God's Name Should Never Be Spoken In Jest

Bible Book: Exodus  20 : 7
Subject: Ten Commandments; Name, God's; Profanity
Series: Ten Commandments

Something that I believe is quickly slipping away form the church is reverence for God. It’s happening a lot like on TV; it allows one thing out of the way and it’s not too long before we’ve gone all the way. I heard a movie star on TV Land the other night say, “What we do is slip some little something in and once you’ve gotten it through, you just can’t back up.” God makes it clear in His word what He expects in our relationship to Him as far as where He fits into the pyramid of God and today He gets even a little more personal! There can be no doubt; we know exactly who He’s talking about. Notice with me:

I. Instructions revealed in the command, vs. 7.

A. Instructions concerning our relationship, vs., 7.
…the name of the Lord thy God… vs. 7. I believe God wants to make it very clear Who it is He’s talking about. It’s the God with Whom we have a personal and practical relationship …the Lord thy God… vs. 7. Our Lord’s name is different from all other names. God’s name is above all; before and over all other names. God’s name is higher than the heavens; far above every name in heaven and earth. He is the King of kings; Lord of lords; the Almighty God; He is our Creator. I believe that relationship makes us directly responsible to Him. Not only do we see the instructions concerning our relationship, but also the:

B. Instructions concerning our reverence, vs. 7.

…in vain… vs. 7. We are not to take the name of our Lord lightly. I know we don’t mean anything by it but let me at least outline the areas of caution. Phrases like God Almighty; Sweet Jesus; asking God to damn something; Oh, God; Somebody Up There; the Man Upstairs; Lord, have mercy; God; Jesus; Christ. It also goes a step further; for us to be irreverent while His name is being spoken; talking during prayer; walking around during prayer; praying carelessly or meaninglessly. Here’s where we’re losing it; we think these things are necessary or just a figure of speech but God says He’s taking it seriously. I’ve heard many times, “Oh, they don’t mean anything by it. It’s just the way they talk!” God forbid! Not only do we see the instructions revealed in the command, but also the:

II. Iniquities revealed in the command, vs. 7.

A. God will reveal Himself, vs. 7.

…for the Lord… vs. 7. It’s clear from scripture that God Himself will defend His name. It’s important to know that when you call most people they will show up. I must admit that I don’t understand the long suffering of God; I just thank Him for it! If it were not for God’s long suffering I would have been doomed years ago. Just as He heard when I used His name in vain; on the day I was born again He heard me call on His name. You better think about that! You call…He comes. It will either be to save, bless and restore or to judge. Notice not only will God reveal Himself, but also:

B. God will reveal our sin, vs. 7.

…will not hold him guiltless… vs. 7. God says He’ll reveal your sin or He’ll not count you clean, pure or innocent. God says I will not let you go unpunished! I don’t know why we look at people and think it’s over. Why we think God won’t do anything. We always compare ourselves to other people which God says is not wise. I know somebody who cursed God all their life and nothing happened to them…yet! God will avenge His name. If you want to use God’s name; accept Him as Lord and Savior! Then tell somebody about Jesus!