Going for Broke when Everything is Broken

Bible Book: Judges  6 : 1-16
Subject: Courage; Ministry; Servants; Usefulness

Today’s text concerns the amazing ministry of Gideon. He lived in a time when everything in his country was broken. In fact, he felt that everything in his life was broken as well. He found himself hiding from enemies and threshing wheat in secrecy. But, one cannot hide from God and Gideon learned that lesson. It is a lesson we all need to learn.

What are you willing to live with that is broken in your life? Are you willing to live with a broken handle on your refrigerator, a cracked windowpane, a broken friendship, or a broken home? Just what are you willing to live with that is broken in your life? Are you willing to live with a broken relationship with God? Many people are and that is sad.

Let’s look at what we can do about broken things in our lives – I mean really important broken things – things like broken friendships, broken marriages, broken things in your country and especially a broken relationship with God!

I. How Do Things Become Broken?

Our first question is, how do things get broken in the first place?

A. By Accident

Many times things are broken in our lives because we are not paying attention. This happens when we are driving, working around the house, and even in our relationship to God. We can pay attention or pay the consequences, but we’re going to pay when things become broken.

B. Through Neglect

Some things become broken because we neglect them. Our cars may break down because we neglect to check our tires, change the oil, or repair the brakes.

This following is a rule in life. Most of time we neglect something important because we are paying attention to something that is less important or not important at all. A person can lose his or her home because of the failure to pay attention to relationships in the family. A person can experience a breakdown in his or her relationship with God because of neglecting to pray, attend church, give or worship as they should.

Neglect is a terrible thing. If our military neglects their duty, we could be overrun with the enemy. Likewise, if you neglect important things in your life, you will be overrun by an enemy from hell! We must not neglect those things that are most critical - the spiritual, biblical and moral issues in our lives.

C. In Disobedience

“The Israelites did evil in the Lord’s sight”

Disobedience will always open the door to disaster and an infiltration by the enemy. In essence, sin exposes your weaknesses. Because of sin, the nation of Israel suffered broken walls in their cities, broken hearts in their homes and broken lives personally. It all started because of a they broke their fellowship with God.

Because of this disobedience…

1. They Could Not Protect Themselves for the Enemy

The Midianites came in like a flood. The people lived in fear and defeat.

2. They Could Not Provide Food

The enemy took their food from them. Don’t you know that if you neglect God you will end up hungry in your hearts and souls - and maybe even in your physical body?

Listen, the world appears to offer joy but when we give in to the ways of the world, it always steals our joy. The world will steal that which satisfies you.

Someone is listening to me right now and you are so unhappy. You thought you knew best what to do, but you left God out of your decision. Now you are hungry and Satan has taken the food from your soul.

3. They Could Not Plan for Their Future

Everything looked bleak and hopeless and there was no bright future those who were living outside the light of God’s will and love. The future is bleak when the heart is blank.

Are you neglecting God? Are you neglecting His will? Are you neglecting your family? If you are, you are heading for a future that you really don’t want to deal with. In fact, Satan is planning your future instead of God planning it.

So, the Israelites were living in a broken relationship to God. It was costing them dearly and the future looked horrible. What were they to do? To answer that, let’s ask this question…

II. When Do Things Get Fixed?

Things get fixed when you recognize that they are broken and bring them to God! The Bible says, “They cried out unto the Lord…” You see, you must know something is wrong with you before God can help you can fix it. If you are living in neglect or disobedience, trouble lies ahead. You can wait for everything to break down, or you can step up now and deal with it by calling on the Lord. The people of God in Gideon’s day just let the issue become worse and worse. Finally, they called on the Lord.

Let me share some things that will not fix your problems…

A. The Blame Game will not Work

The “Blame Game” doesn’t work with sin and failure. You can’t say, “It is not my fault.” Get real and deal with the truth! That is the start to finding God’s answer.

B. The Wrong Approach will not Get You There

You need to know who to call on. Going to the wrong people, places and things will only get you in deeper trouble. Some people turn to alcohol, drugs, or affairs when they sense loneliness, emptiness or failure in life. When they do that, things only get worse. Your answer lies in the Lord.

In Gideon’s day the people began to call on God for help. God is just a prayer away. Don’t get me wrong. God is no Santa Claus. You can’t just wish it and get it. God is going to require you to get some things straightened out. Your priorities will have to change. But the Lord has promised to hear and answer we are sincere.

C. The Wrong Ear will not Hear

Watch who you are listening to! The world cannot fix your problems. You must listen to God’s prophet. You must hear God’s Word. That is what the people did in Gideon’s day. The truth will always help you regardless of how painful it is to hear it! You can talk to all your friends. One will tell you this thing and another will tell you that thing, but the question is, does it line up with God’s Word? You can watch the pundits on television. They all have advice. But, does it line up with God’s Word? Open your ears to God.

Now, there is one last thing you have to know to get broken things fixed…

III. Who Does God Call On To Get Things Fixed?

God uses people to reach people! Gideon was not expecting to be used of God. He was likely praying that God would send “someone” to help them. God chose him to be that “someone.”

As Gomer Pyle used to say on the Andy Griffith television program, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” Gideon could not dream that God would use him to fix the broken situation, but God has always uses people to help people. God is looking for someone willing to be used.

God called Gideon, “Mighty hero, the Lord is with you!” Does Gideon look like a hero to you? He was down in the threshing floor, working and hiding from the enemy? Certainly, he does not! Gideon had allowed circumstances to dictate his convictions. God did not look at Gideon circumstances; God looked into Gideon’s heart. He is always looking for men and women, and young people, who will say, “Hear am I, send me!”

A. God Uses Ordinary Believers to do Great Things
  • He called Abraham from Ur.
  • He called Moses from shepherding in a barren land.
  • He called David who was a ruddy faced boy.
  • He called Amos who took care of fruit trees.
  • He called Mary who was a young maiden.
  • He called Peter who was a lowly fisherman.

We think of these people as mighty people now. But, when they were called, they were simple people in a simple world. Some of them resisted his calling. But, when they obeyed, their times, their nation and their world was dramatically changed. Are you willing for God to use you to fix the broken things around you?

B. God Uses a Small Number to do a Great Work!

Gideon wanted a large army to defeat the Midianites. God had other plans. It is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. When God is in you, no army can be greater!

God chose only 12 disciples.

His inner core of disciples numbered just 3.

From that small beginning, God shook the world. Your world can change, if you are willing to allow God to work through you.

C. God Uses Little Faith and Turns it into Great Faith!

It was hard for Gideon to believe that God could use him to turn a nation around. But, that is what God did! When Gideon was able to believe, even with a small faith, God infused it with power.

  • Moses had a shepherd’s staff.
  • Samson had the jawbone of a donkey.
  • David had a sling.
  • The little boy had a small lunch.

But, once placed these small items in the hands of the Lord, these small things became mighty. It is not what you have that makes the difference; it is that God has YOU that makes the difference!


Some broken things need fixing. Broken hearts, broken homes, broken lives and more need God’s touch. God will use you if you let Him. Come to Him today.

Come to Him right now.

Trust Him to change your situation by allowing Him to CHANGE YOU!