Giving What God Wants

Bible Book: 1 Peter  5 : 6-11
Subject: Trust

What is the worst gift you have ever received? What is the worst gift you have ever given? What is the best gift you have ever given or received?

The word “Give” is mentioned 880 times in the Bible. The word “Gave” is mentioned 465 times in the Bible. So, giving to God is an important subject.


Cain attempted to give to God with a half-hearted spirit, as recorded in Genesis 4:2-4. King David gave to God in the right spirit, as recorded in  2 Samuel 24:24. The spirit in which we give to God is as important as what we give Him! Israel gave to God with a bad spirit, as recorded in Hosea 6:6.

But today we come to consider a question on giving that might surprise you. We are going to look at giving God our troubles. That is what our Bible text is about. Have you ever considered giving God your “trash?” Your cares and worries!

It is interesting that God wants us to give Him our cares and worries! Often we try to bear these ourselves. This is due to a lack of faith, or pride, or a little of both. Is easier for some to give a financial gift to God than to trust Him with our burdens. Yet, that is exactly what God asks us to do - to give Him control of our lives.

How do you Give God Want He Wants?When we consider giving to God, we want to give…

I. In the right spirit

Pride will always compete with humility! What, exactly, is pride anyway? Pride is placing your will and mind above God's will and God's Word to you! On the other hand, humility is accepting God’s rightful place in your life. The Bible implies that Cain did not give properly to God because pride was involved. When you and I give, we must do so with an humble spirit. This leads to our subject for today. In order to trust God with our troubles and worries, we must humble ourselves. We must let go of our pride and allow God to work with us through the tough times in life.


II. For the right reason

“Under the mighty power of God” How powerful is your God?

You reveal how powerful you think God is by where you place God in dealing with the problems of life. Is God your first option or your last option with your life? Do you try to unravel all the problems, and after you have made a mess of it, finally turn to God? We are to always place Him first. This reveals that we understand the "mighty power of God" and the lack of power in ourselves!


III. At the right time

God knows what you are going through in your life right now! He is not surprised with your problems. We are often surprised when we come face to face with a real dilemma, but God is never caught unaware. God knows what you need right now in your life! If you can trust in God’s timing in your daily life, it shows that you are trusting God with your eternity!

Vance Havner once told the story about an older woman who was very ill. Her children had taken her to every doctor they knew in order to get her treatment. There was no where else to go and so they said to her, "Mom, all we can do now is pray." The old lady looked up with a disturbed expression and asked, "Has it come to that?" Havner went on to say, "It always comes to that!" And, indeed, it does. So, why not just start with prayer to begin with. Keep everything before Him at all times.


III. With the right gift

“Worries and cares?” Wow! Most Christians think of gifts to God as time or talents, but God says we are to trust Him with our cares and concerns. Would you want the “worries and cares” of someone else as a gift? What if someone gave you a card for your birthday, and inside it read, "Here is a list of my biggest problems. I am giving them to you as a gift!" You would think that person was crazy. But, God asks for your troubles to be given to Him. Why? Because He is ready and able to prove His love and power to you.

III. To the right conclusion

Your enemy is the Devil, a he is a real person. Your position is to “Stand firm in your faith.”

Also, your perspective is to consider others! Trust God, serve Him and help others. In order to do this, we have to overcome the evil one who is going about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

Remember that God is showing kindness to your right now! God will always restore, support, and strengthen you! Allow God to choose your foundation - the only true foundation - Jesus Christ - the Chief Cornerstone!

Will you give God what He wants from you? First, your greatest problem is your sin problem. He is the only One to whom you can bring that problem and find an answer. Also, you can bring your other cares to Him. He wants you to do that. He will bless you as you trust Him!