A Psalm for Every Person

Bible Book: Psalms  90 : 1-17
Subject: Praise

Isaac Watts (1674-1748) wrote "Joy to the World" and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." He also wrote, "O God, Our Help in Ages Past," stating that the 90th Psalm was his inspiration for this last song.

The text indicates that Moses wrote this Psalm during the 40 years of "Wilderness Wanderings." This is a Psalm for every person.

I. This is a Psalm of Praise to God.

A. We Praise God because He is our Refuge

We praise God because He is our refuge (v. 1). An old Indian chief led his tribe to escape a raging forest fire and crossed a river to get away to safety. In the new territory, he put up a tent and said, "Alabama" which in the Indian language means "Here we are at rest." We find rest and refuge in God.

B. We Praise God because He is Eternal

We praise God because He is eternal (v. 2). All other leaders die and fade away. Jeremiah 10:1-10 tells about pagan gods…They don’t talk, breathe or help. They are nothing…But God is eternal.

II. This is a Psalm of Protest to God

Most of us complain and fuss just like God’s people did in the desert, and ever since.

A. We Protest because Life is so Short

We protest because life is so short….Verses 4-9 describe life as a watch in the night, like sleep, like grass that’s cut down, like a story that’s told. Our years are 70 and they soon end. One man had his body frozen at death, hoping to come back and live longer!

B. We Protest because of God’s Wrath

We protest because of God’s wrath. V. 7, "We are consumed by your anger." God’s wrath killed a lot of people in the desert…We don’t like for God to be mad at us!…

C. We Protest because God sees our Sins

We protest because God sees our sins…He spies on us…..We want to hide our sin, to get away with "secret sins and faults," but we can’t. Loo at the Achan story in Joshua 8.

D. We Protest because life Contains Suffering

We protest because even a long life is filled with sadness and suffering. V. 10. We know this is true…

III. This is a Psalm of Petition to God

Verses 12-17 list several requests.

A. We Need to Pray that we use our Time Wisely

Note verse 12. Apply hearts to wisdom, not on silly stuff and wasted or misspent activities.

B. We Pray for God’s Mercy

See verses 14-15. God can give gladness for sadness.

C. We Pray to see God’s Glory

We may ask God to show us His glory. V. 16. God’s glory was shown to Moses as he was 40 days in the Mountain of Sinai, the Commandments…Matthew 17, too. For us?

D. We Pray that God’s Beauty will Rest on Us

We may pray that God’s beauty will rest on us…Vs. 16-17. God’s purity and character of truth can fill us.

E. We Pray for God to Establish our Works

See verse 17. Jesus stated in Matthew 7:24-29 that we can build life on a solid rock, not on the shifting sands of life that the storms will destroy….Trust God and let Him make this Psalm one for your life.