A Healthy Diet - Milk Shakes or Beef Steaks (Outline)

Bible Book: Hebrews  5 : 11-14
Subject: Hunger; Bible, Desire for
Series: Hebrews

One of the most important things a person can do according to the nutritional experts is to eat a proper diet. A proper balance from the four food types is essential to proper health and will lead to a longer and more enjoyable life. This is not only true in the physical world, but it is even more true in the spiritual world. That is why the Apostle Paul takes the time to paint a picture for us concerning this issue.

Most Christians do not eat the proper spiritual diet. They eat a lot of junk food….stuff which does them no good but which gives them the feeling of fullness. It somehow satisfies them on a shallow level. In fact, most Christians never get beyond the most elemental food we have and that is milk. God did not intend for us to stay with the milk even if we try to make milkshakes out of it. He has a reason for starting us out there, but He does not want us to stay there long. Just think how odd it would be for a grown person to still be taking a bottle or consuming nothing more than milk. We would all think that person to be rather odd. Well, odd Christians are the result of never going on to the proper diet which will mature you and make you spiritually healthy.

So often, when a person comes to me with a question concerning scripture, my initial reaction is: What? Have you been a Christian as long as you have and you don't know the

answer to that question? So often, Scriptural questions are asked which are at a grade-school level and I am mystified as to why they are not able to discern the situation any better than they can. I think it is because most people are satisfied with milk-shakes and not beef-steaks.

Hebrews 5:11-14 addresses this problem which is so prevalent in the church of today.

I. Drinkers of Milk Shakes…v. 11-13

Dull of hearing speaks of being lazy, sluggish and difficult to explain things to…"hard to be uttered"

Drinking Milk

First principles….forgotten…v.12.

Unskillful in the Bible….v. 13

Babe…immature…v. 13

II. Lovers of Beef Steaks….v. 14

Of full age…"brought to God's goal"

Senses exercised by use….



Are you a person who needs to confess Christ so that you can live the Christian life. You can start out on milk but you should not stay there.

Are you a person who has been a Christian for years but who has never gone beyond Milk Shakes? You need to deepen your relationship with the Lord and you do that through His Word.