William F. Harrell

William F. Harrell
William F. Harrell
Abilene Baptist Church
P.O. Box 204167
Augusta, GA30917

Rev. William (Bill) F. Harrell is Senior Pastor of Abilene Baptist Church, Augusta, Georgia, where he has served since 1981. The church has grown to 2,700 members under his leadership. He previously served as Pastor at First Baptist, Metter, Georgia. His current sermons can be heard in streaming audio at www.Abilene1774.org. Logon and hear his sermons, or find his sermons at pastorlife.com.

Bill Harrell has been very active in the affairs of the Southern Baptist Convention. He has served on the The Executive Committee of the GBC, The Executive Committee of the SBC, Vice President of the GBC, and many other positions. In addition, he currently serves as Chairman of the SBC Executive Committee. He initiated and planned the first Preaching Conference for the GBC in 1991. He has written articles for the Southern Baptist Convention Historical Committee and for the Christian Index.

He graduated with honors from Abraham Baldwin College and Valdosta State College. He is also a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he holds a Masters in Theological Studies degree. Bill married Carolyn, his high school sweetheart, in 1962 and they have three children.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Donning The Royal Robe 1 Corinthians  15 :50-58 Christ, Return of
Safe And Secure In Christ 1 Peter  4 :7-11 Spiritual Gifts; Return of Christ; Judgment; Christian Living
Being Saved from this Crooked Generation Acts  2 :41-47 Salvation; Church; Christian Living
Bait! Ephesians  6 :11 Temptation; America; Sin, Power of; Satan
Dethroning and Enthroning Galatians  2 :20 Conviction; Repentance; Salvation; Self Versus the Savior
The Central Figure in the Spiritual Battle Hebrews  1 :1-3 Jesus; Spiritual Warfare
Above Thy Fellows (Outline) Hebrews  1 :4-14 Jesus, Greatest of
The Crossroad of Faith Hebrews  2 :1-4 Faith
Perfect for the Task Hebrews  2 :5-14
Devastating Affect of Unbelief Hebrews  3 :1-19 Unbelief; Faith, Lack of
Boldly to the Throne of Grace Hebrews  4 :9-16 Prayer; Salvation; Jesus, Openness of
A Healthy Diet - Milk Shakes or Beef Steaks (Outline) Hebrews  5 :11-14 Hunger; Bible, Desire for
Go On To Perfection Hebrews  6 :1-6 Christian Living; Perfection; Godliness
Nothing Else Can Be Done Hebrews  10 :18 Judgment; Salvation; Death; Forgiveness; Resurrection
How To Live By Faith Hebrews  11 :4-6 Faith; How to Live By Fiath; Christian Living
How To Please God Hebrews  11 :4-6 Faith
The Unshakeable Kingdom Hebrews  12 :25-29 Kingdom of God; Foundation, Solid
The Purpose of God's Chastisement (Outline) Hebrews  12 :3-11 Chastisement
Just One Inch Isaiah  59 :2 Sin, Danger of; Repentance
The Way God Works (Outline) John  5 :24 God, Ways of; Eternal Life; Salvation
The Battle for the Soul of America Joshua  24 :15 America; Independence Day; Trust in God
Faith And Authority Luke  7 :1-8 Faith; Power of God
My Redeemer Liveth Luke  23 :33-43 Easter; Resurrection; Life; Salvation
Something That Can't Be Covered Matthew  12 :31-32 Sin, The Unforgiveable; Salvation; Forgiveness
Called Out Ones Matthew  16 :18 Church
Just Suppose Matthew  18 :22-26 Works; Salvation; Human Effort
Eloquent Good News Romans  1 :1-8 The Good News; Jesus, our Lord
God's Navigation System To Eternal Life Romans  3 :23 Eternal Life; Roman Road; Salvation; Witnessing
The Heart Of God's Redemptive Work Romans  6 :1-11 Victorious Christian Living; Cross; Death of Christ
The Natural Man and Sin Romans  7 :7-13 Sin; Natural Man, The;
The Most Important Business in the World Romans  10 :1-21 Witnessing; Evangelism; Burden for the Lost
The Necessity of a Changed Life Romans  12 :1-2 New Birth; Commitment; Changed Life; Purpose
God's Unconditional Guarantee Romans  12 :1-4 Holiness; Faith; Trust
Conformed To His Image Selected Passages  Conformed; Transformation; Christian Living; Obedience
Deep Water Blessings Selected Passages  Spiritual Fullness; Victory
God's GPS for Salvation Selected Passages  Salvation
Oh Unholy Night Selected Passages  Halloween; Satanism; Witchcraft
Sounding Too Good To Be True Selected Passages  Truth; Judgment; Danger of Disbelief
The Blood of Jesus and What It Does Selected Passages  Blood of Jesus

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