Sermon Series: Hope For The Home

Title: Sermon Series: Hope For The Home
Category: Sermon Series
Subject: Home

I opened a old sermon file to upload this series. I preached these sermons almost twenty years ago, and I fondly remember the wonderful services we had during the weeks we committed of our homes and families to God. The sermons listed here were prepared without a single thought that anyone else would ever see them, so please forgive the errors or brevity in some of them. You will note that some of the sermons contain more information than others, while others are mostly in outline/sentence format. I share them only with the hope they you might find some small spark on inspiration when preparing to bring a sermon or a series of sermons on the home or family.

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Dr. J. Mike Minnnix, Editor

The Creation of the Home

The Call to the Home

The Children in the Home - The Father

The Children in the Home - The Mother

The Children in the Home - The Children

The Church and the Home

The Country and the Home

The Challenge away from Home