-20 Revival; Evangelism; Power of God; Healing; Missions
An Invitation Rejected Matthew  22 :1-14 Jesus, Rejection of; Judgment; Excuses; Wedding Supper of the Lamb
The Law of Love Matthew  22 :36-40 Love; Love for God; Love for Others
Tithes and Offerings - Part One Matthew  23 :23 Tithes; Offerings; Giving to God; Money; Possessions; Stewardship
God And The Nations Matthew  23 :37-38 Independence Day; America; Nation, God and the
The Ministry of Stewardship - Sermon 2 of 6 Matthew  25 Christian Living; Servants; Stewards; Stewardship
Lord, Is It I? Matthew  26 :20-25 Lord's Supper; Communion; Satan, Defeating
Until That Day Matthew  26 :20-29 Rapture; Return of Christ; Lord's Supper; Communion
Table Talk Matthew  26 :26-30 Lord's Supper; Communion
The Cup Matthew  26 :36-46 Forgiveness; Lord's Supper; Palm Sunday
What Will You Do With Jesus? Matthew  27 Christmas; Jesus
The Testimony of the Thorns Matthew  27 :27-31 Cross, The; Thorns Jesus Wore, The; God, Love of; Love of God
My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me Matthew  27 :45-50 Statements From The Cross; Cross; Easter; Salvation
The Meaning of the Resurrection Matthew  28 :1-8 Easter, Resurrection; Everlasting Life; Empty Tomb, The
What Are You Looking For? Matthew  28 :1-8 Easter; Resurrection; Life, Meaning of
GO! Matthew  28 :18-20 Evangelism; Soul Winning; Missions; Going to Witness
God's Prescription for Overcoming Loneliness Matthew  28 :18-20 Loneliness; Service; Joy
The Follower of Jesus Matthew  28 :19 Disciple of Jesus; Discipleship; Following Jesus
The Barren Trees of the World Micah  7 :1 Hardship; Trouble; Faith; Satisfaction
Our Incomparable Lord Micah  7 :18-20 Forgiveness; Sin; Pardon
Take It To The Lord In Prayer Nehemiah  1 :4 Prayer; Power, God's; Miracles from Prayer; Brokenness
The Labor Day Christian Nehemiah  2 :17-20 Ridicule; Criticism; Work for the Master
Next To Him Nehemiah  3 Nehemiah; Cooperation; Unity; Victory, Secret of
Overcoming Obstacles To Victory Nehemiah  4 Victory; Prayer; Commitment; Faithfulness; Overcoming; Obstacles
Call For Commitment - INVOVLED IN A MIRACLE Nehemiah  7 Commitment; Calling of God; Building Program; Stewardship
The Country and the Home Nehemiah  8 America; Home; Family
Finding Joy Nehemiah  8 :10 Suffering; Christian Joy; Happiness; Overcoming Hardships
Life for a Look Numbers  21 :4-9 Cross; Salvation; Forgiveness; Death; Judgment
Lift Him Up! Numbers  21 :4-9 Missions, Soul Winning; Evangelism; Jesus, Savior
The Greatest Work In The World Numbers  21 :4-9 Evangelism; Soul Winning; Missions
His Way - Not My Way Philippians  2 :5-11 Humility; Lord's Supper; Pride
Some Things We Can Do Without In 2022 Philippians  3 :13-15 New Year; Renewal; Revival
Can You Testify? Philippians  3 :4-11 Testimony; Godly Living; Dedication; Salvation; Commitment
The Not Yet Christian Philippians  3 :8-14 Dedication; Commitment; Faithfulness; Growth
Rejoice Regardless Philippians  4 :4-13 Worry; Joy; Peace; Victory in Life
Does Giving Thanks Help Me? Philippians  4 :6-7 Thanksgiving, The Benefit of; Gratitude, the Virture of
Life's Three Greatest Questions Proverbs  3 :5-6 Creation; Peace; Meaningful Life; Eternity; Purpose
The Heart of the Problem Proverbs  4 :27 Heart
Go To The Ant Proverbs  6 :6-9 Discipleship; Christian Living; Work for Jesus; Time; Dedication
Back to School (Parenting) Proverbs  22 :6 Parenting; Children; Home; Back to School
The Children in the Home - The Child's Role Proverbs  22 :6 Children; Parenting; Family; Home
I'm So Mad I Could Die Proverbs  25 Anger; Bitterness; Peace; Grudge, Carrying a
The Value of a Vision Proverbs  29 :18 Vision; Purpose; Meaning in Life; God's Will
Wee But Wise Proverbs  30 :24-28 Wisdom; Salvation; Preparation; Judgment
The Children in the Home - The Mother's Role Proverbs  31 :10-31 Mother; Family; Children; Family; Mother's Day
Do You Want To Be Blessed? Psalms  1 :1-6 Blessed; Life, Meaningful; Purpose; Fruitfulness
Why Do People Reject Jesus? Psalms  2 Rebellion; Lostness; Love for Jesus; Ambition, Wrong; Friends, Wrong
Praying Yourself To Sleep Psalms  4 Safety; Peace; Sleep; Rest; Assurance
When David Prayed in the Morning Psalms  5 Faithfulness; Commitment; Dedication; Confidence
From How To Wow Psalms  13 Trust; Prayer; Faith
The Cross and The Resurrection Psalms  22 Cross; Easter; Death of Jesus; Suffering of Christ; Resurrection
The Cross and the Crown Psalms  22 :1-31 Cross of Christ; Salvation; Christ, Suffering of
The Cross and the Crown Psalms  22 :1-31 Life; Resurrection; Easter; Power of Jesus; Lordship; Death, Victory Over
The Song Of The Cross Psalms  23 Cross; Crucifixion
The Song of Serenity - Psalm 23 - Part 1 Psalms  23 :1-2 Peace; Serenity; Security
The Song of Recovery - Psalm 23 - Part 2 Psalms  23 :3 Repentance; Recovery; Forgiveness; Cleansing
Peace in the Valley Psalms  23 :4 Problems; Shepherd, The Great; Shepherd, The Chief; Valleys
The Shepherd In Every Valley Psalms  23 :4 Jesus, The Shepherd; Problems; Tears; Death; Love of God
The Song of Security - Psalm 23 - Part 3 Psalms  23 :4 Death; Victory over Death; Eternity; Jesus, Presence of
The Song of Eternity - Psalm 23 - Part 4 Psalms  23 :5-6 Heaven; Eternity; Eternal Security; Peace
From the Cross, to the Crown, to the City Psalms  24 Resurrection; Rapture; Easter; Cross
Up, Up and Away Psalms  24 Resurrection; Easter; Rapture
Power Over A Pandemic Psalms  27 :14 Coronavirus; Fear; Trouble; Hardship; Trials; Peace; Faith; Contentment
God's Prescription for Overcoming Guilt Psalms  32 Guilt; Forgiveness; Peace of Mind
Guilty - Not Guilty Psalms  32 :1-11 Guilt; Confession; Guilty Conscience
The Waiting Place Psalms  37 :1-7, 11 Waiting; Patience; Trust
The Ears of God Psalms  40 :1-2 God, Nature of; God, Ears of
Unanswered Prayers Psalms  66 :8-10 Prayers, Unanswered; Praying
The Lord Never Fails Psalms  71 Old Age; Aging; Senior Adult Day; Faith; Trust in God
The Church and the Home Psalms  84 Home; Church; Family; Worship
The Cry For Revival Psalms  85 :6 Revival; Prayer; Awakening
The Cry for Revival Psalms  85 :6 Revival; Restoration; Praise; Joy
The Lord Reigns Psalms  93 Power of God; Eternal Authority of God; Lordship; Majesty of God
Overcoming the Opposition Psalms  96 Christian Living; Victory; Prayer
Give Him Thanks Psalms  100 Thanksgiving; Gratitude
Oh Lord, Thank You Jesus Psalms  100 Thankfulness; Thanksgiving; Worship
Gratitude At The Time Of Death Psalms  116 :15 Funeral; Death
Precious Death Psalms  116 :15 Death; Funeral; Eternal Life; Heaven
This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made Psalms  118 :24 Death, Christian; Funeral; Thankfulness
The Seed - The Sower - The Success Psalms  126 :5-6 Witnessing; Soul Winning; Evangelism
The Farmer - Part 1 - The Sower Psalms  126 :6 Witnessing; Discipleship; Following Jesus
Five Financial Facts For Families Psalms  127 :1-2 Money; Finances; Stewardship; Family; Marriage and Money
Pleasant and Powerful Unity Psalms  133 :1-3 Unity; Harmony; Revival
The Sanctity of Human Life Psalms  139 :13-15 Family; Children; Abortion; Sanctity of Human Life
The Hands of God Psalms  139 :5-10 God, Hands of; God's Touch; God, Nature of
Four Prayer Requests For The New Year Psalms  143 :1-11 Prayer; New Year; Deliverance; Revival
Singing To The Lord Psalms  147 Praise; Greatness of God; Thanksgiving; Singing; Worship
Finding your Church in the Book of Revelation Revelation  Church; Christian Living
Three Keys to Unlock the Book of Revelation Revelation  1 Prophecy; Jesus; Revelation
Three Reasons To Praise God Revelation  1 :5-6 Praise; Jesus, Praise for; Joy
God's Nonetheless Revelation  2 :1-5 Love for Jesus; Church, Dying; Commitment
God's Prescription for Overcoming Spiritual Anemia Revelation  3 :14-22 Power; Weakness; Pride; Effectivenss
The Glorious Throne of God Revelation  4 Worship; Prayer; Throne of God; Heaven
Crowns For The Savior Revelation  4 :1-11 Heaven; Crowns; Rewards
Singing To The Risen Lamb Revelation  5 Risen Lord; Cross of Christ; Resurrection; Easter
His Colors Never Change Revelation  6 Satan; Devil; Tribulation; Four Horsemen
When The Bottom Falls Out Revelation  8 Tribulation; Judgment; Christ, Rejection of
Sometimes Sweet, Sometimes Sour, Always True Revelation  10 :1-10 Steadfastness; Witness; Word of God; Bible
Victory Over Death Revelation  14 :13 Death; Eternal Life; Life, Eternal; Heaven
The First and Last Song in the Bible Revelation  15 Song; Heaven; Lordship
When The Stock Market Crashes For The Last Time Revelation  18 Stock Market; Finances; Salvation; Judgment; Security
The Marriage Supper of the Lamb Revelation  19 :1-10 Heaven; Marriage Supper of Christ
The Wedding Supper of the Lamb Revelation  19 :7-10 Christ, The Bridegroom; The Church in Heaven; The Wedding Supper
The Last Invitation Revelation  22 Salvation; Invitation to Christ; Judgment
Living on Credit Romans  4 Redemption; Salvation; Faith; Righteousness; Payment for Sin;
NEVER! Romans  4 :6-8 Faithfulness of God; Eternal Salvation; Promises of God; Security, Eternal
The Results of Faith Romans  5 :1-11 Faith; Salvation; Joy in Redemption
Free At Last Romans  8 Salvation; Victory in Christ; Freedom; Memorial Day
Some Things Christians Don't Have Romans  8 Funeral; Death
The Heir Romans  8 :16-17 Heirs of God; Saved, Blessings of being
Wake Up! Romans  13 :11-14 Motivation; Faithful Service; Christian Living
PastorLife To End 12/31/2023 Selected Passages  End of PastorLife
Single And Spiritual Selected Passages  Single Christians; Marriage; Servanthood
He Is Altogether Lovely Song of Solomon  5 :1-16 Love of Jesus; Love for Jesus; Romance of God
It Is a Blessed Hope Titus  2 :11-14 The Rapture; Christ, Return of; Blessed Hope
When Jesus - The Light - Returns Zechariah  14 :7 Christ, Return of; Second Coming of Christ; Eternity
Title Subject
1,000 Saved In One Service Evangelism
Advice To A Young Preacher Pastoral Ministry
Anxiety Anxiety
Apathy Apathy
Are They Listening To Me? Preaching; Sermons; Listeners
Arrogance and Pride Arrogance; Pride
Atheists Seek To Remove "In God We Trust" Atheists Activism
Bad Dad At The Game Father; Father''s Day; Temper; Team Work
Beaten in Iraq For Trusting Christ Persecution
Being Careful With Credit Cards Credit Cards
Can I Preach Your Sermon? Plagiarism
Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting Child Abuse
China Destroys 3,000 Seat Church Christian Oppresssion
Church Incorporation Church Incorporation
Church Insurance Needs Insurance
Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution For Better Evangelism Evangelism
Contribution Credits Contribution Credit
Cy Young Winner Shares Path To Christ Testimony of Christian Athlete
Effective Funeral Preparation Funeral
Encouragement - Do It Now Encouragement
Father's Day Stats - Frightening Fathers
Fire in my Bones Jeremiah Series Idea
From the Top Down Commitment; Character; Dedication; Service
Give Us Men Men
Giving Thanks For Difficult People Thanksgiving
Homeless Drug Addict Vandal Redeemed Salvation; Rehabilitation
Housing Allowance Form Housing Allowance
How Not To Use This Site Sermon Web Sites
How to be a Blessing to Your Pastor Pastor
Is The Bible More Than A Book? Bible
Love Keeps Us Going Love
Mature Christians Christian Living
Minister's Tax Differences Tax Laws for Ministers
MOLOCH REVIVED? Moloch; Idols, Modern
MVP Superbowl Quarterback Called To Be Pastor Service to God
Never Retire From Ministry Retirement; Aging; Senior Adults
Payroll Reporting Issues Payroll Reporting
Preach Repentance Preaching
Preacher to Preacher Pastor's Lifestyle; Pastors, Advice to
Rest and Avocation Rest; Avocation
Revival Preparation Checklist Revival
Senior Adult Sunday Sermons Senior Adult Christians
Septic Tank Gold Trouble; Hardships; Providence of God
Sermon Series: A Portrait of God Sermon Series
Sermon Series: All Sermon Series
Sermon Series: BFF Sermon Ideas
Sermon Series: Bible Doors Sermon Series
Sermon Series: Easter (5 Sermons) Sermon Series Idea
Sermon Series: Genesis (31 Messages) Genesis Outlines
Sermon Series: Genesis (31 Outlines Only) Sermons
Sermon Series: Hope For The Home Home
Sermon Series: Malachi (8 Sermons) Malachi Sermon Series
Sermon Series: Nevertheless Sermon Series Idea
Sermon Series: Romans (21 messages) Sermon Series; Romans Sermon Series Idea
Sermon Series: Strangers In The Land Christians as Strangers
Sermon Series: The Book of Acts Sermon Series Idea The Book of Acts
Seven Steps To An Effective Revival Revival Preparation
Sexual Harrassment Policy Sexual Harrassment
Sit on the Lid and Laugh Attitude
Summer Letter to the Church Family Church Attendance; Stewardship
Supreme Court Rejects Case of Student Forced To Write Islamic Prayer in Class Islam in American Schools
Ten Thanksgiving Sermons Thanksgiving
Ten Things Tithing Does Tithing
The Biblical Deacon Plan Deacon Training
The New PastorLife New PastorLife
The Problem of Pastor/Counselor Burnout Burnout
The Senate Needs Prayer Prayer
The Value of Leadership Leadership
Through The Year Bible Bible
Top 10 Liability Issues Facing Churches Today Church Liability
Top 10 Liability Issues Facing Today's Church Church Liability Issues
Top Ten Mistakes By Ministers Ministerial Mistakes
Translator Addition Translator
Transporting Preschoolers Preschool Transportation
WANTED: A Theology of Atheism Athesims
What Matters When Choosing A Church Church
Where Do Students Go After The "AMEN" ? Teenagers; Students