Blessings in Brokenness

Bible Book: John  4 : 43-54
Subject: Brokenness, Blessings in; Faith; Power of Christ; Healing; Prayer

Blessings in Brokenness

Dr. J. Mike Minnix
John 4:43-54

A royal official came to Jesus concerning his son. Jesus pointed out that the Galileans were just looking for another show (signs, wonders and miracles). In other words, the Lord was not interested in doing miracles as a kind of circus act to please and astound the people. The official was not dissuaded and pled for his son who was dying. Jesus saw the sincerity in the father and told him to go his way - that the boy would live. The Bible says the man took Jesus at His word, and acting upon faith he arrived at home to find the boy hardy and healthy. Furthermore, he was told by his servants that the boy had been healed at a particular hour, and it was the very hour Jesus had told the official that the boy would live.

The royal official mentioned in this event probably worked in Herod's employ. It was a long step down, at least in the minds of the higher-ups of that day, for that official to come running to a carpenter from Galilee for help. Something had broken this man - something wonderful had happened to him.

Note with me several blessings that came from his brokenness and then note the key which made it all happen.

I. Brokenness Changes Priorities

We must learn to put first things first. It is likely that the official who came to Jesus was a very busy man, pressed on every side with duties to which he was assigned. However, when his son was sick and it appeared that the boy might die, the priorities of the official changed immediately. It is interesting how things that seem so important can be reduced to nothing in a matter of moments. Tragedy trumps time and topples previous priorities.

Note a couple of important matters related to this.

A. His Heart

Listen carefully – the first priority in every life ought to be our relationship with God. You can be sure that one day getting to Him will be a priority in your life. It always comes to that, so you ought to make that your first priority in life. So, get your heart right with God and make that your primary priority.

B. His Home

It is easy to take your home for granted, until some horrible thing happens and that terrible, fearful thing reveals to you just how significant the home is in our lives. We seem to take our home life for granted till trouble strikes.

Getting priorities in order is extremely important and that brings us to the next important issue…

II. Brokenness Causes Prayer

You see, the royal official had to quickly learn to pray. In essence that is exactly what he was doing when he came running to Jesus.

A. Note the Sincerity

“begged him to come"

Look at the sincerity revealed in this man prayer. This was not some practiced prayer or a mundane repetitive religious activity which the officer took part in. He cried out with all his heart for the Lord to do something. Brokenness is the door to sincerity and success in prayer!

B. Note the Consistency

You see that he kept asking for Jesus to do something. He was not dissuaded by any remark or rebuff. Jesus loves to see us pray with importunity. It reveals true faith and shows that our very being is wrapped up in our request.

But, note another issue in this man’s request that moved the heart of the Lord.

III Brokenness Ceases Pride

This official came to Jesus in total humility. Without doubt, being a royal official granted the man a place of honor and authority among his fellow Romans and among the Jewish population. When we rise to places of victory and authority in the world, pride can be a problem and a danger. We need to remember that God keeps the proud at a distance from Himself. You can never be close to the Lord and walk in pride. When we are broken by life’s circumstances, pride is usually ripped from us quickly and completely. The royal official came to Jesus having learned before he arrived how valueless pride is in the real world.

A. He gladly Came to him

No one had to push the man to come to Jesus. He did not need to be begged to approach the Lord. He heard that Jesus had the answer and he came at once to Him.

It would be wonderful if someone in this service today would do just that. You need to know that He has the answers to life and eternity. We may beg you to come, but one day when the hammer of life falls on you or your family, I pray that it is not too late for you to get to Jesus.

Come to Him while you can. One never knows what tomorrow may hold, nor how hard the heart may become over time. You can hear the Spirit of God calling you - come now. The Lord said in His Word, "My spirit will not always strive with man." Come gladly and you will not have to come sadly on some distance day.

B. He gladly Claimed him

When the man returned home and discovered that his son was healed, the official was not ashamed to claim Jesus as Lord. He spoke up regarding Jesus and what He had done for his son.

Let me tell you something important, when a person comes to Jesus - really comes to Jesus in true faith - he or she is never the same and never ashamed. The joy you discover, the victory you know and the life that is changed, causes the true believer to gladly claim Him and proclaim Him to others.

It was an humble act for the official to come to Jesus, but it was even greater that he spoke up in true witness to the grace, power and love Jesus had given him and his family. No one who has experienced the grace and power of Christ ought ever to be quite about what Jesus has done.

Now, notice…

IV. Brokenness Cultivates Patience

You see, the official had to leave after talking with Jesus and walk home with patience in order to see what Christ had done. He had no way of knowing if his boy was healed or not. When we are broken before God, we are often taken to the school of patience, where we learn to wait on God. The Lord works on His own time table and doesn't necessarily do things at the time or place we desire. We must learn to trust and wait - willing to accept His will and plan.

Have you noticed how impatient people are today? Did you know that acts of violence on our American highways are at an all time high? I mean, the gun shots and attacks on people in traffic and parking lots are becoming at epidemic levels. Why? People are impatient - they want what they want and they want it right now! People assume that the parking space they see is theirs regardless of who gets there first. They want to be in the lane moving faster regardless of who may already be in that lane. This issue is so dangerous that it is costing people their lives today.

Impatience is far worse when it involves our relationship with God. Trusting God involves understanding who is in charge. We don't tell God what to do, when to do it or where to do it. We are to simply ask HIm by faith and wait with patience, trusting His power, wisdom, and will ti do that which is best. That is what the man in our passage today did - and look how it turned out.

A. The Practice of Patience

Every person who calls on God to work in life’s complex circumstances must develop the practice of patience. All through the Bible we read, “Wait upon the Lord!”

Do you know what a waiter is? Sure you do. You go to a restaurant and a "waiter" (or waitperson) comes to your table. The waiter is to serve you, but in reality you are the waiter. You have to wait for the waiter to wait on you. But, think about God in this context. God is not serving you - you are serving God. You are the "waiter." A waiter in a restaurant may suggest something you - something the manager is trying to push on the customers, but in the end the customer decides. I am to wait on God. I can suggest how I want things to be, but He makes the final decision. I am to wait till He decides and moves. The official in our story today made a plea to God, and then he practiced being a "waiter."

B. The Peace in Patience

In patiently waiting on God to work, we discover a peace God desires for us to have. We read in Isaiah 40:31 ...

“But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not faint.”

Only the impatient become fretful. The Bible teaches us that the patient believer will RENEW strength. Waiting on God is not ilde time, it is a time for strength to grow. Waiting can give you wings, can turn your stumbling feet into a marathon runner and keep you from fainting in your walk with God.

In patience we find a peace that passes understanding, as Paul mentioned in Philippians 4:4-7:

"4 Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

Finally, we learn that ...

V. Brokenness Creates Power

When we are broken before God and we lay ourselves at His feet, with faith in His love and care, great power is acquired – God’s power – Divine power.

No amount of money, titles, earthly positions or powerful friends in the world were able to help the royal official with the problem of sickness which his son was enduring. All things are possible with God and His power is never diminished – not by time or circumstances. In fact, you are never more powerful than when you are fully trusting the Lord - His will - His power - His goodness.

Let me close...


The official’s entire household came to faith in Christ. The father of this boy did more in trusting Jesus than all his other accomplishments in life combined. He did something eternal when he trusted by faith in Jesus Christ. Not only did he believe, not only was his son saved, but he led many others to faith in Christ. The accomplishment of that day through prayer and faith was eternal and extended even to others who believed.

The key to turning tragedy into triumph is simple - have and hold on to believing faith in God through Hus Son, Jesus Christ. To turn scars of trouble into stars or victory requires belief in the love, power and grace of Jesus Christ.

  • Believe He loves you
  • Believe He is working in your behalf
  • Believe Him
  • Believe His Word, just now, at act upon it