Deception Will Rob You

Bible Book: 2 John  1 : 8
Subject: Rewards; Christian Living; Deception

2 John 1:8

There are many promises made in the word of God. Five of them are found in:

  • The promised rewards
  • The crowns of Rejoicing
  • Incorruptible
  • Life
  • Righteousness and Glory.

John is describing the possibility of losing these rewards in 2 John 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. There are some people who would lead you to believe God's word isn't true. When you begin to doubt God's word it will rob you of every blessing God has promised.

I. John's Warning, Vs. 8

A. What We're To Possess, Vs. 8

Look to yourselves... vs. 8

This verse is actually translated "Look after yourself". Why would John give us such a warning? Because there are people who are more interested in power than they are in holiness. Listen! John is saying that we should possess enough knowledge to protect ourselves from those who would deceive us.

I believe most Christians know right from wrong. I believe that we should all possess enough knowledge to know it's wrong if someone tells us its ok to steal, to lie this time, to commit adultery, to rob God, to miss church, not to witness, to murder, to drink, to not forgive. I think we should see red flags all around under certain circumstances.

Listen! There's a big difference between a social club and the House of God! The House of God is a place for people to come to learn, grow spiritually and serve within and without the walls of that building, it's not a place to make socializing convenient. Look after yourself. Not only can we see what we're to possess but also what we're to protect.

B.  What We're To Protect, Vs. 8

...that we lose not those things which we have wrought... vs. 8. Satan's strategy is to steal away your rewards. John is warning us to protect that for which you've worked. The word wrought is the Greek word er-gad-zom-ahee. It means physical, mental and spiritual effort. It's in the aorist middle indicative case which means that you have actually earned credit towards this reward. The sad news here are the words ...lose not... vs. 8.

If someone's attack on God's word can make you believe your labor is in vain you lose! You protect what you've earned by continuing to believe you're doing what God called you to do. Be not deceived. Not only do we see John's warning but also John's wish.

II. John's Wish, Vs. 8

A  Promised Reception, Vs. 8

...but that we receive... vs. 8. Look carefully at the word receive. It's the Greek word apolambano and it means to take that which has been promised. John's wish was that each of us could say with Paul, For I am now ready to be offered...I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: II Timothy 4:6-7. This word has an interesting case. It's in the second aorist active subjunctive. That means based on your past (second aorist), you personally will be involved (active), in getting or losing a reward depending on the circumstances (subjunctive). We've been promised a reward!

Let's not let Satan rob us of it by disbelieving God's word or listening to Satan's lies about how unworthy we are! Or how old we are! Or how broke we are! God has promised a reward to the faithful! Not only do we see a promised reception but also a promised reward.

B. A Promised Reward, Vs. 8

...a full reward., vs. 8. The phrase full reward means the entire reward that God has for us. All believers will be rewarded with heaven as our home and Christ in our presence but there's so much more to be gotten. Satan, the deceiver, will tell you if you just make it that will be more than you deserve and that's true! But John wishes for us to receive more!


There's so much to heaven we can't begin imagine what we'll be losing! I don't know of a soul on this planet that if offered more of certain things wouldn't take it whether its money, goods, health, or life itself, we want more. John says watch the deceiver, guard your work, protect your reward!