Franklin L. Kirksey

Franklin L. Kirksey
Franklin L. Kirksey
21595 County Road 68
Robertsdale, AL36567

Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey
21595 County Road 68
Robertsdale, AL 36567


Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey is a pastor and preacher who has been in ordained ministry for more than 30 years. He was born on November 22, 1961 in Mobile, Alabama and was born again on May 16, 1965 in Citronelle, Alabama. Kirksey was called to the ministry after high school graduation in 1979 and has been a pastor for over twenty years. He has served churches in Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina.

He received his B.A. degree (cum laude) from William Carey University, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in 1983 where he was inducted into the Alpha Chi National Honor Society; he was selected Most Promising Student in Psychology in 1981; the M.Div. degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1986; the D.Min. degree from Southern Baptist School for Biblical Studies, Jacksonville, Florida, in 2001, where he received the President's Scholarship and served as a Research Assistant to Dr. Charles A. Williams, president. He was inducted into the R.G. Lee Society of Fellows at Union University, Jackson, Tennessee on January 2, 2002.

Kirksey was a writer for Adult EXTRA! of the Biblical Studies Department, LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention for five years (1995-2000) and is an approved writer for dated curriculum with the Leadership and Adult Publications, LifeWay Church Resources, a Division of LifeWay Christian Resources. He has contributed numerous articles, illustrations and sermon outlines to the following: (Dr. J. Mike Minnix, Editor); SermonCentral (Outreach Web Network, Vista, California); Pulpit Helps magazine (Chattanooga, Tennessee: AMG Publications); PreachingNow and Preaching Magazine (Salem Publishing, Nashville, Tennessee). He writes columns in the Press-Register (Mobile, Alabama) and The Call News (Citronelle, Alabama) and the Washington County News (Chatom, Alabama) and has self-published several gospel tracts. Kirksey is the author of Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice with Foreword by Dr. Stephen F. Olford and Preface by Major W. Ian Thomas (North Charleston, South Carolina: BookSurge Publishing, An Company, 2004) it is also available on the WORDsearch 7 Preaching Library CD-ROM (Austin, Texas, WORDsearch Corp., 2005), the WS7 Expository Preaching Library CD-ROM (Austin, Texas, WORDsearch Corp., 2007) and the WS8 Preaching Library DVD (Austin, Texas, WORDsearch Corp., 2007). Sound Biblical Preaching has been reviewed by the following: Dr. Michael Duduit, PreachingNow online May 3, 2005; Ted Kyle, Pulpit Helps magazine, August 2005; Dr. Walter G. Nunn, The Alabama Baptist, October 20, 2005; Dr. James Bryant, Criswell Theological Review, Fall 2005 edition; Dr. Michael Catt, Volume 07 Number 13 of .

Sound Biblical Preaching is listed in "How Does a Pastor Build His Personal Library" under the "Books on Sermon Preparation and Delivery" section of The New Guidebook for Pastors p.251 (Nashville: B&H Publishing Group, 2007), by Dr. James W. Bryant & Dr. Mac Brunson. Dr. David L. Olford has listed Sound Biblical Preaching in his bibliography of the syllabus for his course titled "Communicating Biblical Truth" at Union University ( Syllabus Available from: Accessed: 05/24/07.
Dr. George William Garner cited Sound Biblical Preaching in his doctoral dissertation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is available from george garner / Complete Dissertation .pdf.

"More information is available from: FrankLink ™; and

Kirksey married Sharon Margaret Swartz of Columbia, South Carolina, on May 18, 1991. Sharon is a wonderful helpmate, who faithfully, effectively and submissively serves as a partner in ministry. To God be the glory!

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Dr. Jabez - Most Unlikely To Succeed 1 Chronicles  4 :9-10 Success, Unlikely; Blessings from God
Seek The Lord 1 Chronicles  16 :10-11 God, Presence of; God, Seeking; Desire of the Heart; New Year
When God Says No 1 Chronicles  28 Will, God's; Purpose; Submission
The Mind of Christ 1 Corinthians  2 :16 Christ, Mind of; Mind of Christ
Journey Into Rest 1 Corinthians  10 :11 Rest; Peace; Blessings
Discovering the Rock of Ages 1 Corinthians  10 :4 Salvation; Security in Christ; Jesus, Safety in; Rock of Ages
The Rock Of Ages 1 Corinthians  10 :4 Jesus, the Rock of Ages; Security in Christ
Love is the Theme 1 Corinthians  13 :1-13 Love
All Because of the Resurrection 1 Corinthians  15 :58 Easter; Resurrection; Relationship with Jesus
The Fourth Love 1 John  Love
Whatever Happened To Sin? 1 John  1 :5-10 Sin; Forgiveness; Confession
The Spiritual State of the Union 1 John  2 :12-17 Christian Living; Obedience to Christ; Christ, Union with; Christian Growth
What Kind of Assurance Do You Have? 1 John  5 :11-13 Assurance; Peace; Sure Salvation
Good Christian Men Rejoice 1 Peter  1 :1-12 Lord's Supper; Communion; Joy
In His Steps 1 Peter  2 :21-25 Jesus, The Real; Jesus, Lord; Obedience
Holy Women 1 Peter  3 :1-6 Mother's Day; Family; Women, Holy
The Cross of Christ 1 Peter  3 :18 Cross; Easter; Death of Christ
The Lion's Roar 1 Peter  5 :8-11 Satan; Jesus, The Lion; Jesus, Victory In
Stones In The Shepherd's Scrip 1 Samuel  17 :40 Weapons Of Warfare Against Satan; Spiritual Warfare
Are You Living The Good Life? 1 Timothy  6 :6-19 Christian Living
When Glory Fills The House 2 Chronicles  5 :14 Glory of God; Church, Glory in the; Revival
Only if or if Only? 2 Chronicles  7 :14 Revival; Prayer; Repentance
Against All Odds 2 Chronicles  20 :1-37 Victory
Examine Yourselves 2 Corinthians  Carnality; Self Examination; Worldliness
Amen 2 Corinthians  1 :20 Preaching, Encouragement for; Amen, The Joy of the
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus 2 Corinthians  3 :18 Jesus, Focus on; Dedication; Christian Living
What's It All About Selfie 2 Corinthians  5 :14-15 Humility; Servant; Pride; Selfishness; Christian Living
A Copernican Revolution 2 Corinthians  5 :17 World View; Salvation; Changed Life
Homesick for Heaven 2 Corinthians  5 :6-8 Heaven
The Judgment Seat of Christ 2 Corinthians  5 :9-11 Death; Judgment; Preparation for Eternity
Be Holy 2 Corinthians  6 Holy Living; Christian Living
Biblical Repentance 2 Corinthians  7 :9-11 Repentance; Life Change
Caveat Emptor: Consummate Artist or Con Artist? 2 Corinthians  11 :1-15 Satan; Deception
Truth Matters 2 John  1 :1-13 Truth; False Teachers;
A Biblical Warning About Global Warming 2 Peter  3 :10 Global Warming; Judgment; Fire and Brimestone
A Blueprint For Brotherhood 2 Thessalonians  2 :13-14 Fellowship; Brotherhood; Unity
Busy Bodies or Busybodies? 2 Thessalonians  3 :6-15 Busy Body; Christian Living
Risen 2 Timothy  2 :8 Resurrection; Easter
A Eulogy For Eunice 2 Timothy  3 :14-17 Funeral Idea; Training A Child; Mother; Family
Beware of Style over Substance 2 Timothy  3 :7 Falsehood; Lies; Truth; Emptiness; Rest
When Good and Evil Go to Church 3 John  1 :11 Church, World, Evil in the; Suffering and Faith
How Should We Then Live? 3 John  1 :4 Christian Living
World Evangelism 101: Wherever He Leads Acts  8 :26-40 Evangelism; Missions
World Evangelism 101: Whatever It Takes Acts  9 :1-30 Evangelism; World Evangelism; Missions; Witnessing
Being Good Isn't Good Enough Acts  10 :1-43 Cornelius; Spiritual Depravity; Man's Greatest Need; Salvation
Lord of All Acts  10 :36 Christ is Lord; Lord; Lord Jesus
To Be A Christian Acts  11 :26 Christian, Victorious
God Knows What He's About Acts  15 :18 God, Sovereignty of; Foreknowldge of God; Omniscient God
The Resurrection Credible Acts  26 :8 Resurrection; Easter
Look Who's Here Daniel  3 :1-30 Faith; Faithfulness; Commitment; God, Presence of
The Three R's of a Devotional Life Daniel  9 :1-27 Devotional Life; Spiritual Hunger; Christian Living
God's Will Deuteronomy  29 :29 God's Will; Will of God
Moses and the Undertaker Deuteronomy  34 :1-12 Memorial Day; Death
Looking Beyond the Bucket List Ecclesiastes  Death; Eternity
The Fear of God Ecclesiastes  God, Fear of; Fear of God
The Acts of God Ecclesiastes  3 :14 God, Acts of; Work of God; Purpose of God; Will of God
When You Need A Friend Ecclesiastes  4 :9-12 Friendship, The Danger of; Friendship, The Value of; Friend, The Best
Things Money Can't Buy Ecclesiastes  10 :19 Money; Materialism
Looking Before and After: The Testimony and the Christian Life Ephesians  2 :1-22 Testimony; Christian Living
Jesus Christ - The Chief Cornerstone Ephesians  2 :20 Jesus, Chief Cornerstone
Are There Any Corrections, Deletions, or Additions? Ephesians  4 :17-24 Renewal; Revival
A Closer Walk Ephesians  5 :1-21 Living in the light; Walking with God; Christian Living
Challenging Truth for Changing Times Ephesians  5 :15-21 Christian Living; Commitment; Purpose; Times, Changing
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus Ephesians  6 :10-20 Commitment; Spiritual Warfare; Christian Living
Are We There Yet? Exodus  15 :13 Holy Spirit; Christian Living; Walking with God
Whitewash Ezekiel  13 :10 False Prophets; Truth
The Destiny of Nations Ezekiel  14 :12-20 Judgment; Procrastination
Beware of Loving it Without Living It! Ezekiel  33 :30-33 Commitment
Yes, Viriginia, God is Still in Control Ezra  1 :1-11 Revival; Renewal; Mighty God
O, Come to My Heart, Lord Jesus! Galatians  4 :4-7 Christmas; Birth of Jesus
God Bless America Genesis  12 :12-3 America; Independence Day
Jacob, Jacob! Genesis  46 :2 Growth; Christian Development; Progress as Believers
It's A Wonderful Life Habakkuk  2 :4 Christian Living; Faith; Life, A Wonderful
Get Your Act Together Haggai  God, Will of; Will of God; Discipleship; Christian Living
We Need Endurance Hebrews  Endurance; Christian Living; Faithfulness
How To Make Christmas Great Again Hebrews  10 :5-7 Christmas, Jesus' Birth,
The Song of Incarnation Hebrews  10 :5-7 Incarnation; Jesus, Birth of; Christmas
Facing the New Year with Faith Hebrews  11 Faith; New Year; Christian Living
By Faith Hebrews  11 :1-3 Faith; Trust in God
Dealing With Life's Problems Hebrews  11 :6 Problems; Faith
A Biblical Worldview in a Blighted World Hebrews  11 :7 Worldview, Biblical; Biblical Worldview; Christian Living; Noah
Esau, Esau Hebrews  12 :12-17 Worldliness; Rebellion; Flesh; Christian Living; Habits; Purpose
The Believer's Marathon Hebrews  12 :1-29 Faithfulness; Christian Living
Tis the Season to be Holy Hebrews  12 :1-29 Christmas; Holy Living
Blessed Wishes! Hebrews  13 :20-21 Greeting, Godly; Wish, Blessed; Regeneration
The Handwringer Isaiah  America; National Sin; Repentence, Need for; Judgment of a Nation
Peace and Harmony Isaiah  2 :4 Peace
Stand Firm Isaiah  7 :9 Commitment
The Fear of God - Lost and Found Isaiah  8 :13 Fear of God; America; Independence Day
A Christmas Promise Isaiah  9 :6-7 Promises from God; Prophecy Fulfilled; Birth of Jesus; Christmas
The Christ of Christmas Isaiah  9 :6-7 Christ, Birth of; Christmas
God is in Control Isaiah  14 :24-27 God, Control of; Trust in God; America
Journey Off The Map Isaiah  30 :21 Vacation Bible School; Jesus, Life with
God's New Thing Isaiah  43 :18-19 New Year
Revive Us, O Lord Isaiah  57 :15-16 Revival; Renewal
The Saints Highest Calling Isaiah  66 :1-6 Christian Living; Calling, Highest
The Holy War James  4 :1-10 Holiness; Purity; Christian Living; Spiritual Warfare
Where are the Elijahs of God? James  5 :16-18 Elijah; Spirit of God; Commitment; Willingness
Remember Jeremiah's Mother Jeremiah  Mother's Day; Mother; Abortion
Remember Jeremiah's Father Jeremiah  1 :1-5 Father; Father's Day
The Secret of Jeremiah's Steadfastness Jeremiah  15 :16 Steadfastness; Commitment; Faithfulness
A Fool and His Money Jeremiah  17 :11 Money; Materialism; Riches; Honesty with Money
When You Come To A Fork In The Road Jeremiah  17 :5-8 Way, God's; Decisions; Will, God's; Direction in Life
Wisely Pondering the Potter's Work Jeremiah  18 :1-11 Potter's Wheel; Discipleship
The Practice Of Prayer Jeremiah  33 :3 Prayer
The Urge To Pray In Urgent Times Jeremiah  33 :3 Prayer; Time with God; Divine Assistance
It's A Risk Worth Taking John  Salvation; Hypocrisy; Nicodemus
The Crux of Christianity John  1 :43 Discipleship; Jesus, Following
Don't Miss Your Miracle John  3 :1-21 Salvation; Faith; Trust; Miracle of Redemption
Thinking About Love John  3 :16 Love; God's Love
Quenching the Thirst of the Soul John  7 :37-39 Water of Life; Life, Water of; Yearning; Desires
The Great Physician and the Guilty Pharisees John  8 :1-59 Pride; Humility; Judging Others
Do You Believe This? John  11 :25-26 Lordship; Resurrection; Salvation; Easter
The Pursuit of Happiness John  13 :17 Happiness
Vintage Christianity John  15 :1-8 God the Father
The Gist of Eternal Life John  17 :3 Eternal Life
Rabboni! John  20 :16 Resurrection; Mary Magdalene; Easter; Encouragement
Better Late Than Never John  20 :24-29 Procrastination, Resurrection, Easter, Time
Restoration - Who Needs It? John  21 :15-25 Restoration; Revival; Renewal; Dedication
Ask The Ninevites Jonah  3 :1-10 Revival; Judgment
A Serious Call To Spiritual Leadership Joshua  1 :9 Leadership
Live Courageously in the Purpose of God Joshua  1 :9 Courage; Christian Living; Purpose of God
Live Courageously under the Precepts of God Joshua  1 :9 Courage; Precepts Leading to Boldness
Reasons to Remember Joshua  4 :23-24 Remembering; Blessings of God; Gratitude; Forgetfulness
If You're Waiting For A Sign Judges  Will, God's; Will of God; Graduation; Commencement
Don't Sell Yourself Short Judges  6 :15 Courage; Faith; Power in Christian Living
Remember Gideon's Mother Judges  8 :19 Mother's Day; Mother; Family
The Condition of Society Judges  17 Society, Condition of; Evil Generation
The Hope of Revival Lamentations  3 :18-42 Revival; Renewal; Repentance
Do We Really Want Revival? Lamentations  3 :40-42 Revival
The Christmas Rush Luke  2 :8-20 Christmas; Shepherds at Bethlehem; Birth of Jesus
Fisherman Becomes Man-Fisher Luke  4 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism; Preach as Evangelist
The Righteous One and The Wicked One Luke  4 :1-13 Temptation of Jesus
A Motto or A Mandate Luke  6 :31 Others; Golden Rule; Christian Living
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Luke  6 :43-45 Fruitfulness; Jesus, The Inward Life of
Would Be Disciples Who Won't Be Disciples Luke  9 :57-62 Discipleship; Excuses
Heartsick Over Hell Luke  12 :4-7 Hell; Judgment
9-1-1, What Is Your Emergency? Luke  13 :1-5 Repentance
Having Jesus For Your First Love Luke  14 :25-26 Love; Jesus; Christian Living
Lost, Lost, Lost Luke  15 :1-32 Lostness; Salvation; Repentance
Life Was Good Luke  16 :19-31 Life, Eternal; Decisions
Thoughts on Thanksgiving Luke  17 :11-19 Thanksgiving
Shake Well Before Using Luke  22 :31-34 Victory; Commitment; Dedication
The Belief of a Thief Luke  23 :39-43 Belief; Faith; Truth; Easter
God's Book of Remembrance Malachi  Eternal Security; Book of Life; The Believer
The Refiner's Fire Malachi  Fire, Refiner's; Judgment; Christ, Return of; Repentance; Purity; Revival
What is the Big Deal about Worship? Malachi  1 :6-14 Worship
The Unsinkable Ship Mark  4 :35-41 Tragedy; Faith; Security
The Disciple That Stayed At Home Mark  5 :1-10 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism; Jesus, Power of; Will of God
More Than A Carpenter Mark  6 :1-6 Jesus
Matters of the Heart Mark  7 :21-23 Heart; Protection from Errors; Let Down After High Times
Caveat Emptor Mark  8 :36-37 Warnings; Prophets, False; Teachings, False
Lord, I Believe Mark  9 :23-24 Faith; Miracles
Close Encounters of the Spiritual Kind Mark  10 :13-31 Spiritual Encounter; Rich Young Ruler
Nothing But Leaves Mark  11 :12-30 Fruitlessness; Empty Living; Hypocrisy
Believing God Mark  11 :24 Faith; Believing God; Faith, True
The Christ and the Critics Mark  12 :13-27 Jesus; Christian Critics; Questions for Jesus; Salvation
The Normal Christian Life Matthew  Christian Life; Committed Christians
Who Said There Would Be No Math? Matthew  Cults; Math; Numerology; Teacher's Day
The Birth of Jesus Matthew  1 :18 Jesus, Birth of; Christmas
The Faith of Mary Matthew  1 :18-25 Faith; Mary, Mother of Jesus; Christmas; Mother
A Message For All Seasons Matthew  2 Christmas; Birth of Christ; The Redeemer
The Three Gifts Matthew  2 :1-12 Magi, Gifts of; Birth of Christ; Worship; Christmas
Hark! the Herod's Angry Scheme Matthew  2 :1-23 Christmas; Herod; Jesus, Escape of
O Worship the King Matthew  2 :1-23 Christmas; Jesus, King; Worship
How Should A King Come? Matthew  2 :2 Christ, Birth of; Christmas
Extreme Makeover: Holy Edition Matthew  4 :19-20 Commitment
Happy Father's Day Zebedee! Matthew  4 :21-22 Fathers; Parenting; Men
Some Gave All Matthew  5 :11-12 Sacrifice; Ministry; Suffering for Jesus; Martyrdom
I Met God There (Devotion) Matthew  6 :25-34 Peace; Strength; Service; Fear, Overcoming
Beware of Judging Matthew  7 :1 Judging Properly
Jesus Christ is Lord! Matthew  7 :21-23 Lordship; Jesus is Lord
Be of Good Cheer Matthew  9 :2 Joy; Cheer, Good
The Forgotten Beatitude Matthew  11 :6 Faith; Commitment; Testimony
How Did He Do That Matthew  12 :22-32 Miracles of Jesus; Jesus, Power of
The Power of Words Matthew  12 :22-37 Words; The Power of
A Message from the Master Broadcaster Matthew  13 :1-23 Sower, The; Seed; Hearing; Heart
The Invisible Church Matthew  16 :13-18 Church
Happy Mother's Day Salome! Matthew  20 :20-28 Faith; Rewards; Prayer, Mother
O Little Town Of Bethlehem Micah  5 :2 Significance; Christmas; Prophecy; Jesus, Birth of;
The Danger of Presumption Numbers  15 :30-31 Persumption
The Strangest Character in the Scripture Numbers  22 :1-25 Evil Influence
Arrows in the Quiver of Amram Numbers  26 :59 Amram, Arrows of; Faith
Have You Lost Your Mind? Philippians  2 :5 Mind; Christian Thinking; The Spiritual Mind
A Terrible Thing To Waste Philippians  4 :1-9 Mind; Christian Thinking; The Spiritual Mind
A Crash Course In Human Relations Proverbs  Relationships
You Can Observe a Lot by Watching Proverbs  Wisdom; Learning; Growing; Observation
Distinctively Different in Dark Days Proverbs  1 :7-9 Father's Day; Christian Dad; Family; Legacy
The Law of Your Mother Proverbs  1 :8 Mother; Mother's Day
The Lessons of Your Father Proverbs  1 :8-9 Fathers; Father's Day; Home, Christian; Dad
Daily Heart Check Proverbs  4 :23 Heart; Personal Examination
Beware of Adultery! Proverbs  5 Adultery; Sexual Sin; Fidelity
Pleasing God Proverbs  6 :12-19 God, Pleasing; Christian Living
Be Wise Proverbs  9 :10-12 Wisdom
Speaking Frankly On Friendship Proverbs  18 :24 Friendship; Jesus, our Friend
The Fear of GOD Proverbs  19 :23 Fear of God; God, Fear of
Reputation Matters, or Does It? Proverbs  20 :11 Reputation; Testimony; Truth; Witness
The Misery of a Miser Proverbs  23 :6-8 Money; Possessions; Giving; Stewardship
To Be, or Not To Be a Model Christian Proverbs  26 :17-22 Christian Citizenship
A Banquet of Consequences Proverbs  28 :9 Sin, Consequences of; Prayer
Characters In Contrast Psalms  1 :1-6 Character, Differences in; Christian Living; Godly Living
Jesus The Messiah: Do You Love Him or Hate Him? Psalms  2 :1-12 Jesus, Rejection of; Jesus, Love for; Messiah
When The Bottom Falls Out Psalms  3 :1-8 Suffering; Hardships; Prayer; Trust in God
When You Can't Sleep Psalms  4 :1-8 Sleeplessness; Peace; Rest
When You Hurt Psalms  5 :1-12 Problems; Struggles; Pain; Hardships
Repentance Psalms  6 :1-10 Repentance; Forgiveness
Keep Calm and Carry On Psalms  7 :1-17 Peace; Persistence
Praising God Psalms  10 :1-18 Praise
When The Outlook Is Dark Psalms  11 :1-7 Trouble; Problems; Trust; Faith
Solemnly Decrying a Decaying Society Psalms  12 :1-8 Society, Sinful; Nation, Sinful; America, Decay of
How Long Till You Ask: How Long? Psalms  13 :1-6 Troubles; Hardships; Frustration; Prayer; Faith
The Dark Night of the Soul Psalms  13 :1-6 Depression; Loneliness; Isolation; Despondency
Look Who's Looking! Psalms  14 :1-7 Sovereignty, God's; Omniscience
Who Cares About Pleasing God Psalms  15 :1-5 God, Pleasing; Obedience; Security
Salvation: Both Now and Forevermore Psalms  16 :1-11 Salvation; Eternal Security
Satisfied At Last! Psalms  17 :1-15 Peace; Satisfaction; Heaven
Free At Last! Psalms  18 :1-50 Deliverence; Gratitude; Praise
The Godly Saint and the Gold Standard Psalms  19 :9-11 Bible; Word of God; Godliness
Thanks for the Victories Psalms  21 :1-13 Victory; Gratitude; Blessings of God
The Lordship Of Jesus Christ Psalms  23 :1-6 Lordship; Psalm 23; Lord as Shepherd
The Shepherd Is My Lord Psalms  23 :1-6 Lordship; Shepherd, Jesus As The
Integrity or Hypocrisy: That is the Question! Psalms  26 :1-12 Integrity; Hypocrisy
The Marks of a Saint Psalms  26 :2 Saints; Christian Living
To Be Right with God is Priceless! Psalms  39 :1-13 Confession; Repentance
God's Deliverance Psalms  40 :1-17 Deliverance, God's; Mercy, God's
God's Sufficiency for Godly Sufferers Psalms  41 :1-13 Suffering; Hardships; Sufficiency, God's
The Puzzle of Providence Psalms  49 :1-20 Providence; God's Will
Are You Playing Church Psalms  50 :21-23 Church; Commitment
The Olive Tree Psalms  52 :8 Olive Tree; Christian Living; Godliness
The River of God Psalms  65 :9 Blessings from God; God, Rivers of
A Basketful of Blessings Psalms  68 :19 Blessings; God, Blessings Of; Blessings, Unexpected
The World Court Psalms  75 :1-10 Judgment; Trust
Are You Living Wide Open? Psalms  81 :10b Passion; Dedication; Commitment
Living God's Unshakable Truth Psalms  86 :11 Truth; God's Truth; Heart; Wholehearted
So Help Me, Our Lord Psalms  90 :12 America; Citizenship, Christian
The Soldier's Psalm Psalms  91 :1-16 Independence Day; America; Memorial Day
Thank You Lord Psalms  95 :1-11 Thanksgiving; Gratitude
O Worship the King! Psalms  96 Worship
Be Thankful Psalms  100 :1-5 Gratitude; Thankful
In God We Trust Psalms  106 :1-48 America; God, Trust in; Trust in God; Faith; Sovereignity of God
Perfect Storms Perfect Saints Psalms  107 :23-32 Afflictions; Hardships; Troubles
Unraveling the Mystery of Prayer Psalms  109 :1-31 Prayer
The Crown of All the Psalms Psalms  110 :1-7 Prophecy; Jesus; Lord, Jesus as
The Lord and His People Psalms  111 :1-10 People, God's
The Righteous Ones Psalms  112 :1-10 Righteousness; God's People
Our God Is Praiseworthy Psalms  115 :1-18 Praise; God, Worthy of Praise
To God Be The Glory Psalms  115 :1-18 Praise; Thanksgiving
On Which Side Are You? Psalms  115 :3 Idolatry; Faithfulness to God
God Answers Prayer Psalms  116 :1-2 Prayer; Answered Prayer
Deliverance From Death Psalms  116 :15-17 Death; Life
Look Up! Look Up! Psalms  121 :1-8 Faith; Deliverence; Hope; Security; Peace
The Traveler's Psalm Psalms  121 :1-8 New Year
Are You Looking up to the Lord? Psalms  123 :1-4 Looking to Jesus; Upward Look; Faith; Trust
Look Up, Don't Give Up! Psalms  123 :1-4 Jesus Our Example; Peace; Prayer
Opposition Psalms  129 :1-8 Opposition; Enemies; Trials
Biblical Unity Precedes Revival Blessing Psalms  133 :1-3 Revival; Unity; Blessings From God
Divine Insights for Dark Nights Psalms  134 :1-3 Presence of the Lord; Comfort; Peace; Renewal; Worship
The Sanctity of Human Life Psalms  139 Abortion; Life, Preciousness of; Creation, God of
When Evil Strikes Psalms  140 :1-13 Evil; Repentance; Grace
The Heart Cry of One Harassed by Cruel Hate Psalms  141 :1-10 Deliverance; Prayer
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen Psalms  142 :1-7 Trouble; Hardship
The Happy People Psalms  144 :1-15 Joy; Happiness
Your God Is Too Small Psalms  145 :1-21 God, Almighty; God, Greatness of; God, Love of
Glory Hallelujah for God's Help! Psalms  146 :1-10 Praise; Worship; Gratitude
Praise the Lord! Psalms  147 :1-20 Praise; Worship
A Call to Worship Psalms  148 :1-14 Worship
A Primer on Worship Psalms  149 :1-9 Worship
A Universal Hymn of Praise Psalms  150 :1-6 Praise
Much More Romans  5 :1-21 Blessings, Christian; Christian, The Blessings in Being a; Assurance
Adam - A Tragedy In Three Acts Romans  5 :12-21 Adam; Sin, Foolishness of; Man, Fallen Nature of
Amazing Grace Romans  6 :1-14 Grace
My Lord Knows The Way Romans  8 :14 Leadership of God; God's Will
The Journey from Here to Eternity Romans  8 :30 Direction; Decisions; Eternity; Salvation
Dear Member, Remember Romans  12 :4-5 Remembering; Blessings of God; Gratitude; Forgetfulness
Does It Matter Romans  16 :17-20 Bible Truth; The Word of God; Doctrine
Lifting the Veil on Good and Evil Romans  16 :19 Divine Wisdom; discernment
Am I A Saint? Selected Passages  Saints; Christian Living; Godliness
Departures Selected Passages  Backslidding; Rapture; Tribulation; Return of Christ; Judgment
Hark! The Ark of Jochebed Selected Passages  Jochebed; Children, Care of; Providence; Parenting; Family; Mothers
If You're Happy And You Know It Selected Passages  Joy; Happiness; Peace
Let's Get Personal Selected Passages  Salvation; Lost, Relgious but
Remember Lot's LIFE Selected Passages  Backsliding; Disobedience; Worldliness
Success and Failure Under God Selected Passages  Success; Failure
The Days of Amos Selected Passages  Amos; Worship, Disappointing; Word, Famine of God's
The Responsibility of Privilege Selected Passages  Responsibility; Jesus, Ministry of; Christian Living; Judgment
The Woeful Story of the World System Selected Passages  World System; Worldliness;
What About You? Selected Passages  Jesus, Lordship of; Jesus, Centrality of
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross Selected Passages  Cross; Crucifixion
Professing God Titus  1 :16 God, Professing; Witness; Testimony
A Brand New Life Zechariah  Rebuke of Satan, remission of sin, living a brand new lifw

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The Gist of Eternal Life Life, Eternal
The Lamplighter Light Shine, Let Your
The Marvelous Effect of an Evangelist's Meetings Evangelist; Ministry Effectiveness; Mass Evangelism
The Practice of Prayer Prayer
The Rest of the Story Illustrations and their Authenticity
The Ultimate Life Saver Salvation; Life Saver
The Work of the Pastor Pastor, Work of
The World's All-time Bestseller Bible; Word of God
To Write, Or Not To Write Writing
Whatever Became of Sin? Sin; Boldness
Whatever Became of Sin? Sin; Boldness
Wrong Number Witnessing