The Deposit in the Strangers

Bible Book: 1 Peter  1 : 10-12
Subject: Christ, Blessings in; Gifts from Christ; Salvation
Series: Strangers In The Land

We come now to the last message in the three-part series entitled, "Strangers In The Land."

We have seen the Definition of the Strangers. The believer is a sojourner, a tent-dweller, a bivouacer, an ambassador for Christ in this world. This is not our final home. Peter has emphasized this as the foundation in the definition of who we are in Christ.

We have looked at the Delight of the Strangers. We have the mercy of God and have been born again from above. We have an inheritance in heaven which nothing and no one can steal from us. We are kept by His power. That is our delight.

Now we come to The Deposit in the Strangers. Here we learn that God has given us some things which are special. He has blessed us as the "strangers" with heavenly blessings. These are blessings which prophets spoke of and sought to understand. These are blessings brought to us by the Spirit of Christ, the Sufferings of Christ and the Splendor (or glories) of Christ. Today we are going to look at The Deposit which God has made in the Strangers, the Christians, in this world. The entire section from chapter 1:1 through 1:12 is about the deposit or gifts given to the strangers. These last few verses of this section simply close out that subject. We need to see this deposit clearly before we go on to the subject of holy living in our next series.

In Marin County, California, people were given an unusual opportunity by a local bank. You have seen checks, and perhaps you have some, that are decorated with scenery and special wording. Well, this bank, for a price, allowed customers to bring in a photo and have it printed on their own checks. This way the checks were made really personal. One man was rather cruel in his choice of check designs. He had special checks printed with which to pay his alimony payments. In the background on the check was a beautiful photo of him kissing his new wife.

Jesus made a deposit to our account and it was payment for our sins. But He did not do it hatefully or vindictively. No, He did it with love and compassion. He did it by shedding His blood at Calvary almost 2,000 years ago. That act and our acceptance of His sacrifice brings to us the benefits of the deposit.

One young man took his girlfriend to an ice cream shop. He had never been out of the hills and he didn’t know a lot about dating or how to act in the situation he faced. He told her to order whatever she wanted, he had plenty of money. She ordered the most expensive thing on the menu, a banana split. He said, "No sir, no banana split for my girl. Don't split anything, give her the whole thing." Well, that is what Jesus did for us. He gave us the whole thing! I want us to see just what we have received by way of deposit made by our Lord for us.


The first thing granted to us is the salvation from Christ. Note in verse 9 how Peter addresses this subject. He says we are receiving salvation. Salvation means to be saved. It means to be plucked out of the flames that are about to consume us. It means to be removed from a situation that is otherwise fatal! It is like being pulled from a burning building. It is like being thrown from a car going over a cliff. It is akin to being rescued from the ocean just before going down for the last time. That is what Christ has done for us.

A. We Have Been Saved

Salvation is a past act. Many years ago some people were going west in a wagon train. They had been promised some land by the government and they were travelling to claim it. As they made their way, they noticed smoke rising in the distant. It was a prairie fire. No one seemed to know what to do. The fire was coming at them at an alarming pace. Suddenly a man among them said, "Quick someone start a fire here behind us." The fire was set and began to burn away the prairie grass behind them. Then he told them to move the wagons back to the place where the grass had been burned. The man said, "You see, the fire cannot come where the fire has already been." Dear friend, that is what Jesus did for us. He took the fiery judgment against sin. Once you and I receive Him, we are safe. The fire of judgment cannot come where it has already been.

“Jesus paid it all, All to Him I owe,

Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow."

If you have Christ, you have been saved.

B. We Are Being Saved

Christ is keeping us at this moment in a state of salvation. The deposit He made is not just for past sins, but also for present sins.

A man visited with a very sick woman and he asked her if she was saved. She stated that she was trying to be. He asked her if she was trying to be married. She said, "Why, NO! I have been married for 25 years." He asked when it happened. She told him it happened at an altar when her husband put the ring on her finger that she was wearing. He then said, "Likewise, madam, I am not trying to be saved. I was saved at an altar when I accepted Jesus as my Savior. You cannot try to be saved. You either are or you aren't!"

We are not trying to be saved, we are being saved daily by the same Lord we received in the past.

C. We Will Be Saved

The deposit He has made will see me through to the end. He will be with me when I'm dying. He will be with every believer till the end. That is the deposit he has made for us. That is the deposit he has placed in us. He has given us salvation! This means that something has been given to us that neither life nor death, things present nor things to come, angels or demons, height nor depth, nor anything in all creation can take from us.

"Saved by his power divine, Saved to new life sublime,

Life now is sweet and my soul is complete, For I'm Saved, Saved, Saved!"


This is a deposit placed in the heart and life of every believer. The Spirit of God came upon the prophets to tell of the coming of Christ, but not to dwell in them as He does in every believer in this day. Peter tells us that the Spirit of God was at work in the preaching of the message of Christ to you. Let me tell you how great is the Spirit of God is in your salvation.

A. Through the Spirit we are Convicted

In John 16:8 Jesus spoke of this!

B. Through the Spirit we are Convinced

The Spirit of God convinces us that God's Word is true

C. Through the Spirit we are Converted

The Spirit of God comes in to give us new life

In 1752 George Whitfield heard of the fame of a man named Benjamin Franklin. He wrote him a letter and told him that he was impressed with the studies the young Franklin was doing, but he shared that Franklin ought to study the New Birth. He continued by saying that without the New Birth one would never see the Kingdom of God.

Yes, my friend, the Spirit of God brings us to conviction, convinces of the truth and convert us when we believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

D. Through the Spirit we are Comforted

Jesus promised comfort by the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit is present in us to grant us the peace that passing understanding. The presence of the Lord brings us comfort because He can calm the storm, multiply the food, heal the disease, guide our steps and speak to our hearts through His Holy Spirit!

E. Through the Spirit we are Counseled

Direction is given by the Holy Spirit!

If you do not have the Spirit of God, then you do not belong to God (Romans 8:9, 11, 14, 15). We must thank God for the Spirit given to us. Even the prophets of old did not have the Spirit in the same measure as do we today. God has deposited the Holy Spirit in the believer. He can give us words to say at a moment’s notice.

Some time ago I was at the hospital with a family when the matriarch of the family was dying. The doctor came in and told the family that he thought they should agree to remove all special equipment and allow her to pass easily. He told them he would return soon and they could decide what they wanted to do. The patriarch of the family turned immediately to me. “What shall I do preacher? What shall I do?” Every eye was on me and the large family waited for my response. I prayed like Peter while sinking in the storm, “Lord, save me!” Just then, in a flash, God put a word in my heart through His Spirit. I said, “You should do what Jesus said we ought to do in situations like this.” He looked puzzled and asked, “What did Jesus say about a situation like this?” I answered, “Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you. What would you want your wife to do if you were in her situation?”

Relief came on the man’s face. “I would want her to take all those wires and tubes off of me,” he said, and he easily made the decision and the family agreed.

You see, the Holy Spirit counseled me in the moment of my need. He has done that countless times for me. How wonderful that we have His Spirit to give us wise, divine counsel!


This is an amazing deposit indeed. Christ has suffered for our sins and has deposited to our account that which was due in order to pay for our sins. It had a debt I could not pay, it was a debt He did not owe, but he paid it for me! Hallelujah, what a Savior!

A. He Suffered our Shame

The cross was an instrument of shame. Those who died there were common criminals. They were stripped of their clothing and lifted up to die before a howling, laughing mob. Jesus was the very Son of God. He was heaven's Lamb. He was the Bright and Morning Star. He was the Prince of Glory. There He was on the tree of death. There He was dying the ignominious death of the cross.

"Lifted up was He to die, It is finished was His cry,

Hallelujah, What a Savior!"

B. He Shed his Blood

Spurgeon was fond of saying, "Morality can keep you out of jail, but it takes the blood to keep you out of hell!" Indeed, Jesus shed His blood for us. The only truly innocent blood ever known to have fallen from human veins was poured out that day. It is the blood of Jesus for the remission for our sins.

A little boy was standing in a store watching a parade pass by outside. The boy exclaimed, "Look at those beautiful white coats the soldiers are wearing, daddy." The father said, "Those coats are red not white." The boy argued with him. Then the father got down on his knees to see what the boy was seeing. He noticed that there was a red band of glass around the window. When the red coats of the soldiers were viewed through the red glass they became a pure, beautiful white. That is what happened to us when our Lord died at Calvary. Though our sins were as scarlet, they became as white as snow!!!

We should sing,

"Jesus keep me near the cross, There a precious fountain,

Free to all a healing stream, Flows from Calvary's mountain.

In the Cross, In the Cross, Be my glory ever,

Till my rapture soul shall find, Rest beyond the river."

It is said that Napoleon once stood over a map of the world and pointed to a spot marked in red. It was England to which he pointed. He said to his generals, "If it were not for that one red spot on this globe, I could have conquered the whole world." Likewise, Satan must stand and point to a red spot on the map of earth, that spot is Calvary where Jesus poured out His blood. He has to exclaim to every demon follower, "If it were not for that one red spot, I could win the whole world." I thank God for the blood of Jesus.


The word "glories" is a word which means the "splendor" or "effervescence" of Christ. It represents the victories which He won following His sufferings. These victories are ours! He has deposited them to our account. I am going to list four things for you over which we have victory because of Christ. Time will not permit me to delve into each of them, but they speak for themselves.

A. It is victory over Self
B. It is victory over Sin
C. It is victory over the Sepulcher
D. It is victory over Satan

See Psalm 2, 16:8-11, 110

Every saved person in this room is the recipient of many blessing from our Lord. There is deposited in us The Salvation of Christ, The Sufferings of Christ, The Spirit of Christ, and the Splendor of Christ. Ought we to live like paupers when we have been given so much? Should we live so shabbily when we have His royal blood in our veins? It is a shame for us to live below the level of that which has been deposited spiritually to our account.

Also, how sad that so many are still lost. Just think of it, Christ has done all that is necessary and yet many are without salvation.


In 1829 President Andrew Jackson issued a pardon for a man named George Wilson, who was to be hanged for a crime. Wilson refused the pardon. The matter went to the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Marshall gave the decision that a pardon was a mere piece of paper. If is refused, it is worthless. George Wilson was hanged for a crime because he refused the pardon.

Jesus has paid for your sins, why will you die for them? Come to Him today and be saved. Christian, let us rise up to a new level of commitment, seeing that we have such a wonderful Savior.

Extra Illustration:

An English ship, the Royal Charter, had been around the world. It was to come into port upon a certain night. Just before reaching shore it sank and must of the crew was lost. A preacher was called upon to go to the home of one of his members to report to his family that he had died at sea. He went to the home and a little girl came to the door. She said that she thought he was her daddy for he was coming home that very night. Then the wife came and greeted him. She said that they had set the table for a meal at the odd night hour because they were expecting the husband to come home at any moment. She requested that he remain for the homecoming and enjoy the celebration. The minister took her hands in his and said, "My dear, I must report that your husband died at sea just off the coast a little while ago". She hesitated a moment, then she cried, "O no, my sweet husband dead, and so close to home".

My friend, if you die today, you are going to die very close to home. The Lord is near. Why will you sink into the death of your own sins when you can be raised out of the waters and into the ship of safety. Christ will save you. Come to Him now!