Top 10 Liability Issues Facing Churches Today

Title: Top 10 Liability Issues Facing Churches Today
Category: Church Policies
Subject: Church Liability

Top 10 Liability Issues Facing Today's Church

This information was not authored by the Editor, rather the Editor serves as a contact person. This information was provided by the office of Keith Hamilton with the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Keith T. Hamilton, CFPTM
Church Financial Services
Georgia Baptist Convention

1) The church is not incorporated.
2) The church constitution has not been recently up-dated.
3) There is a lack of personnel policies for the church staff.
4) The church does not have a child abuse prevention policy.
5) The church does not screen paid or volunteer childcare workers.
6) The church is not adequately insured.
7) The church has not developed an adequate transportation policy.
8) Church financial records are not annually reviewed.
9) The church does not have a sexual harassment policy.
10) The church does not comply with current state and federal payroll reporting requirements.

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