Summer Letter to the Church Family

Title: Summer Letter to the Church Family
Category: Idea Pool
Subject: Church Attendance; Stewardship
Summer Letter to the Church Family

Dear Church Family,

Summer is almost here and vacations will soon begin. I am sure many of you are looking forward to time with your family on a trip to the beach, the mountains, a theme park, a major league baseball game or just a few days away from the busy life you lead. I trust you will have a safe and enjoyable time this summer.

Let me remind you that your church continues to minister every day of the year. When you are at home, please remember to be faithful in attendance to your church this summer. Also, the cost of ministry does not decrease during the summer months. Please remain faithful to the Lord with your tithes and offerings. To help you, we are including an envelope addressed to the church so you can send an offering during one of those weeks that you are away this summer. Marriages, funerals, hospital stays, struggles and outreach continue to take place even when you are away. You prayers will mean much to your church family and staff even while you are not with us here.

Most of us will not be away for more than a couple of Sundays during the summer, but we do want you to know that you will be missed when you are absent. Our prayer is for you to enjoy some leisure time and to use your witness and testimony for Jesus wherever you go. Letting us know when you are going to be traveling will help us to know that you do not have an illness or other problem. Also, it will enable us to pray better for you while you are gone.

It is a joy to serve the Lord by serving you and our church. I love you in the Lord.

Yours for a Successful Summer in the Savior,