Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall!

Bible Book: James  1 : 19-27
Subject: Religion, Pure

How can you tell the “Real Deal” in Christianity? Through Attendance? How many times you come to Church? Through Possessions? What size Bible do you carry? An electronic device? Through Appearance? Does you clothing define your commitment to Christ?

Most of these factors are attributed to culture and cultural changes!

What does James say about “Pure and Genuine religion,” or the Real Deal?

Don’t Deceive Yourself

Most counterfeits are designed to deceive others
James is talking about not deceiving yourself
James is talking about not disqualifying yourself, your life being worthless
James is talking about not being disgusting to others in language and actions

I. Don’t Overlook Yourself

To be the “Real Deal” you have “Real Needs!”

A. Quick to Listen…

What are you quick to hear? Gossip? Bad News? Schemes?

Listen to God’s Word when you read it

B. Slow to Speak…

Remember, two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you talk!

C. Slow to Get Angry…

What’s the difference between not doing something, doing it slow or fast?

When you go “slower,” you can see the scenery better.  Take it all in before speaking. You go too fast you will miss something

II. Don’t Fall in Love with Yourself

The use of a mirror is helpful, unless you think you get better looking each day!

When the Bible is your mirror, you will be able to see…

A. Your ears as tools to take in good things
B. Your eyes to see the Hand of God in your life
C. Your tongue to say “Ahh…I’m going to honor God with this tongue!”
D. Your nose to stay out of other peoples business!

III. Don’t Overlook Others

A. Care for the helpless, seeing to their needs
B. Refuse to allow the world to tell you otherwise!

Most importantly, fall in love with Jesus and how that love to others in all you say and all you do. If you care like Jesus card for others, and share like Jesus shared with others, and dare like Jesus dared to obey the Father, you will have pure and genuine religion!