Donald Cantrell

Donald Cantrell
Donald Cantrell
Antioch Baptist Church
Antioch Baptist Church
1205 Antioch Drive
Dalton, GA30721

Donald Cantrell is pastor at Antioch Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia. Prior to that he was pastor at Cool Springs Baptist Church, Chatsworth, Georgia.

Donald has been preaching for 29 years (as of 2009) and has ministered in churches affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention for all of those years.

He specializes in alliterated, expository sermon preparation and is in the process of completing a set of Bible Commentaries entitled, "Cantrell's Alliterated Bible Commentaries." He is also in the final stages of completing his Doctorate Degree with the Center For Expository Bible Preparation.

He is married to his wife Denise and they have one daughter, Whitney. The "ruler" of their home is a 3 year old miniature Chocolate Poodle, Coco.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Praying for those in Authority 1 Timothy  2 :1-4 Prayer; Praying for those in Authority; Leaders, Praying for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 2 Corinthians  5 :10 Judgment; Bema Seat
Seven Traits of Excellence 2 Peter  1 :1-15 Holy Living; Christian Living; Excellence, Christian
Left Behind 2 Thessalonians  2 :1-3 Rapture; Jesus, Return of; End Times
Who Should Pray Acts  1 :12-15 Prayer; Prayer Meeting
Something Happens When Churches Pray Acts  1 :14-26 Prayer; Prayer Meeting
The Holy Spirit and Prayer Acts  2 :1-4 Prayer; Prayer Meeting; Holy Spirit and Prayer
Prayer and the New Christian Acts  2 :41-42 Prayer; Christian, New; Prayer Meeting
The Word of God and Prayer Must be a Priority Acts  6 :1-7 Prayer; Deacons; Leadership and Prayer; Ministry and Prayer
Prayer and Open Doors Acts  10 Prayer
Prayer and the Key Christian Acts  11 :1-12 Prayer; Christian Prayer Life
Prayer and Closed Doors Acts  12 :1-18 Prayer
Prayer and a Lost World Acts  13 Prayer; Lost, Prayering for
It's Time for a Change Colossians  3 :1-17 Renewal; Christian Living; Commitment
Lessons from a Limper (Outline) Genesis  32 :22-32 Submission; God, Wrestling with
The Great Switch Genesis  48 :1-19 Church; Grafted into Christ; Blood of Christ; Substitutionary Death
Death - The Door into Eternity Genesis  49 :29-33 Death; Victory of Death; Salvation; Eternity; Resurrection
Church Attendance and the Modern Day Christian Hebrews  10 :25 Church Attendance; Attendance, Church; Faithfulness
The Silent Killer - Bitterness (Outline) Hebrews  12 :14-15 Bitterness; Anger; Hatred
Living in the Stone Age John  8 :1-11 Forgiveness; Judgment; Grace
Bethlehem's Best - The Shepherd's Story Luke  2 :8-20 Shepherds; Bethlehem; Jesus, Birth of; Christmas
Dwelling in the Land of Desperation Luke  8 :41-56 Desperation; Trouble; Hardship; Deliverance
Debilitating Disease Mark  5 :25-34 Healing; Disease; Depression; Jesus, Healing by
Bethlehem's Blessing - The Sinners Song Matthew  1 :18-25 Bethlehem; Jesus, Birth of; Salvation; Christmas
Bethlehem's Banner - The Stars Song Matthew  2 :1-12 Star of Christmas; Christmas Star; Bethlehem; Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
Bethlehem's Brightest - The Seekers Song Matthew  2 :1-12 Christmas; Seekers, Jesus; Bethlehem; Jesus, Birth of
The Model Prayer - Our Request Matthew  6 :11-14 Prayer, Lord's Prayer; Model Prayer
Fasting and the Modern Day Christian Matthew  6 :16-18 Fasting; Commitment; Self denial
The Modern Day Christian and Prayer Matthew  6 :5 Prayer; Christian, Modern
The Model Prayer - Our Relationships Matthew  6 :9 Prayer, Lord's Prayer; Model Prayer
The Model Prayer - Our Responsibility Matthew  6 :9-10 Prayer, Lord's Prayer; Model Prayer
Bethlehem's Babe - The Savior's Song Micah  5 :2 Bethlehem; Jesus, Birth of; Christmas
Postcards From Paradise Philemon  Philemon
The Prisoner of God's Love Philemon  Trust; Love; Servant
The Product Of Saving Grace Philemon  1 :11-14 Salvation; Saving Grace: Philemon
The Passion Of One's Friendship Philemon  1 :1-5 Friendship; Brothers in Christ; Fellowship of Believers
The Purity Of Brotherly Love Philemon  1 :15-17 Brotherly Love; Christian Living; Philemon
The Portrait Of Free Salvation Philemon  1 :18-20 Salvation; Sin; Forgiveness
The Possibilities Of Prevailing Prayer Philemon  1 :22 Powerful Prayer; Prayer, Possibilities of
The Pleasure Of Dedicated Disciples Philemon  1 :23-25 Discipleship; Christian Living; Fellowship; Service
The Picture of Real Church Philemon  1 :2-7 Church Life; Christian Living; Philemon
The Plea Of Christian Forgiveness Philemon  1 :8-10 Forgiveness; Philemon; Christian Living
Guilty, No Appeal, and No Acquittal Revelation  20 :11-15 Judgment, Great White Throne; Guilt
Ruth - Introduction Ruth  1 Ruth
Desertion in Moving to Moab Ruth  1 :1-5 Backsliding; Disobedience; Worldliness
Facing Danger in Moab Ruth  1 :1-5 Backsliding
Depression in Naming a Name Ruth  1 :19-22 Decisions; Will, God's
Desperation in Facing their Funerals Ruth  1 :6-18 Death; Bereavement; Commitment
Landing in the Right Fold Ruth  2 :10-23 God, Hand of; Will of God
Looking for the Right Field Ruth  2 :1-9 Will of God; God, Leadership of; Purpose
The Mighty Boaz That Supplied Redemption Ruth  3 :10-18 Redemption; Salvation, Price of; Boaz
The Moabitesh Beauty That Sought Redemption Ruth  3 :1-9 Seeker; Redemption
The Big Finish of Boaz Ruth  4 :1-13 Redeemer, Kinsman; Salvation, Price of
The Bright Future of Bethlehem Ruth  4 :14-22 Heritage; Family, Christian
50 Sermon Outlines - Volume 2 Selected Passages  Sermon Outlines
50 Sermon Outlines - Volume 3 Selected Passages  Sermon Outlines
50 Sermon Outlines Volume 1 Selected Passages  Sermon Outlines
Home Selected Passages  Heaven
Taken Selected Passages  Rapture; Return of Christ
The Greatest IF in the World Selected Passages  Death; Eternal Life
The Power of a Prayer Meeting Selected Passages  Prayer; Power in Prayer
Heavenly Hope for Preserved People Titus  1 :2 Eternal Security; Hope; Salvation
Glorious Grace For Sinful Souls Titus  2 :11-12 Grace of God
Sound Strategy For Senior Saints Titus  2 :1-2 Men, Aged; Men, Devoted
Becoming Behavior For Golden Gals Titus  2 :1-3 Women, Senior; Women, Godly

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