A Father Blessing His Family

Bible Book: Proverbs  22 : 6
Subject: Father's Day; Father; Family; Home

In every Bible I own I can turn to Proverbs 22:6 and no doubt, it will be underlined. The reason is simple: The greatest responsibility I have is to be a great dad. It does not matter the profession any man can hold, every dad has no greater responsibility than to be a father that blesses his family.

Josh McDowell, in his book “The Father Connection,” calls it is “the most frightening job in the world.” Think about it for a moment. We live in a culture that, by far, has rejected the notion of truth and morality--a society which can no longer decide what is right or wrong. It’s all about individual preference. It is destroying our families and our future.

Let me give you a snapshot as to what is taking place every day in America:

-1,000 unwed teenage girls become mothers.

-1,160 teenage girls get abortions.

-4,219 teenagers contract a sexually transmitted disease.

-500 adolescents begin using drugs.

-1,000 adolescents begin drinking alcohol.

-135,000 kids brought a gun to school.

- 3,620 teens are assaulted; 80 are raped.

- 2,200 teens drop out of high school.

- 7 kids (ages 10-19) are murdered.

- 7 juveniles (ages 17 & under) are arrested for murder

- 6 teens commit suicide.

It is in this culture God has given every dad the most important job in the world—to be a father who blesses his family.

I want to share with you 3 ways to bless your family. We are to Train them in 3 areas.

I. To Have Passion For God

There are three important things for dads to see about training them to have Passion or Love for God.

A. The Principle

The principle is rather simple. They are to learn from your lips and life practice how to love God.

To me the greatest book in all the Bible is Proverbs. It is so full of wisdom. Listen to what it says in Proverbs 1:7. This truth is so pivotal in a child’s life. It is not a fear that develops action of running and hiding from God; it is a fear that produces an action that drives us to have passion for God. It is where we recognize God’s holiness, greatness, and awesomeness that draw us to Him with a passion to Love Him and to Live for Him. Dads, when you consider this, the question becomes: Do your children have passion to love on God? And does it reflect you?

B. The Process

It is quite simple: discern the path and walk therein! Simple, isn’t it? Let me try to explain what I mean.

God has just given Moses the law (Deut. 5). He then gives the fathers further instruction. He tells every father that we are to instruct our children in the laws and ways of God; to teach them how to obey them by doing them. (Deut. 6:1)

How in the world do we do this? By beating up on them every day with the family Bible? No! However, as you live in the context of life, as you deal with circumstances, and make decisions you explain to them how God has led you in those dealings or decisions, and it should always be based upon Scripture. As you move through the course of living, you’re constantly in the classroom of spirituality. (Deut. 6:7) Dads, it is communicating with them the ways of the Lord. The eyes and ears of your children are always absorbing it all! They will listen to what you say, they’ll watch the way you live, and when your practice and profession match up, it cements within their hearts the ways of God.

C. The Product

Deuteronomy 6:2

That your sons and your grandsons (children) will fear (have a passion for) the Lord. In other words, they will keep His commands and their days will be long.

So in this thing called a father blessing his home, we must train them to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind. (Deut. 6:5)

II. To Protect Their Minds

Listen to what the Scripture tells us about our minds. It says we are not what we think we are, but we are what we think. Listen to Proverbs 23:7. Why in the world do you think Solomon wrote, Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it flows the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23)

A. The Principle

Here again it is simple. What one puts into their mind (the inner man) is what flows out.

Here is a horrifying thought but it is true: our children are exposed to things today that many of our grandparents never learned about.

I read recently where one dad told his son he wanted to have a talk with him about the birds and the bees, and the boy said “Sure Dad, what is it you need to know?” By the time your children become teenagers, they have seen it all and heard it all, so how do you assist them in protecting their minds?

B. The Process

The Dad’s Presence.

Dads, your presence can never be overstated. As they observe you, it will determine the thought processes of their lives.

The Dad’s Attention.

Give care as to what you are putting into your own mind. What they observe you putting into your mind, they will put into theirs but in excess, so discipline your thought life. Take thought of the magazines you allow into your home, the DVDs you watch. The very things you allow in will determine their thoughts and their lives.

The Dad’s Closeness.

You can never train your children if you are constantly and consistently absent or emotionally detached. Do not allow anyone else to assume the role of head trainer in your family. Do not lose it to

their peer groups or to the media. You are the man! Be there to help determine what is put in so the product is acceptable when it comes out.

C. The Product

Here again it is simple. The writer of Proverbs says from it flows the issues of life. The idea is of a wellspring. (Life that is full of vigor, healthy and victorious.) It all has to do with what you put in. The corrupt heart leads to the grave, but the spiritual heart leads to life victoriously. Dads, listen to me. You must be the greatest influence in the formation of your children’s lives. Do not come in second or third to those things that will literally destroy your child’s life!

III. To Pick The Right Friends

Here again, listen to the Proverbs. (Pro. 13:20)

A. The Principle

Here again it is so simple. Show me your friends and I will show you your future! Listen. Dads, that is true for you and it is true for your kids. There are men I don’t run with because they are corrupt. They cut corners. There is no integrity. There is no character. I can be friendly toward them to be a witness to them for Christ, but I don’t run with them. That same principle is true for your kids. Train them how to pick friends.

B. The Process

Be Around.

Dads, be in their hemisphere and when you are, observe who and what your kids are allowing into their world. Get to know them, their parents. Ask questions. Process the information you gain.

Be Accessible.

Encourage your kids to have their friends in your home. (Finish our basement.) Listen to the conversations while they are there, and antennas must always be up.

Be Assertive.

When there is one who doesn’t have the values of your home, speak up to your child. Be honest, positive, but intentional. Let them know why when you are refusing to allow them to hang with a certain kid.

C. The Product

A godly shaped life, useable to God.

Let me close with this. When you have done all of this and you’ve given them the right example by living righteous yourself, give them over to the Lord. There is no safer place for them to be than in the center of God’s will.

The great Christian writer of another era, A. W. Tozer, said “Everything in life which we commit to God is really safe and everything we refuse to commit to Him is never safe.”


Men, listen to me. Your greatest contribution to this life is not what you do in the marketplace of America but what you do in the home life at your address. Our children are a gift from God. They have been given to us for just a few years. At the very beginning of their lives, offer them to God and then spend every day working to make sure they follow Jesus Christ.