The Danger Of Getting What You Want

Bible Book: 1 Samuel  8 : 4-22
Subject: Will of God; Decisions

Ben Franklin said: “If a man could have half of his wishes, he would double his troubles.”

What we want should always honor God! In our passage today, we note that the people came to Samuel with a request that God had always answered. They requested a leader; however, they wanted a leader their own way. The people were requesting a king – a king would make them like the nations around them. This, however, was not God’s will for them.

Have you ever wanted something that was not God’s will for you? Did you get it? Were you happy when you got it? If it was out of God’s will, it cannot possibly work out best for you. In all likelihood you ended up wondering why on earth you went after something without God’s approval.

Let’s look today at the danger of wanting something that God has not approved. It is dangerous when you go to God and….

I. It is Dangerous when Your Mind is Made up before You Pray

It is dangerous when you are willing to see what you believe, regardless of what you see! You mind is already made up before your request is made. Look at the excuses the people gave to Samuel when they asked for a king.

A. A Physical Excuse

Samuel was getting older, he they knew he would not last forever. Part of their excuse was that they wanted the matter settled before God told them what to do. Let me share something with you – it is dangerous to get ahead of God!!!

B. The Faithful Excuse

It was obvious to everyone that Samuel’s sons were not faithful to God. The people knew that the lifestyle of these sons would not qualify them to serve as leaders of the people. In other words, they were figuring things out for God before God led them in His own way. Sure, there are things you can see and you know trouble is coming. But, if you get to anxious, and don’t wait on God, you can short- circuit what God has planned for you. That is what the people did in this case.

C. The Social Excuse

The people wanted to be socially acceptable. They wanted to “look” like the rest of the world. Just think of how many believers get into trouble because they want to look like their neighbors. Many people buy things they can afford, with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t even like! Witness the financial situation we are in today!

Many teenagers get into drugs and alcohol because they want to be accepted. They engage in risqué behavior because they think it is okay – after all, the movies, the music, the books, and the world in general, present these things as okay.

They people wanted a king in Israel because everyone else had a king. They wanted to be socially acceptable. It was a terrible mistake.

Before I go on, let me share something with you. God will often give you what you ask for even when it is wrong. Why? He does this because you are a moral being. He made you to make choices. You choose to serve Him or rebel against Him. You choose to accept His Son as your Savior or you choose your own path to destruction. You must be careful about the decisions you make and the things you ask for. You may get what you want but you may not want it after you get it. Be sure you are praying in God's will..

II. It is Dangerous when Your Feelings Make up your Mind Before You Pray

“But the thing displeased Samuel…”

A. Note Samuel’s Passion

1. Samuel was Angry Personally

Samuel felt betrayed and outdated because of the people’s request. It was a person affront to him. Do not be surprised as a servant of God when people do not treat you as you should be treated. Yes, you will become angry at times, but it is important to note how Samuel handled it.

Note that ...

2. Samuel was Angry Professionally

“Displeased” means to “see the evil in something.” The desire of the nation was to leave the presence and power of God. It upset Samuel, but he did not let his feelings rule his actions. The people were acting on their emotions; however, I want you to pay close attention to what Samuel did. You see, we are not to allow perseonal feelings to overrule God's leadership in our lives. Be Bible says in one place, "Be angry and sin not!" Never allow emotions to overrule God's direction and leadership in your life.

B. Note Samuel’s Prayer

How did Samuel “act out” his feelings?

1. He Prayed Promptly

He prayed because he was taught to pray.

His mother taught him to pray

Eli talked to him about prayer

But what really changed his life was when he was committed to prayer in his own life. Samuel made prayer a lifelong experience and his blessed his entire life.

Prayer worked for revival of the people: 1 Samuel 7:5

Prayer worked for personal direction: 1 Samuel 8:6

Prayer worked for punishment of the people: 1 Samuel 12:17-19

Undisciplined emotion will remove God’s peace and joy from your life. One way to discpline your emotions is to take everything to God in prayer and let His peace rule in your life.

2. He listened personally

God told him what to do, and he followed God’s plan instead of his own. God does speak to His children. He speaks through His Word, but through His Spirit He will guide you and make your way clear.

To Honor God with your wants…

III. It is Delightful to Allow God’s Spirit to Guide You

You must be willing to allow God’s Spirit to Guide you.

A. Allow God to Guide you Regardless of what you See
B. Allow God to Guide you Regardless of how you Feel

1. Consult God’s Counsel

2. Count the Cost

2. Commit you way to the Lord