The Crossroad of Faith

Bible Book: Hebrews  2 : 1-4
Subject: Faith
Series: Hebrews

A famous sports figure once said, "When you come to a fork in the road,…take it." Of course that little piece of advice is comical and absurd at the same time, but it demonstrates just how inept human beings are at choosing the right path when the correct thing to do is so evidently presented. Over the years I have observed that when many people come to a cross road in life where there is an obvious wrong and an obvious right, they will choose the wrong turn every time. It seems that there is something which keeps them from seeing the obvious.

Our passage in Hebrews which we will be examining today speaks of just such a situation. The writer is saying to that it is as obvious as the nose on your face what should be done. He brings us to the Cross road of faith and presents us with a decision. It is the most important decision a person will ever make and they don't need to blow it. That is why Paul spent so much time in the first chapter laying the foundation of who Jesus is before he brought us to the cross road of faith.

Let's examine closely this most profound passage of scripture which contain some warnings for us.

I. The Necessity of the Message…v. 1

Ought to give….ought….dei…necessity established by the council and decree of God. Especially that purpose which relates to the salvation of men through Jesus Christ as revealed in the O.T. prophecies.

This is not an option….it is an imperative.

More earnest heed…prosecho…to bring a ship to land…to just touch the land. It requires great skill to keep from destroying the ship.

Slip….to glide by….carelessly. We must never treat that which we have heard about Jesus carelessly and neglectfully not doing anything about them.

God brings us to a point of decision and action when we are confronted with Jesus Christ. To hear the message and information time and again and fail to act on it is what Paul calls drifting by carelessly. How can man drift carelessly by that which has cost God so much?

II. The Certainty of God's Judgment…v.2.

The little word "for" is saying…."Now here's why you can't let things slip."

"if"…ameleo…1st class…means "it is so."….

"steadfast"….bebaios…stable, firm, sure…trusty.

The law is in view here. It always produced a "recompense of reward". Every transgression (crossing of the line) and disobedience ( refusal to hear) was judged and paid back in like kind. The law dealt with justice in relation to what a person had done. It was just…but…it was legal. It was justice.

What we need is not justice but mercy, and that is what God offers in Jesus and that is why He is so much better than the law.

III. The Hopelessness of Rejection..v. 3-4

The pertinent question…."How shall we escape if we reject so great salvation?" That is the driving question of all time….."How do you plan to escape the righteous judgment of God if you neglect Jesus?"

"escape"…ekpheugo…to flee out…to seek safety in flight."

Where is one going to fly to? Where are they going to go?….flight to where?

"neglect"….ameleo…means to make light of and/or to be careless…

Look at verse 4…It is so important that God Himself bore witness through….

signs and wonders…(Jews)


gifts of the Holy Spirit…(Christians).


If God Himself bore witness to what He has done through Jesus Christ then He expects us to respond to it. His witness is the final and most grand seal of approval. Just remember…there is a retorical answer to the question…"How shall we escape if we

neglect so great salvation" and the answer is

"There is no way to escape." I urge and encourage you to listen to the witness of the O.T. prophets….listen to the witness of those who saw, experienced and heard Jesus…look at the witness of God's recompensing judgment on sin and observe closely how God Himself bears witness daily as He brings you to the Crossroad of Faith.