The Possibilities Of Prevailing Prayer

Bible Book: Philemon  1 : 22
Subject: Powerful Prayer; Prayer, Possibilities of
Series: Postcards from Prison

I. The Expression of Prevailing Prayer - The Request of It

In the word of God we are encouraged to become people of much prayer, not just throwing up platitudes towards heaven, but real heart felt heaven moving prayer. If the believer could ever grasp the seriousness and strategy of prayer we could turn this world upside down and battle hell with a water pistol.

A. The Specific Desire

James 4:2-3 (KJV) “Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.”

The writer in James places great emphasis upon us praying with specific desires. We need not waste our time or the time of God in vain babblings. The real prayer warrior will pray intentional prayers. It is a fact that prayer can and has moved heaven; we have witnessed it many times.

1. - Abraham prevailed in praying for the protection of Sodom.
2. - Hannah prevailed in asking God to give her a son.
3. - Jacob prevailed in wrestling with God.
4. - Moses prevailed in stopping god from destroying Israel.
5. - Esther prevailed in moving God to protect Israel from Haman.
6. - Jonah prevailed in getting God to preserve his life.
7. - Paul prevailed in getting forgiveness for Onesimus.
B. The Special Direction

Hebrews 4:16 (KJV), “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”

In praying we are to boldly go the throne of grace, this is a blessed wonderful privilege, one not to be taken lightly. The direction of our prayer is heavenward and if we purposely direct our prayers to heaven, we can then get heavenly results. In intentionally offering up prayers that we expect to see answered, we can excitedly wait for movement in heaven.

II. The Expectancy of Prevailing Prayer -The Reassurance of It

The prevailing prayer refuses to allow faithlessness to creep into his prayer closet. The prevailing prayer warrior has inward reassurance that God should and will answer his prayers. The prevailing prayer warrior does not have to meekly crawl into his prayer closet; no he can boldly march in and ask for heavens approval. The prayers of Paul were along these lines, he fully expected God to release him for his chains.

A. Expectant Prayer that Moves the Heart of God

Paul reassured Philemon that he believed that God was going to answer their prayers and his release was pending not on the approval of Rome, but of God. The prayer that is offered hesitantly in unbelief is a prayer that should have never been uttered or offered. The purpose of prevailing prayer is to:

1. - Receive Heavenly Approval & Backing
2. - Receive Heavenly Action & Benefits
B. Expectant Prayer that Maneuvers the Hand of God

The delight of heavenly prayer is that we can actually move the hand of God in human affairs. I have no greater resource than the resource of prevailing prayer. The prayer warrior should get extremely excited in asking God to move in his life. The prayer that Paul’s brethren had been asking in his behalf; were only waiting for the hand of God to move, and then Paul would be released.

III. The Extremity of Prevailing Prayer - The Reach of It

It seemed as if the Roman government had full rights to the life of Paul and he may have been facing death face to face. The fact is that as the brethren prayed for the release of Paul, their appeal was higher than the Roman government. The reach of prayer exceeds any venue that earth has to offer. The prayer warrior is one of the most extreme agendas that a person could ever attempt to do. We live in a day of extremist, we see it in all areas of our life, we must not forget that prevailing prayer is as extreme as it can get, in it we move the hand of God. A simple human being gets the attention and approval of God, wow!

A. The Improbable Reaches of Prevailing Prayer

In being attentive to extreme praying we can attempt to overcome the hard cases of life. The bible is filled with story after story of this happening. The prayer warrior can attempt to see the improbable. In this case Paul’s brethren were asking God to allow Paul to come back to their house. Prevailing prayer looks past the circumstances that seem improbable.

B. The Impossible Reaches of Prevailing Prayer

It is amazing to see prayer warriors that can pray and move God to overcome the impossible. This is why God affords us the opportunity to boldly enter into the heavenly throne room and lay our petitions before him. I believe that God delights in the prayers of his precious children.

1. - Prevailing Prayer Boldly Enters - The presence of prayer
2. - Prevailing Prayer Boldly Explains - The petition of prayer
3. - Prevailing Prayer Boldly Expects - The purpose of prayer

IV. The Experts of Prevailing Prayer - The Record of It

In life many of us have encountered answered prayer. I dare say that the world is full of experts that know how to move heaven.

A. Some Have Experienced the Holy Glory Of It

It is a blessed experience for us to have our prayers approved of God. It is awesome to see the glory of a prayer that has prevailed.

B. Some Have Experienced the Helping Goodness of It

In all actuality it is the good hand of God that answers our prayers. Paul knew that he needed the goodness of God to produce his release.

V. The Examples of Prevailing Prayer - the Results Of It

I believe that we should make much of answered prayer. The results of prevailing prayer should be made know.

A. Answered Prayer is a Truth

The greatest truth that one could ever tell is that God has heard and answered our prayers. We should make much of sharing our story of answered and prevailing prayer. The believer should boldly share his story.

B. Answered Prayer is a Testimony

One can never have a greater testimony than one that declares that God has answered has answered his prayer.

Paul fully believed that God was going to move on the behalf of the prayers offer up by his brethren. Let us make much of prayer that prevails.