Church Insurance Needs

Title: Church Insurance Needs
Category: Church Policy Issues
Subject: Insurance
Church Insurance Needs

This information was not authored by the Editor, rather the Editor serves as a contact person. This information was provided by the office of Keith Hamilton of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Helpful Q & A for Church Administrators regarding good insurance coverage for the church.

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Does our Church Have?


1. Does your policy provide replacement cost coverage for buildings? (Yes/No)

For contents? (Yes/No)

2. How is your contents' limit determined?

3. Does your policy have a co-insurance clause or is it written on agreed value?

4. Are your musical instruments viewed as regular contents? (Yes/No)
Do they need to be scheduled? (Yes/No)
Is that scheduled on agreed amount? (Yes/No)

5. Does your outside sign need to be insured as a separate limit? (Yes/No)

6. Does your policy have "ordinance or law" coverage? (Yes/No)
If so, what limit?

7. Does your policy include business income coverage to cover loss of tithes? (Yes/No)

8. Does your policy provide for systems breakdown coverage? (Yes/No)

9. Do you have a separate limit for stained glass? (Yes/No)

10. Do you offer a waiver of subrogation for property losses? (Yes/No)

11. Does the policy cover minister''s personal effects? (Yes/No)
If so, what limit?

12. Do you have insurance for flood? (Yes/No)
Earthquake? (Yes/No)

13. Is the church protected for theft by volunteers and employees funds? (Yes/No)


1. Do you have ministerial professional insurance? (Yes/No)
Does it cover volunteers? (Yes/No)

2. Do you have sexual misconduct coverage? (Yes/No)
What is the limit?

Does it cover the accused party for defense? (Yes/No)

Punitive damage? (Yes/No)

3. Do you have Errors and Omissions coverage? (Yes/No)

Does it also cover employees and volunteers? (Yes/No)

4. Do you have hired and non-owned automobile insurance? (Yes/No)

Does it cover both employees and volunteers? (Yes/No)

5. Do you have an accident policy that covers athletics and special events? (Yes/No)

This general questionnaire is a tool to guide a church through a listing of different insurance issues. This is not a comprehensive listing of coverage, but a general listing of coverage overlooked by churches. Churches are encouraged to contact their insurance agents for specific answers to questions of coverage. It is important to realize very few, if any, policies will provide total coverage for all liabilities. For more information, contact Church Financial Services, Georgia Baptist Convention, (770) 936-5295 or Keith Hamilton, CFP