Perfect for the Task

Bible Book: Hebrews  2 : 5-14
Series: Hebrews

This section of Hebrews gives us some very valuable information concerning the "spiritual mechanics" of redemption. Redemption is far more involved than the average person would ever believe, and that is why it should never be taken lightly or treated carelessly. In salvation, God is taking man from where he was to where God wants him to be. That is profound. Our scripture today talks about just such a thing as this. It begins with where man is and what God has given him. It then takes us logically through the work of Jesus to the perfection of God's creation. If Christians of today would stop long enough to investigate this action and then take it seriously, it would transform their relationship to the Lord and to His Church which is His body.

Let's take this spiritual journey today and learn to appreciate more fully the work of God in our behalf.

I. The Position of Man…v. 5-8…

Man is God's crown of creation. A little lower than the Angels in created order. He has been given authority. He will, one day have everything under his feet, but it is not so right now. This is quite different from what the sinful world would have you believe.

Some are saying that animal life is as precious as human life…that we deserve no special treatment. We are the only created thing which will intentionally destroy itself. Even animals look out for themselves and their progeny.

Man is in a mess today, but one day, those who belong to God through Jesus will have total dominion. If God is going to use the church of today to bring about His purposes, then some vast improvements will have to be made.

II. The Preparation of Jesus…v. 9-13.

Angels don't die….they can't suffer death. Death does not touch heaven…it is an earthly phenomenon. Redemption had to take place here where the crime against God happened. But, who from down here can do it? v. 9 says…."But we see (look to) Jesus..

So, if He is heavenly, then what must happen?….He must assume a lower position. Our position, which is a little lower than the Angels. This is done so that he can taste death which cannot happen in heaven…v.9b. v.10…says…"it "became" Him…to be made perfect through sufferings. Jesus could not die for us unless and until he was given an inferior position which was less than he originally was. He could only die while being in the human condition. And he could only redeem humans because He had assumed our position in the created order of things.

III. The Purpose of Our Savior…v. 14-18.

v. 17-18….Four Things…

Made like His Bretheren….

He was a faithful High Priest…

He made reconciliation for sins.

He offers help with daily living.

Temptation is the genesis for sin. Jesus helps us with it also and He can because he suffered with it just like we do. He was one of us.


The writer of Hebrews gives us a complete picture of God redemptive work through Jesus Christ…the one and only sacrifice for our sins that God will accept.