Translator Addition

Title: Translator Addition
Category: Information
Subject: Translator

Translator Now Available

PastorLife now has a Google Translator available on the website. You can see the translator on the far right side of the toolbar on the website. Please note that this is a service from Google and PastorLife is not responsible for translations that are not accurate.

This addition to the website enables pastors and Bible teachers from other countries to have access to all the material on the site. This helpful tool is not perfect, since it is a global translator, but it functions well and those using it can certainly ascertain the meaning when some rare words are not translated precisely as written by the author. If you have friends, fellow servants or relatives who use a language other than English, pass along the information regarding this wonderful tool on PastorLife. Also, if you know pastors or ministerial students abroad, send them a link to the website. Our desire is to assist all those who have a calling to preach and teach God's Word.

Dr. J. Mike Minnix, Founder and Editor