How To Get Where You Are Going

Title: How To Get Where You Are Going
Category: Devotions
Subject: Heaven
How To Get Where You Are Going!
Dr. Vince Hefner, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Cherryville, North Carolina

Something that I have passed down through my DNA to my children is the inability to comprehend directions. I can't tell you north from south, east from west, and sometimes I have a problem with left and right! When I travel I need a map for a positive state of mind, a co-pilot to tell me where to turn, and a guidance system to tell me when I make the wrong turn. It is a terrible thing to travel a good deal and have absolutely no sense of direction. Even I when I plan a long trip, I add in some time for getting lost before I reach my destination. It is something that I have learned to live with as I "travel" through life. I can only pray that my children will outgrow this genetic defect.

I have discovered that in order to get to any location, a person needs good directions with lots of landmarks to give him a sense of security in arriving at the right place. I have also discovered that confusing directions can bring frustration to an event that was planned to bring some peace and quiet. One of the greatest fears any man will face in his life is to stop a convenient store and ask the clerk, "Do you know where I'm at right now, and can you tell me how to get somewhere else that I don't know where it is either!" In the unspoken language of men, we call this time in our lives, "Total Surrender and Humiliation." We don't know where we are and we don't know how to get where we are going, this is the fear everyman faces when he gets behind the wheel of a car!

Recently, one of my daughters received written directions from a friend on how to get her house. I want you to read these directions for yourselves and see if you could have found her home. Here we go:

"OK, you know that road down there beside it. OK, you go down it and then there is another road on the left, first road on the left, you go down it. And then your gonna go through all that mess and then there's a road but you don't turn on it. You go to the next road and that would be on your right and then it's like the 5th house on the left."

Believe it or not, my wife found this house with these directions. She is truly my hero!

Can you imagine going through life and trying to get from one place to another with these types of directions? It would be tempting to give up and stay home instead of putting yourself through the aggravation of getting lost and not knowing if you will ever get you where you want to go. Yes sir, having the right directions to any location will ensure a pleasant trip without any apprehension about getting lost along the way.

If this principle holds true with earthly directions, what about the eternal directions we chose? What directions are you following in hopes of reaching your eternal destination? Are you following a set of rules in hopes of pleasing God so He will let you into Heaven? Are you following a random road because you believe that all roads lead to the same place? I am so thankful that the Bible is very specific on how to get to Heaven. In John 14:6-7, Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. If you had really known me, you would know who my Father is. From now on, you know him and have seen him!"

It is great to know that our eternal destination is through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. Which road are you on today? Make sure your way is with the Truth and the Life that brings us safely to our Heavenly Father. Remember, don't give in to sin. Think about it!