Becoming Behavior For Golden Gals

Bible Book: Titus  2 : 1-3
Subject: Women, Senior; Women, Godly


Titus 2:1-3 (KJV) 1 But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine: 3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

In this message we will be very specific concerning one group of saints within the church, the aged women.

The Aim of these Words:

a. Words that will help them become scripturally healthy

b. Words that will help them become spiritually healthy

The Age of these Women:

a. Specific Women - “older women - aged in years”

b. Senior Women - “mature women - advanced in years, probably 49 plus in age”

The Allurement of these Women:

a. Godly Walk

b. Goodly Ways

I. Sound Concerning her Disposition & Testimony - Her Appeal

The aged women are to “likewise” do as the aged men are to do. It means that that must likewise be sound in their doctrine and in their disposition. The aged women are to exhibit the same Godly disposition and behavior in their faith as the aged men. It involves her behavior or her demeanor in how she serves God.

A. Attributes That Manifest Holiness - Inwardly

The holiness that she must exhibit is one that makes her attractive and becoming to men. In her actions she displays a wonderful reverence of God. It is the inward workings of a woman that portrays her real beauty. The outward beauty will eventually fade or fall by the wayside, but not so with the inward beauty, it can last forever.

B. Actions That Mimic Holiness - Outwardly

The holiness that she possesses is one that honors her heavenly father in her actions for all to see. This behavior is becoming and valuable in the life of a Christian lady.

II. Sound Concerning her Drink & Tongue - Her Avoidance

The godly lady of Titus chapter 2 is a wonderful lady that has full control of her desires and her disposition. In this text we find that Titus is very clear and precise in what is expect of the aged women of the church.

A. The Ability to Control What Comes Out - Avoid Lying Lips

The definition of false accuser is one that displays slanderous accusations, one that is a false accuser. The idea is one that has sided with the devil or became an instrument for him to use. It must never be said that one of the aged women is acting the part of a devil, this is dangerous and utterly destructive.

B. The Ability to Control What Goes In - Avoid Drunken Drinking

In reading this passage it is not hard to find its meaning, the woman of Titus chapter 2 does not indulge herself in sipping on the sauce. It must not be said that an aged woman is given to or addicted to drinking from the bottle of sin.

III. Sound Concerning her Duties & Teachings - Her Abilities

The role of these aged women is that of teaching the younger generation about the things of God. The role of a godly teacher must not be minimized, it is an honorable role. God himself has placed this ministry into the hands of these aged women. It should be accepted with gladness and honor, knowing that God has placed much value upon this ministry. If God is in it surely it must be of importance and worthy of consideration.

A. Rightful Role as a Teacher of Goodness - Her Observers

The aged women must be teachers of good things, the honorable reverent things that come from God. In her presence are up and coming women that need her teachings so that they may become beneficial in their future roles as teachers.

B. Respectful Role as a Testimony of Goodness - Her Opportunities

The aged women should look at this as an opportunity to reach the next generation with the precious truths that come from godly teachings. It should be endorsed with reverent pride and full commitment. The next generation must have someone that is willing to invest in them, will it be you?


The church of today needs good Godly women that are worthy and willing to come alongside the next generation. In doing this they must lovingly teach them about their God and his goodness.