The Cross and the Crown

Bible Book: Psalms  22 : 1-31
Subject: Cross of Christ; Salvation; Christ, Suffering of

David knew what it was like to have enemies. When Saul was the King of Israel, he tried to kill David on several occasions. But David never experienced the things described in this Psalm. David was never totally deserted by God. He did not have his hands and feet pierced, nor did he have people strip him of his garments and gamble for them. All of these experiences are described in this Psalm. Why then did David write these words? Actually these words, though written hundreds of years before the death of Jesus on the cross, are prophetic. David may or may not have had a clue as to their meaning but, nonetheless, the Spirit of God used him to write one of the most beautiful and amazing Psalms among the 150 that are in your Bible.

What we see in this Psalm is a foreshadowing of the Cross and the resurrection. Only the Spirit of God could have prompted David to write the words found here. Note with me two major things in this Psalm. First there is the view from the cross and then the victory through the cross.


In this section of Psalm 22, we see a view from the Cross. We note how perfectly this passage fits with that which our Lord experienced at Calvary.

A. Deserted by God 1‑6a

Jesus was deserted while on the Cross. Two important elements of this truth are presented in verses 1 - 6.

1. The Cry 1‑3

Jesus quoted the words found in verse one of this Psalm while on the cross. The Father turned His back upon His Son because Jesus had become sin for us. (2 Corinthians 5:21 "God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God".)

2. The Contrast 4‑6a

Note that others had called upon God and he heard them, but he turned his back upon His own Son. He heard the cries of mere men, sinners, but not from His Son. Why? Jesus was dying in our place; He was carrying our sins and suffering the pangs of a sinner’s death for us upon the cross.

Note the word "worm" in this Psalm. This word may well stand for the crimson crocus which was crushed in order to produce the scarlet dye used to make royal garments in biblical times. Jesus was crushed that we might wear the royal garments of the King's family.

B. Despised by the People 6b‑18

It is hard for us to understand just how hated Jesus really was by the people who crucified Him. There is a Satanic nature to the hatred that Jesus endured.

1. Ridicule 6b‑10

In Matthew 27:43 we see how clearly this prophecy was fulfilled. They mocked Jesus and made fun of him. All lost people should make note of this, for even if you never mock Jesus openly, you are siding with those who have and do mock Him. If you are not for him, you are against him.

2. Ruthlessness 11‑18

Bulls, lions and wild dogs are ruthless when angry. Note the ruthless behavior of those around the cross. Jesus thirsted. Just think of it, the One who created every clear stream and every spring of cool, clear water thirsted on the cross till his tongue clave to the roof of his mouth. They pierced him. They gambled for his garment beneath his feet.

C. Devoured by the Devil 19‑21

Jesus was not actually devoured on the Cross, but the mention of lions in this passage cannot help but make one think of the devil as the lion that goes about seeking whom he may devour. Satan sought to devour the Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps he thought he had, but he had another thing coming on resurrection Sunday!

As we come to a close of verse 21 we see a strange silence - a kind of transition from one thought to another. Then, verse 22 bursts upon us with brilliant flashes of light and glory. From this scene of death and agony we are transferred into a position of victory and triumph over the enemies of Jesus and the suffering of Jesus. Here we move from the view from the cross to the .....


A. The Crown of the Resurrection 22‑25

1. The Presence we Know

Christ is seen in the midst of the congregation of the redeemed. He is not dead but alive. We serve a risen Savior! He is with us in this very service. His great delight is to be with his "brethren".

2. The Power we Inherit

Since he had power to overcome sin, death and the grave, we must recognize his power! This same resurrection power is available to us. All who are saved have the same Holy Spirit power in us that raised Jesus from the dead.

3. The Peace we Experience

What a wonderful peace came upon the disciples when they realized the presence and power of the risen Christ. What a peace is ours today who know Him through forgiveness and salvation!

4. The Praise we Offer

Christ ordains the praise of God in the congregation! He died and was raised to the glory of God! Crown Him King of King and Lord of Lords, for He is the risen, present, powerful, peace‑giving Master who deserves all praise forevermore.

B. The Crown of Redemption 26

1. Hunger Met

Hunger is a sign of spiritual longing. But Christ fills the hungry heart as only He can. He is the Bread of Life. He has fed us from on high. The Children of Israel ate Manna in the desert, but we have been given Living Bread!

2. Happiness Felt

With hunger met, happiness fills the Christian breast.

3. Hearts Alive

Eternal life is ours. Crown him lord of Redemption! He has given us hearts that will live forever. He is alive! As long as Jesus is alive, we will be alive who have trusted Him as Savior and Lord.

C. The Crown of Royal Lordship 27‑31

1. Nationally 27‑28

We are a kingdom of priests to our Lord. We are part of a kingdom citizenship which is not of this world. We are from every race, tribe, tongue and people of the earth. Our flag is the Banner of the Lord. Our song is Worthy is the Lamb. Our Constitution is the Word of God.

2. Personally 29

We have our life through Him. No money can save you from death when you appointed time comes to meet God. But, the price has been paid for us to pass through the valley of the shadow of death. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. What a Savior!

3. Eternally 30‑31

The words written in the Psalm are prophetic. It speaks of people yet unborn, at the time it was penned, who would come to know and worship the risen Savior. We are those people. If you have never trusted Him, you can do so today. You can be a part of the family of God. Trust the Lord who died in your place and rose so that you can have life everlasting.


“For He Has Done It!” In Hebrew, the phrase which ends this Psalm, means: "It is finished." When read in Hebrew, this is exactly what Jesus said from the Cross! Jesus says, "I did it, I finished it." Indeed, He bore the CROSS and He wears the CROWN!!! He has blessed us beyond measure. Let us serve Him with all we have, all we are and all we hope to be!