Devastating Affect of Unbelief

Bible Book: Hebrews  3 : 1-19
Subject: Unbelief; Faith, Lack of
Series: Hebrews

Throughout Chapter 3, we learn some very valuable things that we should do as well as some things that we must not do in our relationship with God. This chapter relates to us the absolutely necessity of a faith (belief) which is steadfast and sure. It also tells us that God does not like and will not reward a wavering faith. This thing called faith in Jesus Christ has been so watered down in our day that it hardly resembles what the Bible tells us true faith is.

In the early days of Christianity belief in Christ was, in itself, a radical thing. The Jewish religious system was so ensconced that to suggest that this "new" man on the scene was the way to God to the exclusion of other ways (Jewish religion) was considered very radical.

We have marginalized and redefined belief. We have made it something easy and convenient. To believe in Christ in our day is only remotely akin to what belief in Him was in the New Testament. Our "belief" costs us little, but to them it cost everything. Our understanding of belief has degenerated to a "feelings oriented" emotion. Their belief was profound and involved being willing to relinquish all of life….family, friends, possessions, position and wealth. To turn against Judaism amounted to betrayal. It caused a person to be an outcast. Their families would treat them as dead. That's the level of understanding Paul had when he told the Philippian jailer to "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."

Today, salvific belief is relegated to the "come forward and believe in Christ." Our society IS a Christian society. Naming the name of Jesus brings accolades not persecution. When something costs a person nothing then there is no real value placed on it. The statement of our belief does not touch us deeply because it costs us so little.

There are some things contained in Hebrews Ch. 3 which should prove very valuable to us as we seek to live a life pleasing to the Lord. There are things you DON'T DO and there are some things you MUST DO.

I. The Things You Don't Do….

You don't harden your hearts…v.8,15.

You don't put God to the test..v.9

You don't grieve God's Spirit…v.10

You don't have an evil heart of unbelief.

…depart from the faith..v.12

II. The Things You Must Do…

Hear His Voice…v.7,15.

Take Heed…v.12….stay on guard concerning YOU.

Exhort one another…v.13…help others avoid sin.

Seize your Confidence…v.14…"hold on to your belief"….


Everything about Jesus was and is radically different. His teachings were radical. His love was a radical love. His demands on the life were and are radical.

It is no wonder then that the belief He refers to is also radical. The commitment he demands is a radical commitment. It supersedes simply saying something. It involves something much deeper than a decision to "allow Jesus into your life." Making a personal decision "for" Christ does not guarantee that He makes a decision to indwell you. That decision must be backed up with a genuine sorrow for sin and a deep sense of repentance.

I'm convinced that a strong sense of God's impending judgment must also be present. A person must come to Christ to flee God's wrath. Any other motivation misses the point of His coming because he came so that He could save us from the wrath to come. When the Holy Spirit has used the Gospel and conviction of sin to bring you to the point of surrendering to Christ, it does not require a well thought out decision as if you held all the advantage on the issue and that God is somehow bound on the issue. What it involves is a headlong rush into the arms of Jesus realizing that He is the only one who can solve your sin problem and save you from God's Wrath. Being willing to throw it all on Him and place yourself in His hands is a radical faith; a radical belief; a radical commitment which binds us to Christ.

So, now…here we are. I am challenging you to examine your faith. I am challenging those of you who are lost to come to Christ and cast all your burdens on Him. He will radically alter your life and your destination.