Vince Hefner

Vince Hefner
First Baptist Church
202 N. Jacob Street
Cherryville, NC28021

Dr. Hefner has been a Southern Baptist pastor for more than 20 years. He began preaching at age 17 and pastored his first church at age 20. He currently serves as pastor of the 1,200 member First Baptist Church, Cherryville, North Carolina.

Vince graduated from Gardner Webb Univesrity with a B.A. in Relgion, and from Southeastern Baptist Theolgical Seminary with M. Div. and D. Min. Degrees.

He is the author of 3 books entitled, "True Confessions of a Baptist Preacher," "More True Confessions of a Baptist Preacher," and, "Heaven High and Hell Deep." He is a featured writer for 10 newspapers in North Carolina. His articles are humorous and thought provoking. The Editor of the Gastonia Gazette Newspaper in Gastonia, North Carolina stated that, "Vince Hefner is the Lewis Grizzard of the Clergy."

He served as a Army Reserve Chaplain. He also serves as Chaplain for the Cherryville City Fire Department and has served as Chaplain for the Cherryville High School Football Team.

Dr. Hefner is married to his wife of 21 years, Sherry Minnix Hefner; and, they have four children, Lee, Paul, Natalie and Kelly. They reside in Cherryville, North Carolina.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Are You Ready For The Fireworks? 1 Corinthians  Judgment; Christian Works; Bema Seat; Independence Day
How A Godly Church Grows 1 Corinthians  3 :1-18 Church Growth; Lordship; Giving; Christian Maturity
The Lord's Supper and the Return of Christ 1 Corinthians  15 :51-58 Lord's Supper; Return of Christ; Rapture; Holy Week
God's Dress Code 1 Peter  5 :5-7 Pride; Humility
Giving What God Wants 1 Peter  5 :6-11 Trust
The Danger Of Getting What You Want 1 Samuel  8 :4-22 Will of God; Decisions
When Opportunity Knocks 1 Timothy  3 :8-13 Deacon; Deacon Election
How To Face A Three Headed Hurricane 2 Chronicles  20 :1-24 Faith; Victory; Problems, Overcoming
The Need for a Remedy (Outline) 2 Kings  5 :1-15 Cure, God's; Faith
When A Good Snake Goes Bad 2 Kings  18 :1-8 Godly Living; Godly Leadership; Overcoming Hardships; Snake Handling
The Credible Christmas Acts  13 :16-23 Christmas; Birth of Christ
What Will They Think Of Next Acts  17 Witness; Evangelism; Rejection of God
Do You Know What It Takes? Daniel  3 :16-18 Victory; Commitment; Healing
Forgiveness - The Benefit, Blessing, And Burden Ephesians  4 :31-32 Forgiveness
What Is Better Than One Godly Mother Exodus  2 :1-10 Parenting; Mother
Getting Over Your Head In The New Year Ezekiel  47 :1-10 Holy Spirit; Christian Growth; Commitment
The Perfect Time for the Perfect Man! (Outline) Galatians  4 :1-7 Jesus, The Perfect; Call, God's; Time, God's
Half-Baked in 2012 Hosea  7 :8-12 Christian Living; New Year
Are You A Re-Gifter? Isaiah  9 :6-9 Giving; Stewardship; Missions; Christmas; Witnessing
The World's Greatest Question Isaiah  10 :33ff Sin; Salvation; Forgiveness
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall! James  1 :19-27 Religion, Pure
The Award For The Most Dangerous Member In The Church James  3 :1-12 Tongue
Deeper Than A Well John  4 :1-42 Worship; Racism; Lordship; Forgivness; Salvation; Witnessing
The Purpose Driven Shepherd John  10 :1-14 Jesus, Blessings of; Guidance, God's
Remember To Trust the Words of Jesus John  15 :17-27 Witnessing; Trusting Jesus; Word of God; Commitment
A Tomb with a View John  20 :1-8 Resurrection; Easter, Death, Victory over
Vanquished or Victorious? Joshua  8 :1-2 Victory; Prayer; Faith
Going for Broke when Everything is Broken Judges  6 :1-16 Courage; Ministry; Servants; Usefulness
Listening to the Voice of Christmas Luke  1 :26-47 Listening; Hearing God; Christmas; Mary
It Is Deja Vu All Over Again Luke  5 :1-11 Backsliding; Regression; Unfaithfulness; Renewal; Revival
The Fear Factor Luke  8 :40-48 Fear
Excuse Me! (Outline) Luke  14 :15-24 Excuses; Salvation; Procrastination
A Scary Story Luke  16 :19-31 Conviction; Stewardship; Salvation; Money
What Jesus Wants You To Remember Luke  17 :32 Remembrance; Witness; Influence; Lot's Wife; Doubt; Disobedience
Father Forgive Them Luke  23 :34 Forgiveness; Christlike Living; Christian Living
Remember To Trust The Power of Jesus Mark  8 :11-21 Joy; Remembering God?s Blessings; Patience
The View From Here Mark  8 :27-38 The Nature of Jesus; Who Is Jesus?
A Hard Candy Christmas! Matthew  1 :18-25 Christmas; Joseph
The Terms of Gains, Losses, and Exchanges Matthew  16 :24-27 Commitment
Learning From A Long Trip Matthew  25 :14-30 Faithfulness
How Do You See Your Future? Matthew  25 :31-40 Future; Dreams; Tomorrow; Preparation for Tomorrow
When A Bad Snake Is Good Numbers  21 :1-9 Unity; Victory; Salvation
An X-Ray Of Your Church Revelation  Church; Faithful Christians; Backslidden Churches
Contamination - Church in Doctor's Office #3 Revelation  2 :12-17 Church; Seven Churches; Pergamum; Contamination of Church
Lazy Love Revelation  2 :1-7 Love; Love, Lacking; Christ, Love for; Love for Jesus
Lazy Love - Church in the Doctor's Office #1 Revelation  2 :1-7 Church at Ephesus; Church; Love, Missing; Love for Jesus
Who Owns The Church - Church in Doctor's Office #4 Revelation  2 :18-21 Jesus, Church
The Suffering Patient - Church in the Doctor's Office #2 Revelation  2 :8-11 Suffering; Presence of Jesus; Comfort of Christ; Church; Smyrna
Lukewarm - Church in Doctor's Office #6 Revelation  3 :14-22 Church; Backslidding; Commitment, Lack of; Laodicea
The Wrong Kind of Sleep - Church in Doctor's Office #5 Revelation  3 :1-6 Church; Laziness of Congregation; Wake Up Church
What Jesus Wants You To Remember About The Gospel Revelation  3 :1-6 Remembering; Christian Living; Church Life; Failing Jesus; Voice of God
Fit For Service - Church in Doctor's Office #7 Revelation  3 :7-13 Servants of God; The Open Door; Church, Work of the; Ministry; Service
Pajama Wearing Christians! Romans  13 :11-14 Christian Living
A Hope For Every Family Ruth  1 :3-18 Family; Mother; Father; Faith; Witness; Ruth

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