The Terms of Gains, Losses, and Exchanges

Bible Book: Matthew  16 : 24-27
Subject: Commitment

Risk is to be exposed to the possibility of loss or damage
Every investment is connected to the terms of the institution
Jesus told us what is expected of His disciples!
The terms that Jesus gave are non-negotiable!
What is at stake is your very soul!

1. The Terms of Being Responsible

• The Principle of “Total Disclosure”
To Deny yourself…
Not just possessions or positions
It is the right to rule our own lives
• The Principle of “Replacement Value”
Take up your Cross
Your Cross is not bad health, bad kids, bad finances, etc…
Your Cross is to live as dead, not to turn around, it is for keeps!
• The Principle of “Follow the Leader”
Following is not a one time event
Following is a day by day decision

2. The Terms of Being Realistic

• Profit is a part of life
You need to know the risk involved in any investment
The Capital is what you put up for the investment
What is a bigger gain than the whole world? Most people what it all!
• Loss is a part of life
Loss can come in a number of ways…
Family, friends, finances, etc…
This loss is your soul to Hell!
• Exchange is a part of life
What would you trade for your soul?
What kind of deal would you make to exchange your soul for something?
Have you intentional made a bad trade?
The worst deal is dead even trade

3. The Terms of Being Rewarded

• The terms of Christ are non-negotiable and non-degradable
• The terms of Christ are guaranteed and backed by God’s Glory
• The terms of Christ are specific and never mistaken
Where is your discipleship taking you this morning?