The Award For The Most Dangerous Member In The Church

Bible Book: James  3 : 1-12
Subject: Tongue
Editor’s Note

(Editor’s Note: The sermon delivered by Dr. Hefner at FBC, Cherryville, N.C. began with a drama. Since the Academy Awards were taking place in California that evening, Dr. Hefner decided to use the interest in this event to capture the attention of the people in worship. The drama involved playing Gone With The Wind, with a man and woman dressed in formal clothes appearing on the platform with a spotlight on them. They announced, “We are here to give the academy’s award to ‘The Most Dangerous Member In The Church.’” A drum roll followed as they slowly opened the envelope. “And the winner for the Most Dangerous Member In The Church is: THE TONGUE.” The pastor then came to the platform to deliver the following sermon. This is merely the outline of that sermon)


Is this an award you would want to win? (Hold up trophy) Since this subject is in everyone’s mouth, it refers to all of us! Even though the tongue is small, it must be handled with Extreme Care!

A known gossip came forward in a church service and admitted that she misused her tongue and speech and that it dishonored God and hurt others. She said to the preacher, “I want to place my tongue on the altar for the Lord.”

The preacher turned to look at the altar table, which was about 4 feet wide, and then he turned to the lady to say, “Well, I don’t think the altar table will hold your tongue, but put what you can of it on there!”

What does James tell us about “The Most Dangerous Member?”

I. The Challenge of the Tongue

The tongue has carries a GREAT influence even though it is a small member of the human body.

It is compared to the bit in a horse’s mouth. The small bit can turn a massive animal in any direction.

It is compared to the rudder on a ship. A giant ship can be turned by a comparatively small thing called a rudder.

It is compared to a spark that creates a forest fire. A tiny spark can destroy a massive forest of trees and flora.

If you don’t control your tongue, it WILL control you!

If you don’t control your tongue, it WILL consume you!

II. The Contamination from the Tongue

Wrong words used at the wrong time will produce the wrong results

Freedom of speech is not freedom for filth through our speech, especially by Christians!

Freedom of speech is not freedom for creating a fire, especially when it hurts others!

Freedom of speech is not freedom for fighting, especially between believers.

Freedom of speech is not freedom for fickleness, especially when it involves the Christian using his or her tongue to praise God and then to curse God.

III. The Control For the Tongue

Is it possible to control the tongue?

You can tame an animal. You can tame a fire. Just don’t turn your back on either one!

How do you control your tongue? It starts with the heart!

“Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips. Incline not my heart to any evil thing.” Psalm 141:34

Warren Wiersbe shared 12 Words that can change your life. Think about these words today:


“Thank You”

“I’m Sorry”

“I Love You”

“I’m Praying for You”

When you talk to God about people, then you can talk to people about God. Will your words control your deeds, or will your deeds control your words?

The most important words you can speak are words of confession and profession to God. Confess your sins to Him and profess Jesus as Lord and Savior today. But, all of us can make a new a deeper commitment to use our tongues to honor the Lord and bless others.