50 Sermon Outlines - Volume 3

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Volume 3

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All scripture quotations are from:

King James Version

Holy Bible

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Table of Contents


Number Sermon Title Page

1 Peace in the Midst of Perplexity 8

2 From One Star to Another 9

3 Bethlehem’s Brightest - The Seekers Song 10

4 Bethlehem’s Blessing - The Sinners Song 11

5 Bethlehem’s Banner - The Stars Song 12

6 Bethlehem’s Babe - The Savior’s Song 13

7 He is all I need 14

8 Following Sheep or Following God 15

9 Samuel’s Double Calling 16

10 Jacob’s Double Calling 17

11 Abraham’s Double Calling 18

12 Lessons on Forgiveness 19

13 Where are you going 20

14 Willing to Break our Box 21

15 Serving with a Stooper 22

16 Lessons from a Limper 23

17 The God of No Limitations 24

18 Our Unlimited God 25

19 Doing what we can 26

20 Don’t Lack Trust 27

21 Don’t Lose Heart 28

22 Don’t Let Go 29

23 The Cave of Delusion & Despair 30

24 Don’t Look Back 31

25 If Not for Grace 32

26 The Greatest Love in the World 33

27 The Greatest “If’s” in this World 34

28 Consider the Ant 35

29 Consider the Snow 36

30 Consider the Eagle 37

31 The Path of the Prodigal 38

32 The Maniac Meets the Master 39

33 Making the Transition 40

34 Hope for the Hurting 41

35 Absolute Truth 42

36 What a Difference One Day Makes 43

37 The Beauty of Being Bored 44

38 Let’s Never Forget Calvary 45

39 The Remedy for Revival 46

40 Why has the Gold Become Dim? 47

41 His Hair Begin to Grow Again 48

42 Don’t Live Ignorantly 49

43 The Beauty of Having Hope 50

44 The Excellence of Encouragement 51

45 The Modern Day Christian & Prayer 52

46 Funeral Sermon 53

47 Dwelling in the Land of Desperation – Death 54

48 Dwelling In the Land of Desperation – Disease 55

49 Discovering the Good Bents in your Children 56

50 The Wife that God Designed 57



It is with great pleasure I get to offer you these alliterated outlines. I have been doing alliterated expository sermons for over 30 years and find great satisfaction in preparing sermons.

I know we live in such busy days, especially for pastors, and even more so for Bi-Vocational ministers. Hopefully these sermons will be a useful tool as you study to design and deliver your weekly sermons.

Over the past 33 years I have had the opportunity to study homiletics at various places and read numerous homiletical materials. The greatest need I see is for ministers to find sermon material that is practical and presentable. I think you will enjoy reading this book and find that it will be useful in your sermon preparation.

If you have a passion for designing alliterated sermons, this book is for you. I have also designed some courses to help ministers to become better alliterators. If you want to check on my alliteration courses please feel free to contact me.

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Title: “Peace in the Midst of Perplexity”

Theme: “Even Joseph and Mary faced hard times”

Text: “Matthew 1: 18 -25”

I – The Tremendous Perplexity that Joseph Faced (18/25)

A) Birth that was Unexpected

B) Birth that was Unexplainable

II – The Troubling Plan that Joseph Fathomed (19)

A) Joseph’s Godly Character

B) Joseph’s Gracious Concern

III – The Timely Person that Joseph Found (20)

A) What Joseph Sought “His Mental Anguish”

B) What Joseph Saw “His Marvelous Angel”

IV – The Truthful Prophecy that Joseph Foreknew (21/23)

A) The Facts about this Birth

B) The Foresight of this Birth

V – The Treasured Peace that Joseph Felt (24/25)

A) Joseph’s Rising

B) Joseph’s Realization

Title: “From One Star to Another”

Theme: “The star in the heavens led them to the star in the house”

Text: “Matthew 2: 1 – 12”

I – The Wisemen and their Sincere Quest (1)

A) Consider their Interesting Vocation

“Their Normal Studies”

C) Consider their Interesting Vision

“Their Natural Shock”

B) Consider their Inspiring Voyage

“Their Noted Search”

II – The Wisemen and their Specific Question (2)

A) The Person they Sought “Scriptural Knowingness”

B) The Phenomena they Saw “Supernatural Keenness”

C) The Passion they Showed “Sacred Kindness”

III – The Wisemen and their Subtle Quizzer (3 – 8)

A) Herod’s Troubled Town “Decisive Worries” (3)

B) Herod’s Tested Team “Descriptive Wisdom” (4 – 6)

C) Herod’s Tainted Talk “Deceptive Words” (7 – 8)

IV – The Wisemen and their Sacred Quaking (9 – 11)

A) The Star Guided Them “Glad Rejoicing”

B) The Son Gripped Them “Great Riches”

V – The Wisemen and their Submissive Qualities (12)

A) A Night of Dreaming “Distinct Warning”

B) A Noticeable Departure “Different Way”

Title: “Bethlehem’s Brightest - The Seekers Song”

Theme: “The Wisemen set out to find the new King”

Text: “Matthew 2: 1 - 12”

I - The Wisemen & their Identification (1)

“Men of Fabulous Faith”

A) Misperception of this Group

B) Location of this Group

C) Vocation of this Group

II - The Wisemen & their Question (2/8)

“Men of Insightful Inquiry”

A) The Prophetic Word (2, Numbers 24: 17)

1 - Rising Star “Kingly Authenticity”

2 - Royal Scepter “Kingly Authority”

B) The Perplexing Worries (3 - 6)

1 - Concern of City is Noted (3)

2 - Conception of Christ is Needful (4/6)

C) The Private Wizardry (7/8)

1 - Diligence of the Stars Appearance (7)

2 - Deception of the Saviors Adoration (8)

III - The Wisemen & their Jubilation (9/10)

“Men of Gleeful Gladness”

A) Star Guided Their Journey “Precisely” (9)

B) Star Gladdened Their Joy “Passionately” (10)

IV - The Wisemen & their Adoration (11)

“Men of Thankful Treasures”

A) Wisemen Worshipfully Stooping

B) Wisemen Willfully Sharing

1 - Gold “The Royalty of Christ”

2 - Frankincense “The Divinity of Christ”

3 - Myrrh “The Humanity of Christ”

V - The Wisemen & their Transformation (12)

“Men of Certified Change”

A) Wisemen & their Disturbing Dream

B) Wisemen & their Different Departure

Title: “Bethlehem’s Blessing - The Sinners Song”

Theme: “The baby would be called Jesus, Jehovah is


Text: “Matthew 1: 18 - 25”

I - Joseph and his Present Anxiety (18/19)

“Hurt of Joseph’s Heart”

A) Issue of his Espousal & Testimony (18)

B) Influx of his Emotions & Thoughts (19)

II - Angel and his Peaceful Clarity (20/23)

“Delight of Joseph’s Dream”

A) Clarity Concerning the Seed (20)

“Word that was Helpful”

B) Clarity Concerning the Son (21)

“Word that was Insightful”

C) Clarity Concerning the Scriptures (22/23)

“Word that was Faithful”

III - Jesus and his Pronounced Superiority (24/25)

“Openness of Joseph’s Obedience”

A) Faithful Man “Course is Plainly Noted”

B) Fantastic Moment “Child is Prophetically Named”

Title: “Bethlehem’s Banner - The Stars Song”

Theme: “The star caused great joy and rejoicing”

Text: “Matthew 2: 1 - 12”

I - The Special Significance of this Star

“Redemptive Revelation & Phenomenon”

A) Journey that this Star Prompted

B) Jeopardy that this Star Provoked

C) Jealousy that this Star Produced

D) Joy that this Star Provided

II - The Sovereign Subject of this Star

“Collective Adoration & Praise”

A) Star Mobilized a Plan

B) Star Organized a People

C) Star Emphasized a Place

D) Star Symbolized a Person

III - The Scriptural Suggestion of this Star

“Interpretive Consideration & Practicality”

A) Previous Introduction of this Light

1 - Moses & the Burning Bush

2 - Light that Led Israel in the Wilderness

3 - Israel Murmuring in the Wilderness

4 - God reveals himself to Israel at Sinai

5 - Moses takes others with him up Sinai

6 - Moses on Mount Sinai

7 - Moses & the Wilderness Tabernacle

8 - Israel at Mount Horeb

9 - Solomon Dedicating the Temple

10 - Isaiah in the Temple

11 - Book of Revelation

B) Obvious Interpretation of this Light

1 - Star and its Various Myths

2 - Star and its Virtual Meaning

3 - Star and its Virtuous Majesty

C) Momentous Inspiration of this Light

Title: “Bethlehem’s Babe - The Savior’s Song”

Theme: “The real star of Bethlehem was that beautiful

babe lying in the manger”

Text: “Micah 5: 2”

I - The Frivolous Humility of Bethlehem

“Minimum Might”

A) Bethlehem’s Name & Identity

1 - Its Distinction

2 - Its Definition

B) Bethlehem’s Novelty & Inadequacy

1 - Small in Size & Population

2 - Silent in Significance & Popularity

II - The Famous History of Bethlehem

“Marvelous Moments”

A) Past Prominence

1 - Rachel was Buried there (Gen. 35: 19)

2 - Ruth was Redeemed there (Ruth 4: 10/11)

3 - David was Anointed there (I Sam. 16: 1, 13)

4 - David was Honored there (II Sam. 23: 14/17)

B) Prophetic Privileges

1 - Pronounced Seed of Divinity

“Heavens Hero”

2 - Proclaimed Seat of Royalty

“Earth’s Emancipator”

III - The Fabulous Honor of Bethlehem

“Majestic Majesty”

A) The Traits of that Little Baby Boy

B) The Treasure of that Little Baby Boy

C) The Timing of that Little Baby Boy

D) The Triumph of that Little Baby Boy

Title: “He is all I need”

Theme: “Christ is the center of Christmas”

Text: “Isaiah 9: 6”

Isa 9:6 KJV - For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

I – The Gracious Gift of Christmas “His Nature”

A) Christ was a Precious Gift “From God”

B) Christ was a Personal Gift “To Us”

C) Christ was a Precise Gift “On Time”

II – The Marvelous Man of Christmas

“His Name”

A) Christ is Amazing to the Hindered


B) Christ is Approachable to the Helpless


C) Christ is Almighty to the Hopeless

“The Mighty God”

D) Christ is Affectionate to the Hurting

“The Everlasting Father”

E) Christ is Assuring to the Heartbroken

“The Prince of Peace”

III – The Bounteous Beauty of Christmas

“His Nobility”

A) Christ Stands alone in His Name

B) Christ Stands alone in His Claims

C) Christ Stands alone in His Aim

D) Christ Stands alone in his Fame

Title: “Following Sheep or Following God?”

Theme: “The double call of Moses”

Text: “Exodus 3”

I – The Feeble Vocation (1)

II – The Fiery Visitation (2)

III – The Focused View (3)

IV – The Fearful Voice (4/6)

V – The Frustrating Vision (7/9)

VI – The Faulty Volunteer (10)

VII – The Foolish Void (11, 13)

VIII – The Final Verdict (12)

Title: “Samuels Double Calling”

Theme: “God wanted Samuel to serve him”

Text: “I Samuel 3: 1 – 21”

I – Samuel’s Call to Salvation (1 – 7)

A) Misperceptions of Salvation (John 3:7)

B) Mandate of Salvation (Romans 10: 9 – 10)

C) Mystery of Salvation

II – Samuel’s Call to Service (8 – 10)


III – Samuel’s Call to Speak (11 – 15)

IV – Samuel’s Call to Serenity (16 – 21)

Title: “Jacob’s Double Cailling”

Theme: “Lessons from Jacobs double calling”

Text: “Genesis 46: 1 – 4”

I – The Worries that Jacob Had

A) The Failures of his Heritage

1 – The Mistakes of Abraham in Egypt

2 – The Mishaps of Isaac in Egypt

B) The Fear of his Heart

1 – Jacob Remembered his Past Haste

“His Name”

2 – Jacob Remembered his Paste Hurts

“His Nature

C) The Foundation of his Hope

1 – Jacob was a Changed Man

“Consider his Aim”

2 – Jacob was a Cautious Man

“Consider his Age”

II – The Way that Jacob Honored

A) Jacob’s Sacred History “Wonderful Stories”

1 – Abraham Visited Beersheba

2 – Isaac Visited Beersheba

B) Jacob’s Sincere Heart “Worshipful Sacrifice”

III – The Words that Jacob Heard

A) The Past Visitations

B) The Present Vision

C) The Promising Voice

Title: “Abraham’s Double Call”

Theme: “Abraham’s double call from God”

Text: “Genesis 22: 1 – 14”

Gen 22:14 KJV - And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.

I – Abrahams History “His Past Trials” (1)

II – Abraham’s Hour “His Pivotal Test” (2)

III – Abraham’s Haste “His Provoking Testimony” (3 – 4)

IV – Abraham’s Hope “His Powerful Trust” (5)

V – Abraham’s Heart “His Painful Task” (6 – 10)

VI – Abraham’s Honor “His Proven Thirst” (11 – 14)

Title: “Lessons on Forgiveness”

Theme: “There is freedom in forgiving others”

Text: “Genesis 50: 15 – 21”

N. Mandela “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”

I – The Misery of Mistreatment

A) The Misery of People

1 – People Will Let You Down

2 – People Aren’t Perfect

3 – People Can Be Very Mean

B) The Misery of Problems

1 – Life isn’t always fair

2 – Life isn’t always fun

3 – Life isn’t always focused

II – The Pressure of Pain

A) Pain from Mistreatment

“Affects Our Aptitude”

“Think things we would not normally think”

B) Pain from Mistreatment

“Affects Our Attitude”

“Say things we would not normally say”

C) Pain from Mistreatment

“Affects Our Actions”

“Do things we would not normally do”

Title: “Where are you going?”

Theme: “The reality is, we only have two choices”

Text: “John 6: 66 – 69”

I – The Possibilities of this Question

“Where could we go?”

A) Man’s Desperate Search (Proverbs 16: 25)

B) Man’s Deafening Silence (Acts 16: 30)

C) Man’s Deadened Soul (Eph. 2: 1, Col. 2: 13)

Where could we go? Look down all other roads and see what they have to offer. It is Christ or else. The wisdom of man, the religious of the world, have no answer to the soul’s desperate cry, “Where could I go but to the Lord?”

II – The Probabilities of this Question

“Where would we go?”

A) The Lost & their Designation

B) The Lost & their Destination

Where would we go? If we do not follow the Light we go out into darkness, utter and eternal. We would go to hell if we did not go to Him. “He that believeth not is condemned already.”

III – The Profitabilities of this Question

“Where should we go?”

A) The Significant Claim of Salvation (Rom. 10: 13)

B) The Simple Concept of Salvation (Rom. 10: 9 – 10)

C) The Supernatural Change of Salvation (II Cor. 5: 17)

Where should we go? To Jesus, of course. Plain common sense tells us that nothing else satisfies. He has proven His case long ago. We ought to be Christians. God commands us to repent and believe. It is a matter of eternal alternatives: saved or lost, justified or condemned, heaven or hell. “He that is not with me is against me.” “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man.” “I am the way.” Which way are you going?


Title: “Willing to Break our Box”

Theme: “Mary was willing to give Christ her all”

Text: “Mark 14: 3 – 9”

I – Mary’s Reckless Regard (3)

A) Reckless in her Lavish Love

B) Reckless in her Gratuitous Gift

II – Mary’s Complaining Critics (4 – 5)

A) Mary’s Gift Inflicted their Greed

B) Mary’s Selflessness Incited their Selfishness

III – Mary’s Treasured Testimony (6 – 8)

A) Christ Approved of her Good Work (6)

B) Christ Accepted her Grateful Worship (7)

C) Christ Applauded her Giddy Way (8)

IV – Mary’s Historical Heritage (9)

A) The Longevity of Mary’s Gift

“The Memory of It”

B) The Lesson of Mary’s Gift

“The Message of It”

Title: “Serving with a Stooper”

Theme: “Jesus challenges us to be “towel totters”

Text: “John 13: 1 – 17, Matt. 20: 28, Mk. 10: 45”

I – The Stooper & his Desire (1 – 4)

A) Stooping Defined

1 – The Biblical Servant & his Watchful Attention

2 – The Biblical Servant & his Willful Actions

B) Stooping Depicted

1 – Christ Practiced Servitude “Daily”

2 – Christ Promoted Servitude “Diligently”

II – The Stooper & his Descent (5)

A) Stoopers Understand the Power of the Towel

1 – The Towel is our Ultimate Test

2 – The Towel is our Unique Tool

B) Stoopers Utilize the Principles of the Towel

1 – The Stooper Hunts Others

2 – The Stooper Helps Others

III – The Stooper & his Detractors (6 – 11)

A) Some Resent the Stooper

B) Some Resist the Stooper

IV – The Stooper & his Disciples (12 – 16)

A) The Needful Question (12)

B) The Notable Observation (13/14)

C) The Needed Participation (15/16)

V – The Stooper & his Delight (17)

A) The Danger of Only Knowing (James 4: 17)

B) The Delight of Obediently Doing

Title: “Lessons from a Limper”

Theme: “Jacob teaches us the pain of wrestling with God”

Text: “Genesis 32: 22 – 32”

I – Jacob’s Night of Emptying (Jabbok means “emptying – 22/24)

A) His Painful Separation “He had nobody Left”

B) His Penetrating Isolation “He had nothing Left”

II – Jacob’s Night of Wrestling (24/25)

A) The Reason of his Wrestling

1 – Jacob’s Agenda needed Alignment

2 – Jacob’s Attitude needed Adjusted

B) The Results of his Wrestling

1 – The Stubbornness of Jacob was Revealed

2 – The Strength of God was Recognized

III – Jacob’s Night of Confessing (26 – 28)

A) The Confession of His Name

1 – The youngest of Isaac’s twin sons

2 – The heel holder

3 – The supplanter

4 – The layer of snares (27: 36)

B) The Confrontation of his Nature

1 – Jacob had to “Confront his Past Faults”

2 – Jacob had to “Consider his Powerful Foe”

IV – Jacob’s Night of Limping (29 – 32)

A) Jacob’s Question that was Alarming “His New Life”

“Jacob was a Blessed Man”

1 – What he sought “except thou bless me”

2 – What he saw “for I have seen God face to face”

3 – What he said “and my life is preserved”

B) Jacob’s Quest that was Altered “His Notable Limp”

“Jacob was a Broken Man”

1 – His Limp Identified his Past Testing

2 – His Limp Inferred his Personal Touch

3 – His Limp Implied his Promised Triumph

V – Jacobs Night of Learning

A) Jacob Learned about the Pain of Wrestling God

B) Jacob Learned about the Power of Trusting God

Title: “The God of No Limitations”

Theme: “Sometimes we choose to limit God”

Text: “Psalms 78: 41 – 42”

I – Details of a Mistaken Move “Israel’s Departure”

A) The Path of their Restriction “Turned Back”

1 – The Lure of the World “Where they Looked”

a. Pull of the World “Their Abandonment”

b. Pleasure of the World “Their Appetite”

2 – The Limitation of the Work “What they Lost”

a. Enclosing the Potential of his Power “Small Circle”

b. Eradicating the Power of his Presence “Small Choices”

B) The Person of their Restrictions

1 – The God that Found Them

a. Found them when they were Nothing

b. Found them when they were Needy

2 – The God that Freed Them

a. God that had Remembered their Slavery

b. God that had Removed their Slavery

II – Danger of a Misplaced Memory “Israel’s Demise”

Psa 78:42 KJV - They remembered not his hand, [nor] the day when he delivered them from the enemy.

A) God’s Past Goodness was Negated “Our Provider”

“Forgot to Remember His Ability”

1 – The Meager Supply’s of Egypt

2 – The Mighty Substances of Heaven

B) God’s Past Greatness was Neglected “Our Protector”

“Forgot to Remember his Acts”

1 – His Power was Undeniable

2 – His Plan was Unstoppable

Our Unlimited God”

Psa 78:41 KJV - Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.

Psa 78:42 KJV - They remembered not his hand, [nor] the day when he delivered them from the enemy.

· Unlimited in his Awesome Ability

· Unlimited in his Bountiful Blessings

· Unlimited in his Constant Care

· Unlimited in his Dedicated Devotion

· Unlimited in his Everlasting Excellence

· Unlimited in his Fantastic Foresight

· Unlimited in his Gracious Goodness

· Unlimited in his Honorable Holiness

· Unlimited in his Immaculate Input

· Unlimited in his Judicious Justice

· Unlimited in his Keen Knowledge

· Unlimited in his Limitless Love

· Unlimited in his Massive Might

· Unlimited in his Numerous Names

· Unlimited in his Overwhelming Oversight

· Unlimited in his Pristine Perfection

· Unlimited in his Quant Qualities

· Unlimited in his Righteous Royalty

· Unlimited in his Shining Supremacy

· Unlimited in his Triumphant Testimony

· Unlimited in his Unrivaled Uniqueness

· Unlimited in his Virtuous Values

· Unlimited in his Wondrous Wisdom

· Unlimited in his Coverage from A to Z

Title: “Doing what we can”

Theme: “We can all do our part”

Text: “Mark 14: 1 – 9”

7 Things we can all do:

I – Say were Sinners

II – Submit to Salvation

III – Shun certain Sins

IV – Share our Stories

V – Suffer a Season

VI – Sing our Song

VII – Serve our Savior

Title: “Don’t Lack Trust”

Theme: “We must have faith in the direst of times”

Text: “I Kings 17: 8 – 16, Jeremiah 49:11”

I – Famine meets Faith

A) Elijah’s Role

1 – His Heavenly Directions

“Elijah’s Faithful Commitment”

2 – His Heated Destination

“Elijah’s Fiery Refinement”

B) Widow’s Role

1 – The Widow was to be Targeted

“Her Refuge”

2 – The Widow was to be Tested

“Her Resources”

II – Despair meets Decision

A) The Widow’s Dead Husband

B) The Widows Desperate Hour

C) The Widow’s Daring Heart

III – Scraping meets Scooping

A) Her Meager Barrel

B) Her Miraculous Belief

C) Her Monumental Boldness

IV – Bewilderment meets Blessing

A) Her Blessing was Personally Needed

B) Her Blessing was Progressively Necessitated

C) Her Blessing was Historically Noted


Title: “Don’t Lose Heart”

Theme: “Elijah was quitting, God had other plans”

Text: “I Kings 19: 1 – 8, Proverbs 19: 21”

I – When Life Throws You a Curve (1 – 3)

“Unexpected Trials – Our Hardships”

A) The Message that was Discouraging (1 – 2)

1 – His Frightening Change

“The Foes of Life Suddenly Appear”

2 – His Fleeting Courage

“The Flights of Life Sadly Arise”

B) The Man that was Disheartened (3)

1 – His Mental Disconcertion

2 – His Social

II – When You Feel Like Giving Up (4)

“Unwanted Thoughts – Our Horror”

A) His Juniper Tree “Bitter Roots”

1 – Physical Exhaustion

2 – Physiological Depletion

B) His Jeopardizing Thoughts “Blurry Request”

1 – His Hysterical Estimation

“His Death Wish & Ending”

2 – His Historical Evaluation

“His Damaged Worth & Ego”

III – When God Sends the Needed Relief (5 – 7)

“Unnatural Touches – Our Helper”

A) His Angelic Touch “Heavenly Message” (Exodus 3: 7)

1 – Elijah was in Invoked Isolation but not Alone

2 – Elijah was in Deep Depression but not Deserted

B) His Appetizing Table “Helpful Meal” (Psalms 23: 5)

1 – His Physical Invigoration & Food

2 – His Spiritual Instruction & Formula

IV – When Our Willpower Has Been Reinvigorated (8)

“Unperceived Triumphs – Our Heart”

A) His Victory & Joy

1 – His Notable Actions “Day of Change”

2 – His New Attitude “Day of Courage”

B) His Voyage & Journey

1 – Mount Carmel was a place of Warfare & Laboring

2 – Mount Horeb was a place of Worship & Learning

Title: “Don’t Let Go”

Them: “We must be dedicated to the calling God gave us”

Text: “Luke 9: 57 – 62”

I – The Bold Exclamation (57)

A) The Man & his Inspiring Insight

B) The Man & his Daring Decision

C) The Man & His Careless Commitment

II – The Bothersome Encounter (58)

A) The Plain Truth of Discipleship

B) The Plenteous Trials of Discipleship

C) The Probing Test of Discipleship

III – The Barren Excuses (59 – 61)

A) The Excuse of one’s Affection

1 – The Alarming Perplexity of this Excuse

2 – The Affirmative Priority of this Excuse

B) The Excuse of one’s Attention

1 – Valid Excuses can be Numerous

2 – Valid Excuses can be Erroneous

IV – The Biting Endeavor (62)

A) Proper Plowing requires one’s Set Gaze

1 – Who are you looking at?

2 – Why are you serving?

3 – Are you easily distracted in your Christianity?

B) Productive Plowing requires one’s Stern Grip

1 – How faithful are you in your service and position?

2 – What is the price to get you to let go?

3 – Can Christ depend on you to not let go?

4 – Can the church depend on you to not let go?

C) Proficient Plowing requires one’s Straight Guidance

1 – How disciplined are you in your Christianity?

2 – How dedicated are you in your Christianity?

3 – How dependable are you in your Christianity?

4 – How desirable are you in your Christianity?

Title: “The Cave of Delusion & Despair”

Theme: “We all we face loneliness and despair”

Text: “Psalms 142: 1 – 7”

I – David’s Lowly Place “His Cave” (1a)

A) The Details of this Cave

1 – The Cave of Adullam “

2 – The Cave of Engedi

B) The Distress of this Cave

1 – David’s Friend was Gone

2 – David’s Family was Guarded

3 – David’s Foe was Gathering

II – David’s Loud Plea “His Cry” (1b)

A) His Inward Pain

B) His Upward Plea

III – David’s Looming Plight “His Complaint” (2)

A) David’s Saul was Searching on the Outside

B) David’s Sorrow was Sloshing on the Inside

IV – David’s Laborious Path “His Course” (3)

A) His Spirit was in Darkness

B) His Steps were in Danger

V – David’s Lonely Position “His Charge” (4)

A) What David Saw “People had Forsook Him”

B) What David Said “Plans had Failed Him”

VI – David’s Liberating Perception “His Comfort” (5 – 6)

A) David’s Cry of Assurance “His Declaration”

B) David’s Cry of Acceptance “His Decision”

VII – David’s Logical Promise “His Condition’s (7)

A) David’s Plea from Prison

B) David’s Promise to Praise

Title: “Don’t Look Back”

Theme: “Looking back can hinder you from moving forward”

Text: “Hebrews 8: 12”

Looking back can be of value to us

Looking back can victimize us

I – The Reality of Looking Back

A) Painful Memories & Situations

1 – People that Bind Us

a. Don’t let them rule you

b. Don’t let them ruin you

2 – Problems that Burden Us

a. Heavy weight of them

b. Horrible worry of them

B) Plentiful Mistakes & Sins

1 – Admit the Foolishness of Them

“Proper Confession & Honesty”

a. Admit the mistake

b. Abandon the memories

2 – Accept the Forgiveness of Them

“Personal Cleansing & Healing”

a. Don’t be impractical, be insightful

b. Don’t be historical

C) Pleasant Moments & Successes

1 – Don’t Linger Foolishly “One’s Complacency”

a. It’s okay to look but don’t linger

b. It’s okay to gaze but don’t gloat

2 – Don’t Lose Futuristically “One’s Cost

II – The Results of Looking Back

A) Looking Back Can Blind Us Emotionally

B) Looking Back Can Bind Us Spiritually

C) Looking Back Can Brand us Personally

III – The Rewards of Not Looking Back

Title: “If Not for Grace”

Theme: “God’s grace and mercy covers all my sin”

Text: “I Timothy 1: 12 – 16”

I – The Past Life that Paul Regretted “Paul’s Misery”

A) The Details of his Regrets (13a)

1 – Regretted his Past Words (blasphemer)

2 – Regretted his Past Warfare (persecutor)

3 – Regretted his Past Wrath (injurious)

B) The Diagnosis of his Regrets (13b)

1 – Sin Clouded his Understanding

2 – Sin Compounded his Unbelief

C) The Depth of his Regrets (15)

1 – The Chiefest Sinner “His Place”

2 – The Compassionate Savor “His Plan”

II – The Powerful Love that Paul Received “Paul’s Mercy”

A) God’s Grace was Abundant (14)

B) God’s Mercy was Adequate (16a)

C) God’s Salvation was Attainable (15b)

III – The Perpetual Lesson that Paul Revealed “Paul’s Mystery”

A) God’s Longsuffering Depicted

“Saving one’s Soul” (16b)

B) God’s Liberty Demonstrated

“Shaking one’s Sin’s” (13a)

C) God’s Love Delivered

“Surrendering one’s Situation” (16c)

Title: “The Greatest Love in the World”

Theme: “God’s love is greater than our sins”

Text: “Luke 15: 11 – 24”

Deu 21:18 KJV - If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and [that], when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them:

Deu 21:19 KJV - Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place;

Deu 21:20 KJV - And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son [is] stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; [he is] a glutton, and a drunkard.

Deu 21:21 KJV - And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.

I – The Foolish Lad

A) His Selfish Request (11 – 12a)

B) His Scriptural Rebellion (Deut. 21: 18 – 21)

C) His Shocking Revelation (12b)

II – The Fortunate Lesson

A) His Waste (13)

B) His Want (14 – 15)

C) His Wisdom (16 – 17)

D) His Way (18 – 19)

III – The Fathers Love

1 Pe 2:24 KJV - Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

A) His Father Saw Him (20a)

B) His Father Sought Him (20b)

C) His Father Secured Him (20c – 24)

Title: “The Greatest “If’s” in this World”

Theme: “A biblical look at one’s death, decision, and destiny”

Text: “Job 14: 14, II Cor. 5: 17, Mark 8: 36 – 37”

I – The “If” Concerning a Man’s Death

(Job 14: 14)

A) Death is Realistic (Rom. 5:12, Rom. 6: 23)

B) Death is Futuristic (Hebrews 9: 27)

C) Death is Deterministic (I John 5: 12, Job 14: 14)

II – The “If” Concerning a Man’s Decision (II Cor. 5: 17)

A) Salvation is a Personal Decision

B) Salvation is a Pressing Decision

C) Salvation is a Pivotal Decision

III – The “If” Concerning a Man’s Destiny(Mark 8: 36 – 37)

A) Question 1 “What’s the Price for your Soul?”

B) Question 2 “What’s the Path of your Soul?”

C) Question 3 “What’s the Payment for your Soul?”

Title: “Consider the Ant”

Theme: “Lesson’s from the Ant”

Text: “Proverbs 6: 6 – 8, Proverbs 30: 24 – 25”

I – The Ant & his Laborious Commitment

A) The Life of an Ant

B) The Labor of an Ant

C) The Load of an Ant

II – The Ant & his Libelous Comparison

A) The Sluggard and his Description

B) The Sluggard and his Disguise

C) The Sluggard and his Demise

III – The Ant & his Lustrous Challenge

A) Ants are Courageous

B) Ants are Creative

C) Ants are Cooperative

D) Ants are Communicators

E) Ants are Communal

Title: “Consider the Snow”

Theme: “Lesson’s about God can be found in the Snow”

Text: “Job 38: 4 – 5, Psalms 148: 7 - 8”

Snow has vast characteristics and concepts:

1. The Fear aspect of Snow

2. The Fun aspect of Snow

3. The Faith aspect of snow

The bible mentions snow 24 times from Exodus 4:6 to Revelation 1:14.

I – The High Declaration

A) The Creator and his Creation (Job 38: 4 – 12)

B) The Creator and his Creativity

1 – The Creation of Snowflakes

2 – The Classification of Snowflakes (7 Types)

C) The Creator and his Control (Psalms 147: 15 – 18)

II – The Helpful Revelation (Job 37: 6, 13)

A) Snow is sent for Correction of Lives “Reproof”

B) Snow is sent for Preservation of Land “Restoration”

C) Snow is sent for Representation of Love “Relation”

III – The Holy Illustrations

A) Snow Represents Diversity

B) Snow Represents Adversity

C) Snow Represents Purity

D) Snow Represents Festivity (John 10: 10, James 1: 17)

E) Snow Represents Identity

F) Snow Represents Impossibility

G) Snow Represents Perpetuity

(Dan. 7: 9, Matt. 28:3, Mk. 9: 3, Rev. 1: 14)

H) Snow Represents Seasonality (Ecc. 3: 1 – 8)

I) Snow Represents Quantity

J) Snow Represents Survivability (Rev. 21: 6, Jn. 4: 14)

Title: “Consider the Eagle”

Theme: “The Eagle teaches us there is a God”

Text: “Deut. 32: 9 – 12”

Job 12:7 KJV - But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:

Job 12:8 KJV - Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.

Job 12:9 KJV - Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?

Job 12:10 KJV - In whose hand [is] the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

Deu 32:9 KJV - For the LORD'S portion [is] his people; Jacob [is] the lot of his inheritance.

Deu 32:10 KJV - He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye.

Deu 32:11 KJV - As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings:

Deu 32:12 KJV - [So] the LORD alone did lead him, and [there was] no strange god with him.

I – The Eagle and his time of Growth & Comfort “Starting”

“Consider the Ease of his Nest”

A) The Misleading Enjoyment of its Nest

B) The Misperceived Endearment of its Nest

B) The Misguided Endangerment of its Nest

II – The Eagle and his time of Grief & Calamity “Struggling”

“Consider the Exiting of his Nest”

A) The Eaglet and his Disruption “Some Worries”

B) The Eaglet and his Displacement “Some Wind”

C) The Eaglet and His Downfall “Some Wishes”

III – The Eagle and his time of Grandeur & Conquering “Soaring”

“Consider the Eviction of his Nest”

A) The Eaglet and his Inner Desire

B) The Eaglet and his Downward Danger

C) The Eaglet and his Upward Destiny

Title: “The Path of the Prodigal”

Theme: “The Perplexing Journey”

Thrust: “A Prodigal Can Find Hope & Help”

Text: “Luke 15: 11 - 24”

I - The Prodigal & His Selfish Demand

II - The Prodigal & His Sinful Departure

III - The Prodigal & His Shameful Desire

IV - The Prodigal & His Strategic Decision

V - The Prodigal & His Sure Direction

VI - The Prodigal & His Sublime Delight

VII - The Prodigal & His Spiritual Depiction

Title: “The Maniac Meets the Master”

Theme: “Jesus has power over demons and despair”

Text: “Mark 5: 1 – 20”

I – The Meeting that was Planned

“Life’s Delightful Mysteries”

A) The Previous Storm

B) The Powerful Statement

C) The Peaceful Sea

D) The Promising Site

II – The Man that was Possessed

“Life’s Deviant Madness”

A) His Dwelling

B) His Disposition

C) His Domination

III – The Moment that was Profound

“Life’s Daring Marvels”

A) Demons Revered Christ Position

B) Demons Recognized Christ Power

IV – The Master that was Polarizing

“Life’s Direct Mandates”

A) Christ Controlled their Words

B) Christ Commanded their Withdrawal

V – The Miracle that was Performed

“Life’s Dynamic Majesty”

A) His Change

B) His Clothes

C) His Clarity

VI – The Message that was Proposed

“Life’s Dutiful Mission”

A) Message Concerning the Power of Christ

1 – Power over Death

2 – Power over Disease

3 – Power over Demons

B) Message Concerning the Plan of Christ

1 – Christ has a Plan of Changing People

2 – Christ has a Plan of Challenging People

3 – Christ has a Plan of Commissioning

Title: “Making the Transition”

Theme: The Retirement Celebration of a Pastor”

Text: “Revelation 3: 8”

Rev 3:8 KJV - I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

I – The Personal Observation

“I know thy works:”

A) The Awesome Observer “The Pastor & his Lord”

B) The Attentive Observation “The Pastor & his Labor”

C) The Admirable Outcome “The Pastor & his Loyalty”

II – The Powerful Opportunity

“behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it:”

A) The Master of this Door “Our Glorious Savior”

B) The Ministry of this Door “Our Glad Service”

C) The Message of this Door “Our Guaranteed Success”

III – The Praised Outcome

“for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.”

A) The Finish Line “Strength of his Faith”

“for thou hast a little strength,”

B) The Faithful Learner “Standard of his Faith”

“and hast kept my word,”

C) The Fascinating Love “Statement of his Faith”

“and hast not denied my name.”

IV – The Public Outcry

A) Praising your Past Travels – Well Done

B) Promoting your Present Transition – Don’t Quit

C) Prompting your Plenteous Triumphs – Keep On

Title: “Hope for the Hurting”

Theme: “God offers hope for the hurting”

Text: “Psalms 42: 1 – 11)

I – The Psalmist and his Misery

“Days of Deep Disappointment”

A) His Thoughts & Desperate Longing

1 – The Example that is Utilized (1a)

2 – The Expression that is Uttered (1b)

B) His Thirst & Detailed Language (2)

C) His Tears & Deep Loneliness

1 – His Heavy Crisis (3a)

2 – His Harsh Critics (3b)

II – The Psalmist and his Memory

“Day’s of Daring Discernment”

A) The Place “God’s House” (4)

B) The Person “God’s Help” (5)

C) The Power “God’s Holiness” (6 – 7)

III – The Psalmist and his Mandate

“Day’s of Devoted Decision

A) His Song & Prayer (8)

B) His Stability & Protection (9 – 10)

C) His Secret & Praise (Hope thou in God) (11)

Title: “Absolute Truth”

Theme: “Can we believe in absolute truth in today’s world”

Text: “Daniel 1: 1 – 21, I Thess. 5: 21 – 22”

I – Special Training that was Mentioned

“Subtle Seduction”

A) The Battle

1 – Violated God’s Place

2 – Victimized God’s People

B) The Barrier

1 – The Best in Looks & Appearance

2 – The Brightest in Learning & Ability

C) The Branding

1 – Challenge their Integrity & Nature

“Scriptural Conformity”

2 – Change their Identity & Name

“Social Conformity” (6/7)

II – Set Truth that was Maintained

“Supreme Standard” (Jn. 18: 38)

A) The Perception of Truth – Concerning Relativism

1 – Relativism Defined

a. Emphasis upon Acceptance (Judges 17: 6)

b. Emphasis upon Tolerance (Judges 21: 25)

2 – Relativism Dismissed

a. Arguments must be Sifted through Logic

(Pro. 14: 12)

b. Arguments must be Filtered through Facts

(Pro. 16: 25)

B) The Precepts of Truth – Concerning Reason

a. Truth should Remove Confusion (Jon. 1: 14)

b. Truth should Reveal Clarity (Jon. 1: 17)

C) The Permanence of Truth – Concerning Reality

a. Real Truth is Eternal & Pure

b. Real Truth is Exact & Perfect

III – Specific Test that was Mastered

“Shining Servants”

A) The Decision of their Hearts (8 a&b)

a. Individually Made “His Terrific Faith” (8a)

b. Influentially Manifested “His Three Friends” (8b)

B) The Display of their Humility (8 c – 14)

a. His Humble Plea “Abstinence Desired” (8c – 10)

b. His Humble Plan “Alternative Described” (11 – 14)

C) The Details of their Honor (15 – 21)

a. Better in their Looks (15 - 16)

b. Brighter in their Learning (17 – 21)

Title: “What a Difference One Day Makes”

Theme: “A lot of things changed on Easter Morning”

Text: “Mark 16: 1 – 14”

I – The Setting that was Horrible (Mark 16: 1 – 2)

A) The Deadness of their Master

B) The Darkness of that Morning

II – The Stone that was Huge (Mark 16: 3 – 4)

A) The Tomb was Sharply Sealed “The Stone”

B) The Tomb was Safely Surrounded “The Soldiers”

III – The Situation that was Heartfelt

A) The Women were Worried

B) The Disciples were Discouraged (Mark 16: 10)

C) The Doubters were Disillusioned (Mark 16: 11, 13)

D) The Backslider was Broken (Mark 16: 7)

E) The Flock was Fearful (John 20: 19)

F) The Devoted were Dwindling

IV – The Scene that was Holy

A) The Moved Stone (Mark 16: 4)

B) The Missing Savor (Mark 16: 6)

C) The Messenger Speaks (Mark 16: 5 – 7)

D) The Mounting Silence (Mark 16: 8)

E) The Master Shows-Up (Mark 16: 9, 12, 14)

V – The Story that was Historical

A) It was a Historical Morning

B) It was a Historical Moment

C) It was a Historical Meeting

D) Its was a Historical Message

E) It was a Historical Motivation

1 – Salvation for the Sinner

2 – Redemption for the Ruined

3 – Forgiveness for the Fallen

4 – Restoration for the Repentant

5 – Hope for the Hurting

6 – Help for the Hopeless

Title: “The Beauty of Being Bored”

Theme: “Being marked as a servant of our Master”

Text: “Exodus 21: 1 – 6”

I – The Marvel of this Scripture (2 – 5)

A) Consider the Man’s Large Debt (Ex. 21: 2a & 2b)

1 – The Price of this Debt

2 – The Payment of this Debt

B) Consider the Man’s Looming Decision (Ex. 21: 2c – 4)

1 – The Gift of his Freedom “His Life”

2 – The Grief of his Freedom “His Love”

C) Consider the Man’s Lovely Devotion (Ex. 21: 5)

1 – The Price of his Devotion “His Liberty is Forfeited”

2 – The Pleasure of his Devotion “His Love is Fortified”

II – The Mark of this Servant (Duet. 15: 16 – 17)

A) The Physical Placement of the Mark

1 – The Hole Represented Attachment & Identification

2 – The Hole Represented Affection & Inclusion

B) The Personal Sentiment of the Mark

1 – The Slave would Listen to his Master with his Hearing

2 – The Slave would Love his Master with his Heart

3 – The Slave would Labor for his Master with his Hands

4 – The Slave would Live for his Master within his House

C) The Permanent Indictment of the Mark

1 – The Bond was Undeniable & Eternal

2 – The Bond was Unbreakable & Everlasting

III – The Majesty of this Story (Psalms 40: 6 – 8)

A) The Servants Loyalty to his Master

“Christ’s obedience to God”

B) The Servants Life for his Bride

“Christ’s death for the Church”

C) The Servants Love for his Children

“Christ’s love personally us”

Title: “Let’s Never Forget Calvary”

Theme: “Remembering Calvary”

Text: “Luke 23: 39 - 43”

I – The Thirsty Crowds of Calvary

A) The Lying Voices of this Crowd

1 – His Friend that Betrayed Him

2 – His Foes that Belittled Him

B) The Loathed Victim of this Crowd

1 – The Crowd Ignorantly Shunned Christ

2 – The Crowd Impulsively Selected Him

C) The Loud Violence of this Crowd

1 – They Spit upon him

2 – They Struck him

3 – They Slapped him

4 – They Stripped him

5 – They Shamed Him

6 – They Scourged him

II – The Three Crosses of Calvary

A) Cross of Rebellion

B) Cross of Repentance

C) Cross of Redemption

III – The Triumphant Consequences of Calvary

A) His Visit within the Grave

1 – Christ Personally Faced Them

“His Redemptive Preaching”

2 – Christ Powerfully Freed Them

“His Resurrection Power”

B) His Victory over the Grave

1 – The Stone was Removed

2 – The Savoir was Resurrected

3 – The Saints were Reassured

Title: “The Remedy for Revival”

Theme: “We need our vision corrected”

Text: “Lamentations 5: 14 – 21”

I – The Plummet that was Massive “Their Frightful Fall”

A) The Embarrassment of their Heritage “Their Shame”

1 – Consider their Turning “Forgot God”

2 – Consider their Thirsting “Found Grief”

B) The Enslavement of their Hearts “Their Slavery”

1 – The Deal that was Foolishly Made

2 – The Damage that was Frankly Mentioned

C) The Entrapment of their Homes “Their Sins”

1 – The Passing of their Sin

2 – The Price of their Sin

II – The Pain that was Manifested “Their Faint Focus”

A) The Silence of their Songs

B) The Heaviness of their Hearts

C) The Deadness of their Dance

D) The Crashing of their Crown

E) The Shaming of their Sins

F) The Vagueness of their Vision

G) The Ruin of their Religion

III – The Plea that was Made “Their Fervent Faith”

A) The Person that was Recognized

1 – You can count on God

2 – You can call upon God

B) The Position that was Revered

1 – His Presence is Unending

2 – His Power is unlimited

C) The Perception that was Revealed

D) The Power that was Requested

1 – The Appeal for his Power

2 – The Answer of his Power

3 – The Abundance of his Power

Title: “Why has the Gold Become Dim?”

Theme: “Keeping the glow on our Christian life”

Text: “Lamentations 4: 1”

I – Times of Dimness

“Reminded of their History”

A) The Glory of their Feeble Beginning

“Forgotten Stories”

B) The Gold of their Fantastic Building

“Faded Stones”

C) The Guilt of their Futile Backsliding

“Fallen Saints”

II – Times of Dullness

“Reminded of one’s Heart”

A) The Reasons that the Gold is Dim

1 – Loss of Vision “Our Focus is Side-tracked”

2 – Lack of Passion “Our Fervor is Subsided”

3 – Lies of Deception “Our Fortune is Surpassed”

B) The Results of the Gold becoming Dim

1 – Gold is Dim – Unvalued Savior

2 – Gold is Dim – Unattended Churches

3 – Gold is Dim – Unread Book

4 – Gold is Dim – Unbent Knees

5 – Gold is Dim – Unused Talents

6 – Gold is Dim – Unconfessed Sins

7 – Gold is Dim – Unimpassioned Worship

8 – Gold is Dim – Unshared Gospel

9 – Gold is Dim – Unruly Membership

10 – Gold is Dim – Unthankful Hearts

11 – Gold is Dim – Unstirred Memories

12 – Gold is Dim – Unwatchful Eyes

C) The Remedy for the Gold becoming Dim

1 – Keep the Gold Prioritized & Special

2 – Keep the Gold Polished & Shimmering

3 – Keep the Gold Protected & Sacred

III – Times of Devotedness

“Reminded of this Hour”

Title: “His Hair Began to Grow Again”

Theme: “Samson was given a second chance”

Text: “Judges 16: 21 – 22”

I – Samson’s Bright Future

A) His Wonderful Conception (Judges 13: 1 – 3)

B) His Worldly Separation (Judges 13: 4 – 5a)

C) His Winning Description (Judges 13: 5b)

II – Samson’s Bold Fight

A) The Spirit that Filled Him (Judges 13: 25a)

B) The Strength that Famed Him (

C) The Success that Followed Him (Judges 13: 25b)

III – Samson’s Beautiful Foe

A) Temptations Beautiful Plot

B) Temptations Burdening Persistence

C) Temptations Binding Power

IV – Samson’s Bitter Fall

A) He Was Betrayed

B) He Was Barren

C) He Was Blinded

D) He Was Bound

E) He Was Belittled

V – Samson’s Bright Forgiveness

A) The Renewed Love in his Heart

B) The Restored Length of his Hair

C) The Recorded Language of his Hour

Title: “Don’t Live Ignorantly”

Theme: “God’s deadlines”

Text: “Matthew 12: 31 – 32”

I – Sinning Away One’s Day of Grace

A) Days of Noah

B) Days of Lot

C) Days of Jesus

D) Days of Now

II – The Sin Unto Death

A) The Identity of this Sin

1 – Living after the flesh

2 – Breaking a Vow to God

3 – Willful Disobedience to the Word of God

B) The Reality of this Sin

1 – God Warns You

2 – God Chastens You

3 – God Delivers You (To Satan)

4 – God Kills You

III – The Sin of Blaspheme the Holy Spirit

A) When you cannot believe

B) When you cannot understand

C) When you cannot feel

D) When you cannot live

Title: “The Beauty of Having Hope”

Theme: “Hope concerning death and eternity”

Text: “Job 14:1, 2, 7, & 14”

I – The Reality of Life (Eccl. 3: 1 – 6)

A) Awesome Memories & Times “Enjoy Them”

B) Agonizing Moments & Tears “Endure Them”

II – The Results of Death

A) Death is an Unyielding Foe Heb. 9: 27)

B) Death is an Ultimate Finish (II Tim. 4: 6 – 7)

C) Death is a Unique Friend

1 – Death is the Ending of the Old

2 – Death is the Beginning of the New

III – The Rewards of Heaven

A) The Change that Heaven Bestows

B) The Comfort that Heaven Brings

C) The Celebration that Heaven Beckons

D) The Challenge that Heaven Becomes

Title: “The Excellence of Encouragement”

Theme: “Learning to rub people the right way”

Text: “Acts 4: 36 - 37”

I - The Human Options That We Face

A) Some Hurtful Types of People

1 - Some Choose to be Deflators

2 - Some Choose to be Detractors

3 - Some Choose to be Destructors

B) Some Helpful Types of People

1 - Some Choose to Inflate Others

2 - Some Choose to Inspire Others

3 - Some Choose to Ignite Others

C) Some Hopeful Types of People

1 - Some that Desire to Promote the Church

2 - Some that Desire to Publicize the Church

3 - Some that Desire to Profit the Church

II - The Honorable Opportunity That We Find

A) The Definition of Encouragement

B) The Determination of Encouragement

C) The Distinction of Encouragement

1 - Daringly Seeks the Needs of Others

2 - Deliberately See’s the Needs of Others

3 - Delightfully Satisfies the Needs of Others

III - The Heavenly Obligation That We Follow

A) One That Brings Blessings to Others

B) One That Breaks Barriers to Others

C) One That Builds Bridges for Others

D) One That Bears Burdens for Others

Title: “The Modern Day Christian & Prayer”

Theme: “Prayer expected and for all in this age”

Text: “Matthew 6: 5, Mark 11: 24”

I – Biblical Teaching on Prayer

A) Prayer is Demanded in the Bible “It is Expected”

B) Prayer is Defined in the Bible “It is Explained”

1 – The Pattern of our Prayer (9a)

2 – The Person of our Prayer (9b)

3 – The Plan of our Prayer (10)

4 – The Provision of our Prayer (11)

5 – The Plea of this Prayer (12 – 13a)

6 – The Praise of this Prayer (13b)

C) Prayer is Demonstrated in the Bible “It is Exampled”

1 – The Shortest Prayer in the Bible

2 – The Longest Prayer in the Bible

II – Biblical Types of Prayer

A) Prayer of Supplication

1 – Concerning our Wants’

2 – Concerning our Worries

3 – Concerning our Way

4 – Concerning our Wisdom

B) Prayer of Adoration

1 – Our Holy Place

2 – Our Heartfelt Praise

3 – Our Heavenly Peace

C) Prayer of Confession

1 – Truthfully

a. Sin’s of Commission

b. Sin’s of Omission

2 – Willfully

a. Confess of our Sin

b. Cleansing of our Soul

D) Prayer of Anticipation

1 – Faith that Challenges God’s Potential

2 – Faith that Considers God’s Power

III – Biblical Testimonies of Prayer

A) The Tears of Hannah’s Prayer

B) The Terror of Paul’s Prayer

C) The Triumph of Christ Prayer

Title: “Funeral Sermon”

Theme: “Death of a Godly Saint”

Text: “Acts 20: 36 – 38”

Act 20:36 KJV - And when he had thus spoken, he kneeled down, and prayed with them all.

Act 20:37 KJV - And they all wept sore, and fell on Paul's neck, and kissed him,

Act 20:38 KJV - Sorrowing most of all for the words which he spake, that they should see his face no more. And they accompanied him unto the ship.

I – Favorable Word about Gertrude

A) Her Powerful Smile

B) Her Personal Story

II – Familiar Word about Gertrude

A) Love her Family

B) Lived for her Family

III – Faithful Word about Gertrude

A) She had her Hope in the Church “Salvation”

B) She had her Hand in the church “Service”

C) She had her Heritage in the Church “Story”

IV – Final Word about Gertrude

A) The Separation that is Sad

B) The Sorrow that is Shared

C) The Ship that is Sailing

D) The Scripture that is Sufficient

Title: “Dwelling in the Land of Desperation – Dying Daughter”

Theme: “Jairus dwelled in desperation, but he didn’t die there”

Text: “Luke 8: 41 – 56”

I – Desperation and its Dreadful Appearance

A) Its Appearance can be Random and Unexpected

B) Its Appearance can be Rattling and Unnerving

II – Desperation and its Desensitizing Affect

A) Jairus Tormenting Pain overrode his Prestige

B) Jairus Tragic Position overcame his Practicality

III – Desperation and its Despairing Appeal

A) The Specifics of his Appeal

“His Heavy Heart - Natural”

B) The Speediness of his Appeal

“His Prepared Plan - Now”

IV – Desperation and its Delayed Approach

A) Jairus and his Mindset “Delay did it mean Denial?”

B) Jairus and his Musing “Delay did it mean Disaster?”

V – Desperation and its Deadly Anxiety

A) The Worries that were Anxiously Mounting

B) The Words that were Agitatingly Massive

VI – Desperation and its Daring Advocate

A) Jesus Silenced the Critics “The Loud Laughter”

B) Jesus Saved the Child “The Last Laugh”

Title: “Dwelling In the Land of Desperation – Debilitating


Theme: “She lived in desperation, but didn’t die there”

Text: “Mark 5: 25 – 34”

I – The Woman and her Strange Sickness “Diseased” (25)

A) The Life of this Woman

“She was somebody that was Sick”

a. The Diagnosis - Unclean

b. The Discomfort – Unchanged

B) The Length of her Worries

“She was somebody that was suffering”

a. The Duration

b. The Drain

II – The Woman and her Sorrowful Search “Drained” (26)

A) The Damage of her Remedies “Medical Failure”

B) The Depletion of her Resources “Meager Finances”

C) The Demise of her Recovery “Morbid Frailty”

III – The Woman and her Shining Stance “Dared” (27 – 28)

A) The Testimonies that Inspired Her “Public Record”

B) The Target that Ignited Her “Pointed Resolve”

IV – The Woman and her Swift Sensation “Delivered” (29)

A) It was a Phenomenal Touch “Immediate Feeling”

B) It was a Personal Touch “Individual Freedom”

V – The Woman and her Sovereign Savior “Detected” (30 – 32)

A) Christ Confronted her Desire

B) Christ Confirmed her Deliverance

VI – The Woman and her Supreme Salvation “Delighted” (33/ 34)

A) Her Personal Confession & Courage

B) Her Powerful Change & Cure

Title: “Discovering the Good Bents in your Children”

Theme: “It’s our job as parents to help our children develop as God made them”

Text: “Proverbs 22: 6”

I – Education of Child Rearing that is Needful

“The Child’s Normal Nature”

A) The Misperception of this Verse

1 – The Biblical Depth

2 – The Biblical Departure

3 – The Biblical Desire

B) The Mandate of this Verse

1 – The Child’s Innate Personality

(Do you really know your child?)

a. Their Nature

b. Their Needs

2 – The Child’s Individual Preferences

(Find out what your child likes)

a. The Individuality of their likes and dislikes

b. The individuality of their longings and desires

C) The Mission of this Verse

1 – It Requires Involvement

2 – It Requires Investment

II – Example of Child Rearing that is Noted

“The Child’s Distinct Differences”

A) The Unique Personalities of Cain & Abel

B) The Useful Portrayal of Jacob & Esau

C) The Unified Passion of Joseph & Mary

III – Expression of Child Rearing that is Necessary

“The Child’s Love Language”

A) The Description of the Love Languages

1 – Words of Affirmation

2 – Quality Time

3 – Receiving Gifts

4 – Acts of Service

5 – Physical Touch

B) The Designation of the Love Languages

1 – One of the Love Languages Fits each Child

2 – One of the Love Languages Fulfills each Child

C) The Deprivation of the Love Languages

D) The Depiction of the Love Languages

Title: “The Wife that God Designed”

Theme: “What the bible says about a Godly wife”

Text: “Proverbs 31, Ephesians 5”

I – The Societal Hazards of a Godly Wife

A) Those that Disgustingly Frown upon it

B) Those that Despitefully Forsake it

C) Those that Defiantly Forbear it

II – The Scriptural Home of a Godly Wife

A) The Scriptural Wife Understands her Role

1 – The Wife’s Appointed Position

2 – The Wife’s Anointed Submission

B) The Scriptural Wife Utilizes her Resources

1 – Resourceful in her Many Talents

2 – Resourceful in her Managing Time

3 – Resourceful in her Motherly Touch

C) The Scriptural Wife Unifies her Relationship

1 – Unifies in Building up her Husband

2 – Unifies in Bettering her Husband

III – The Sincere Heart of a Godly Wife

A) The Toughness of a Wife

1 – Tough in her Daily Duties

2 – Tough in her Difficult Demands

B) The Tenderness of a Wife

1 – Tender in her Love

2 – Tender in her Loyalty

C) The Tearfulness of a Wife

IV – The Special Honor of a Godly Wife

A) The Commitment that is Involved

B) The Character that is Influential

C) The Commission that is Inspiring


Hopefully these outlines will be useful to you as a pastor or a preacher. If I can be of any help to you in your personal ministry please feel free to contact me.

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