What is all the Shouting About?

Bible Book: Luke  19
Subject: Praise; Joy; Jesus, Praise for

People had chosen one of three positions on Christ. They either viewed Him as the Lord, the promised Messiah and Savior, or they viewed Him indifferently, with a shrug of the shoulders, or they viewed Him as an enemy of their organized religious system. As the week began, Jesus came riding on a colt into the city. Crowds had heard that He was coming. The word had spread like wildfire. The supporters of Christ, those who truly believed in Him, had gathered to welcome Him. They had palm branches in their hands and they waved them and strained to get a view of Him as He drew closer. They took their outer garments and threw them on the ground for Jesus to ride the colt over them. As people began to see Him, they raised a shout saying, “Hosanna to the One who comes in the name of the Lord.” The shouting got louder and the crowd let go of all restraint and cried out in praise of Jesus.

When the Pharisees and other religious leaders heard the commotion they rushed to see what it was all about. They surely must have asked, “What’s all the shouting about?” They were told that Jesus, the Messiah, was coming into the city. These religious leaders were appalled that the crowd was praising Jesus. They even asked Jesus to stop all the shouting. Of course, we know that Jesus said, “If they do not praise me, the rocks will cry out.”

Now this is a most interesting moment in the history of our Lord’s ministry on earth. Jesus was a few days from being placed on the Cross at Calvary. What He did in these days leading up to the Cross is not just interesting, it is informative, inspiring and important.

What I want us to do today is consider the shouting that took place when Jesus entered Jerusalem. What was all that shouting about? That is a good question. Why were the people praising Him?

Some people likely just got caught up in the atmosphere. As a few of the people began to shout, others joined them. Those less prone to emotional outbursts may have been silent for awhile, but then they could not help themselves. They were caught up in the overwhelming inspiration of the event. At first, some introverted individual might have offered a gentle “Hosanna” but then let go of all reservations and began to shout loudly with all the others.

Sadly, there are some people who want to put a lid of expressions of praise, especially if they feel it is just a crowd reaction. But I would differ with anyone who feels that way. Though crowd reactions can lead to some awful things, like gang attacks or doing some physical harm to others; crowd reactions that simply lead to joy seem hardly damaging to anyone. In fact, a crowd reaction to Jesus might just be what is needed. Let me explain.

i. The Small Lad – 5 barely loaves and 2 fishes

I can imagine the Pharisees and religious leaders coming to see what was causing such an uproar as Jesus rode into the City of Jerusalem. As they press their way into the crowd, a young boy is jumping up and down and raising his voice in praise with all the others.

“What is going on here? Why are you shouting to the top of your lungs?” they may have asked.

I can hear the young lad reply, “Why, mister, don’t you know? Jesus is coming into Jerusalem!”

“So what?” the man may have asked.

“You see, sir, I was a little boy who sent to see Jesus one day. My mother had packed me a small lunch of fish and barley loaves to eat. But, the crowd kept growing and there over 5,000 there without food. One of the disciples of Jesus asked for my lunch – he said that Jesus wanted it. So, I gave it to him. And, mister, Jesus took that lunch and fed all 5,000 people with it, and had twelve baskets left over. Oh, mister, I can’t help but praise Him!”

ii. The Demon Possessed Man – Lived among the tombs – put in right mind

I can see the anger religious leader shoving the boy aside and moving through the crowd with his cohorts close behind him. A man is there waving a palm branch and shouting.

“Get out of my way,” the leader may have said. “This shouting has to stop!”

“Not much of a chance of that happening. You see, I was possessed of demons that tormented me day and night. People took me out among tombs and chained me, but I broke the chains. I cut myself – look, here are the scars.”

I can imagine the religious leader backing up afraid at any moment that this scarred, shouting man might attack him.

“You need not fear me. You see, Jesus came along one day. He cast those demons out of me. Oh, sir, I was changed. In a moment, I was changed. I was set free. Why, I’ll never stop shouting his praises.”

iii. The Sick Woman – Issue of blood – He made me whole

As the leaders tried to get closer to the front of the crowd, imagine one of them talking to a woman.

“Lady, you have no business out here acting foolish and waving those palm branches.”

“You don’t know me,” she might have said, “I had an issue of blood. For years I was shut off from people and life. One day, one glorious day, I ventured out to see Jesus passing by. In one leap of faith, I reached out and touched the hem of His garment.” With tears streaming down her face, imagine her saying, “I was made whole at the very moment. I was healed completely. It wasn’t just my body Jesus healed, He forgave my sin. You will never be able to stop His praises!”

Anger at her mention of one who can forgive sin, the man pushes her aside and move on with the others to face Jesus. But, before he can get there, one more man stops him.

iv. The Blind Man – Bartimaeus – blind, but now I see

“Do you remember me?” he asks. The religious leader stares at him but cannot recognize the man. “I am Bartimaeus. I was blind, until Jesus healed me. I can see! Not only with these feeble eyes can I see, but I can see who God is. Jesus is worthy of my praise. He forgave me and healed me. I am whole!” With that, Bartimaeus turns again to shout praises to Christ.

That is the last straw for the religious leaders. They push through the crowd and find Jesus on a colt, surrounded by adoring worshippers.

“Stop them!” they shout. “This is sacrilege. Tell them, Jesus, to stop praising you, now!”

I can see the faint smile of Jesus’ face. “If they do not praise me, the rocks will cry out with praises to me!”

With that the colt moves forward and crowd proceeds in joy and shouting. They have seen the Son of God. They have been redeemed and changed. They will never be the same. The praises of Jesus will never cease – not from them, and not from the millions He was yet to save and change.

We can’t praise Him properly unless we know that from which we have been delivered. Why have so many lost their shout? What makes us so sedate when we are in His presence?

I. The Forgotten Past

Many have forgotten where you came from, who you were and where you were headed when He found you! You have forgotten your past!

We lose our shout when we forget where He brought us from and where we are going. He lifted us out of the miry clay and set our feet on the solid rock. He snatched us from danger, and placed us in His refuge of grace. He saved us from a double death – in this life and the life to come. He forgave all our iniquities. He took our guilt upon Himself at the cross. Shame on us, if we forget our past and how He set us free from it!

II. The Forgotten Presence

When the Ark was delivered up to Jerusalem, David shouted among his people. He did not care what anyone thought about him. He was not so great to think that he was above tears and shouts of joy. Why was the king so willing to praise the Lord with abandon? It is simple, he knew God’s presence was with the Ark.

Let us never forget that the presence of Jesus is with His people. He never leaves us, nor does He ever forsake us. He lives in our hearts. He meets with us when we worship. He goes with us when we serve Him. That is His promise. Let us never lose a heart filled with a shout of joy for His presence. In Jerusalem that day, the people were not excited about religion, they were excited about the Lord of heaven being in their presence. The people were not shouting for a building – a Temple – but for the Builder of the Temple – the Owner of the Temple – the One who was about to tear the veil of the Temple in two so that we might have fellowship with God. They were lifting up praises because they were in the presence of Jesus.

If you don’t realize that, as a Christian, you are in the presence of Jesus today, there will be no shout in your heart, no tears in your eyes, and not excitement in your spirit. This service will just be an exercise in religious activity. But, when we know He is here, it changes everything. All of our difficulties pale before Him. Our trials diminish in His glow. Our worries are dissolved in His glory. He is here!

III. The Forgotten Power

What power there is in the Lord! When Joshua and the people of God marched around Jericho on the seventh day, they simply shouted and the walls came tumbling down. Just a shout - that is all it took. It was God’s way of gaining victory. He still occupies the praises of His people.

Perhaps the walls of defiance and indifference to Christ are so strong against us today because we have lost the battle shout! God’s power is not diminished. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If we, His people, were more joyful, perhaps His enemies would tremble and fall before Him just as those walls did so long ago.

There is power in the name of the Lord. In this very room today there is power to save, because He never will lose His power. Since He will never lose His power, let us resolve to never lose our praise for Him!

IV. The Forgotten Prospects

If you don’t care much for vigorous praise, you might feel a bit uncomfortable in heaven. Just read Revelation 4 and 5. What shouting is there! We see the throne room and the bowing saints. We hear them singing, “Worthy is the Lamb.” We note that there is no restraint and no reduction in the cries of praise from the redeemed! Ask John how many he saw shouting, singing and praising the Lamb of God that day. His answer is, “Ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands.” There will not be in noise cancelling headphones in heaven! The heavenly walls will shake with the sound of our praise. The gates of pearl will tremble on their hinges. The streets of gold will thumb with joy.

Perhaps our worship is not more joyful in this day because we have forgotten what awaits us when we meet our wonderful Lord. In anticipation of all He will do, and not just remembrance of what He has done, we ought to praise Him.


Some people point out that the crowd that praised Jesus was not around on the day He was crucified, or if they were they hid themselves. We do not find them shouting His praises at the cross. I can’t say that they were even there – I just don’t know. But, let us not be too critical of them. After all, a Roman cross was a terrifying sight. Why, it doesn’t take that much to silence our shouts. Just living each day with employment problems, financial hardships, family feuds, pains in our bodies and numerous other encumbrances seems to stem the tide of our praise. No, I don’t want to stand in judgment of the crowd that praised Jesus that day as He entered Jerusalem. I have to ask how much praise is in my life right now. Where are my shouts and my tears of joy? What is my feeble excuse for mundane worship? God forgive us for mumbling through a prayer, humming through a hymn, yawning through a sermon, and checking our watches during an invitation. May God help us to realize how blessed we are - and I pray that the realization will work its way to the surface!

Jesus will not be ashamed to shout for us! Jesus will call us from the grave with a shout! He did that with Lazarus. He shouted, “Come forth.” I am sure that is one shout that we will be glad to hear. Also, He will come for us with the shout of the Archangel and the trumpet of God. Ought we to not shout for Him, since He will shout for us?

I am not given to displays of exuberant behavior. I find that my worship leans more toward weeping than yelling, but whether you call your shout a cry from your voice, or the act of falling down before Him in reverence, I don’t know how we can listen to these people at the gates of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and not join them.

Have you met the Master? Has He changed your life? Have you asked Him to forgive your sins and be your Lord? If not, today is your day. He is passing by. Touch the hem of His garment. He is the Savior, and every soul needs Him! Repent of your sin and turn to Him in faith. He will not turn you away.

For those of us who know Him, let us come and let us bow down. Give Him glory on this Palm Sunday morning. Join the changed and redeemed crowd and let Jesus know what He means to you. Let’s never lose our shout!