The Central Figure in the Spiritual Battle

Bible Book: Hebrews  1 : 1-3
Subject: Jesus; Spiritual Warfare
Series: Hebrews

Anyone with a modicum of spiritual insight would have to agree that this is an age in which a spiritual battle rages with the intensity of the battle being turned up more each and every day. A person would be wise to realize that the many and varied things happening in today's world are not just simply happening because they can. They are being caused by powerful forces which are running amuck in the world. The death and destruction we are witnessing is a byproduct of the cosmic spiritual battle which is going on all around us. What other explanation do we have for the things which are happening? Do they take place simply because they can or because man has the power to bring them about? No, there is a deadly battle going on and we are all affected by it to some extent. What can be done? Where is our safety? Who is going to help us?

The battle going on is centering on one person: Jesus Christ. Just who is He to the people of the world? He is seen as a prophet. He is recognized as a spiritual guide. He is known to be a historical figure. He is even someone with mystical powers and the ability to predict the future. To many, He is a healer and to others he is the one who is going to smooth out the rough edges of life. Many people will say He is the Son of God and many others will say he is only a man. In today's world he is a quick-fixer….one who makes everything all right when things don’t go just as one desires. There are those who think that Jesus really exists as an addendum to life and if one adds Him on, then finances, health and prosperity will follow.

This message today and to a larger extent the series on Hebrews I am beginning this morning will focus on the person of Jesus Christ. The reason I want to do this and indeed, find it necessary is that He is under attack more now than I can ever remember. The centrality of His mission is under attack. The message of redemption is under attack. Christianity itself is under attack. People are being led to believe that Jesus is only one way to satisfy God, that there are multiple avenues to heaven and oneness with God.

Political correctness has entered every arena of life and it is trying to work its destructive magic on Christianity as well. Remember this: God is not politically correct and He will not allow His Son to be relegated to the status of just another spiritual world leader who has only one of the ways to heaven. Jesus Himself said: "These things I have spoken unto you that you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world….John 16:33. And in John 8:23-24 He gave us this assurance: v. 23…"And he said unto them, ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world….v. 24..I said, therefore, unto you, that ye shall die in your sins; for if ye believe not that I am he ye shall die in your sins."

Our greatest assurance is going to come from having the proper understanding of who Jesus in and what He has done which is superior to anything man ever devised to try to get to God.

So, we begin our verse by verse study of Hebrews with the purpose of showing our people, once again, the magnificent work of God in Jesus Christ, and also re-affirming the fact that He is God's indisputable, superior pathway to heaven.

I. God's Method…v. 1

He delivered His message. He delivered it through prophets. He has always had men, particular men, through whom He spoke. The fullness of the message could not be delivered by the prophets only. It took someone else to make the message plain.

II. God's Man…v. 2-3a

Jesus Christ brings God into focus. Through Him we can see what God is like. The prophets could not do this. Note several things about Jesus…

A. He made the Worlds

How can any one sell a star to someone on earth? They don't own the star to sell it.

B. He is the heir of ALL things.
C. He upholds all things by his Power.

Jesus has executive power in His words. When He speaks…it is done. His word IS power. Jesus speaks with executive power when He says you are saved. His executive power declares you have a heavenly home. His executive power declares you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus doesn't have to ask permission…he just speaks.

III. God's Message…v.3b

So then, these things are true……

A. Jesus reveals God to us….

He reveals God to us in His glory….His Person…His Power…

He is the express image…seen in the Universe He created. He is the rightful heir of everything.

He has purged our sins and He sits at God's right hand.

B. Jesus takes us from...


to Calvary…v. 3

to Eternity…v. 3b.


So, when the world attacks Christ…His personhood….His deity….His function….and His redemption, it is no wonder that it will do so. It must remove Him in order to gain any legitimate claim to the souls of people. And make no mistake about it…that is the goal of the world's religion. But, God gives us a solid foundation to rest upon and that foundation is none other than Jesus Christ. He was there in Creation…He was there at Calvary, and He is there waiting on you in eternity.