The Lord's Supper and the Return of Christ

Bible Book: 1 Corinthians  15 : 51-58
Subject: Lord's Supper; Return of Christ; Rapture; Holy Week

What does Jesus want us to remember about Lord’s Supper? Several things, in fact, need to be remembered when it comes to the Lord’s Supper: His life, which was perfect! His death, which was complete! His resurrection, which was literal! And, His return, which is imminent!

Certainly the return of Jesus is major theme in the Lord’s Supper. Note 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 and note that Jesus said that we are to observe this Supper of Remembrance until He comes. He is linking this act of receiving the bread and cup directly with His return. What do you need to know about Jesus return?

I. The Return of Jesus will Happen in History

The Bible teaches us that people will be living their lives, nations will be going about their business and life in general will be taking place as usual when Jesus returns.

The most important thing to note about His return is that is a 100% certainty. There are many odds and gambles in life. But the return of Christ is not a gamble. In fact, there are more prophetic statements in the Bible about the return of Christ than there were prophetic statements about Jesus coming the first time. He came as promised to be born as the Son; He will come back as the Sovereign.

History records many incredible events. No event in history can compare to the return of Christ. When He came the first time, He changed time. We set our calendars by His birth. When He comes the second time, He will change time in a far greater way.

II. The Return of Jesus will Happen when Heaven Says So

A. It is going to be Unparalleled because it is a divine act.

Nothing in history has ever happened that comes even close to what will happen to this world when Jesus comes for His Church. Some of us would love for that to take place today, but interestingly, some want Him to delay. A young lady heard her preacher speak on this subject and said to him afterwards, "Oh, I do hope it is not this year. I'm getting married and I want to have a family first." We can understand her dreams and wishes, but we have nothing to say about the timing. It will occur God has determined that it will occur. Yes, it could be today.

B. It is going to be Unmistakable because it will be Jesus, Himself

Occasionally you will hear about an annoucement that Jesus has actually already come. How foolish is that. I assure you that when He comes, the entire world will be changed in an instant. The news media and pundits may try to give it some false spin, but the fact that the world has changed will be undeniable.

When Jesus came the first time, only a few new about it. Even after He had died and risen, only a few hundred people believed. But, be assured, when He comes for His Church, it will be unmistakeable.

C. It is going to be Unchangeable because it will fulfill God’s purpose.

You will hear people say, "Cheer up, things will change." Well, one thing if sure - when Jesus returns there will be no more Church on earth. The  true Church, those who are truly saved, will be gone. God's purpose for His Church will be fulfilled.

III. The Return of Jesus will Affect Humanity Forever

A. The Saints Already Dead

Saints already dead will be reunited with their new bodies and will rise to meet Jesus in the air. What a moment that will be.

B. The Saved Still Alive

The saved who are alive when He comes will be transformed into glorified bodies and taken by Jesus to be with Him forever. Every true Christian awaits that day with excitement and anticipation. .

C. Sinners Still on Earth

Those who are unsaved will be unprepared for His return. They will lose their chance for salvation forever. Yes, the Bible teaches that some will be saved during the Tribulation period, but they will those who never heard the gospel prior to the rapture of the Church. If you have never trusted Jesus, you are walking a thin line. If Christ came today, you would be left behind, but you don't have to be; for you can be saved this very day. Before we receive the Lord's Supper today, you will have a chance to trust Christ as your personal Savior.

IV. Being Ready for the Return of Christ will Bring about Harmony

A. Being Ready Encourages Us In Our Believing

You can live in victory, for you have believed upon the Son of God. What comfort and joy it brings us today.

B. It Encourages Us In Our Grieving

Today we remember those who we love who have departed. What comfort it gives us to know that those who trusted Jesus are redeemed and no past, present or future event can ever separate them from Christ. What comfort that gives us.

C. It Encourages Us In Our Leaving

When it is time for us to die, if that occurs before He comes, we can face death with the assurance that the sting of death has been removed.. We know in whom we have believed, and we are confident that He will keep His promises to us in eternity.


Are you ready for Jesus to return? He is coming back. We celebrate this Lord’s Supper today just as He told us to. We are remembering his death. We are remembering that salvation is only available through the blood of Jesus. We are calling everyone to come to Him now, because we are remembering that He is coming and when He comes all opportunity for those unprepared is lost.

As we come to this invitation, I ask every Christian to think about how much temporal things trouble us. We must keep our focus on Christ. We must keep in touch with eternity. We need to recommit our lives to the One who is coming for us!

Those who are unsaved should repent of your sin and come to Jesus today. He loves you. He died for you. He will come for you and take you home one day. But, you must receive Him now. This is the day of salvation. Before we receive this Lord’s Supper, come to Christ.