Kenneth Hendricks

Kenneth Hendricks
Kenneth Hendricks
Woodlawn Baptist Church
3512 Virginia Street
Hopewell, VA23860

Reverend Kenneth Hendricks has been the Senior Pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church in Hopewell, Virginia for thirteen years. He has pastored Southern Baptist churches for over twenty-five years. Three times, under the leadership of Pastor Hendricks, Woodlawn Baptist Church was recognized by the Billy Graham School of Evangelism as being in the top 3% of the most evangelistic churches in the nation and by Southern Seminary for outstanding evangelistic achievement. In 2003 Woodlawn Baptist was nominated for the Charles Haddon Spurgeon Outstanding Church Award and was mentioned in Thom Rainer's book Real Evangelism.

He received his BA from Luther Rice Seminary in Georgia. He is also a graduate of Southeastern Seminary.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Getting Ahead in the New Year 1 Corinthians  15 :58 New Year; Christian Living; Living, Victorious
A Letter From John 2 John  Christian Living; the Church
The Power Of The Bible 2 John  Bible; God's Word, Power of
The Salutation 2 John  Church; Church Affiliation; Christian Living
Don't Open The Door 2 John  1 :10 False Teachers
The Wrong Fellowship 2 John  1 :11 False Prophets; Christian Living
Another Name for the Holy Spirit 2 John  1 :2 Truth; Holy Spirit
John's Prayer for the Church 2 John  1 :3 Christian Living; Prayer
A Joyful Observation 2 John  1 :4 Obedience; Christian Living
The Virgin Birth 2 John  1 :7 Christ, Birth of; Virgin Birth; Forgiveness
Deception Will Rob You 2 John  1 :8 Rewards; Christian Living; Deception
Nothing New 2 John  2 :1-5 Christian Living; Christian Love
And This Is Love 2 John  2 :1-6 Christian Living; Christian Love
A Personal Note To Believers 3 John  Christian Living; Personal Involvement
A Praiseworthy Form Of Hospitality 3 John  Christian Living; Appreciation; Hospitality; Kindness; Friendly
A Refreshing Friend 3 John  Christian Living; Christian Friendship
Identifying A Brother 3 John  Christian Living; Christian Love
Our Dependence On God 3 John  Evangelism; Missions
Prayer For Our Brethren 3 John  Christian Living; Prayer
Saying Goodbye To A Good Friend 3 John  Christian Living; Prayer
Sheep Or Goat? Wheat Or Tare? 3 John  Christian Living; True Christianity
The Love of Power 3 John  Christian Living; Evil Influences
True Friendship 3 John  Christian Living; Christian Friendship
A Soul Winner's Joy 3 John  1 :1-4 Evangelism; Soul Winning; Christian Joy
No Greater Joy 3 John  1 :3 Christian Living; Joy
Loving Service 3 John  1 :6 Christian Living; Christian Service
Building A Memory 3 John  3 :1-10 Christian Living; Christian Legacy
What Makes A Great Church? Acts  4 :32-34 Church
What It Takes To Be A Dad Ephesians  6 :4 Father; Parenting
Don't Lower Your Guard Exodus  14 :1-18 Faith; Faithfulness; Backsliding; Victory
Why The 10 Commandments Are Significant Today Exodus  19 :8 10 Commandments; Law, The
Strive To Honor Father and Mother Exodus  20 :12 Ten Commandments; Children Obey Parents
Thou Shalt Not Kill Exodus  20 :13 Murder; Ten Commandments
We've Just Begun - Love God First! Exodus  20 :1-3 God, Honoring; Love for God
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery Exodus  20 :14 Adultery; Ten Commandments
Thou Shalt Not Steal Exodus  20 :15 Stealing; Christian Living
What is the Truth? Exodus  20 :16 Truth; Christian Living; Lying
Thou Shalt Not Covet Exodus  20 :17 Coveting; Ten Commandments
The Idol Rule - Graven Images Aren't Nice Exodus  20 :4-6 Ten Commandments; Idols
God's Name Should Never Be Spoken In Jest Exodus  20 :7 Ten Commandments; Name, God's; Profanity
The Sabbath is for Worship and Rest Exodus  20 :8-11 Sunday; Sabbath; Ten Commandments
A Father's Testimony Genesis  19 :14-16 Fathers Day; Fathers; Christian Living
The Real Meaning of Christmas Hebrews  1 :1-3 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
The Heart of a Mother John  19 :25 Mother
The First Miracle of Christmas Luke  2 :6-11 Christmas; Birth of Christ; New Birth
Discovering Jesus Real In Your Life Luke  24 :36-53 Easter; Risen Lord; Christ, Personal
Let Freedom Ring Mark  4 :35-41 Freedom; Independence Day; America
Resolutions Again Matthew  2 :1-12 New Year Resolutions; New Year
The New Testament and the Ten Commandments Matthew  5 :17-20 Ten Commandments
Who Looked At Calvary Matthew  26 :56-58 Easter; Cross; Calvary; Fpllowers of Jesus
The Greetings Of Paul Philemon  1 Christian Love; Love, Christian
A Useful Person Philemon  1 :10 Forgiveness; Love; Kindness
The Request Of A Christian Philemon  1 :12 Christian Living; Christian Character
Using A New Convert Philemon  1 :13 Forgiveness, Christian; Discipleship
Working With Other Christians Philemon  1 :14 Love, Christian; Work, in Love
God Meant It for Good Philemon  1 :15 Attitude, Christian; Trust in God
A Brother In Christ Philemon  1 :16 Friendship in Christ; Love, Christian
The Importance of Partnerships Philemon  1 :17 Partnerships; Co-workers
A Friendly Reminder Philemon  1 :19 Encouragement; Christian Living; Forgiveness
Having Joy In The Brethren Philemon  1 :19 Joy; Church Family Joy
The Proper Greeting Philemon  1 :2 Christian Manners
Showing Confidence In A Christian Brother Philemon  1 :21 Obedience; Christian Living; Christian Love
A Subtle Reminder Philemon  1 :3 Appreciation; Gratitude; Praise
Anatomy of Paul's Prayer Philemon  1 :4 Prayer; Christian Relationships
Exhorting A Friend Philemon  1 :5 Friendship; Christian Living; Exhorting Biblically
Having A Great Witness Philemon  1 :6 Testimony; Witnessing
My Kind Of Christian Philemon  1 :7 Christian Growth; Growth
Love or Law Philemon  1 :8 Christian Authority; Love, Christian
I Am Going To Ask You To Do Something Philemon  1 :8-13 Obedience, Christian; Dedication; Endurance; Faithfulness; Love
The Secret to a Happy Life, Death and Eternity Psalms  23 :1 Christ, our Shepherd; Life, Death and Eternity; Blessed Life
A Needed Rest Psalms  23 :2 God's Provision; Rest; God's Care
How to Be Restored Psalms  23 :3 Restoration; Renewal; Psalm 23; God's Care
The Divine Presence Psalms  23 :4 Hardships; Difficulties; Peace of God, Good Shepherd
Peace in the Midst of Peril Psalms  23 :5 Jesus as Shepherd; Provisions from God; Pease of God; Protection
God Heals Our Hearts Psalms  23 :6 Provision of God; Promise from God
The Natural Responses to Thankfulness Psalms  40 :6-10 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Worship
Christmas - No Other Name Selected Passages  Christmas; Salvation; Jesus, Birth of
Wise Men Still Seek Him Selected Passages  Christmas

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