Above Thy Fellows (Outline)

Bible Book: Hebrews  1 : 4-14
Subject: Jesus, Greatest of
Series: Hebrews

1. Angels are mentioned throughout scripture.

We know some things about them, but we don't know nearly as much as we would like to know. We know that they are created just a little above man in God's created order of things. We know that they have a supernatural, glorified body which is not subject to natural law. We know that they are not omnipresent, but that they can be anywhere in the universe at the speed of thought. We understand that they are primarily message bearers for God and that in the end, they will bring many of the trials, troubles and plagues upon the earth at God's command. We even know some of their names. We have Gabriel whose name means "man of God". There is Michael, who name means "who is like God." There is one you may never have heard of. His name is mentioned in the Hebrew in Daniel 8:13 and it is Palmoni…"the wonderful number." And then there is the most well known and troublesome angel…satan. He has over forty names given in scripture all of which speak of his evil nature.

All of the angels mentioned and the myriads of others we do not know by name have been eclipsed by One person. Man is created just a little lower than the angels. The angels are created lower in nature than God….they are created by God. They can appear so glorious that one would think he was looking at God. At the same time, they can take on human form and relate to someone on a person to person basis. They can also be invisible to the human eye. So, angels are special creations of God. But, Jesus was different. He was equipped a certain way to do a certain thing for God.

2. Characteristics of Jesus

I want us to look at a few of the characteristics of Jesus Christ as revealed in this most important passage of scripture.

A. He was Given a More Excellent Name. v. 4-5.

B. He as the First Begotten…v. 6

C. He is Worthy of Worship. v. 6

D. He is Declared to be God Himself.. v.8,10

E. He is Eternal in Nature…v. 8, 11-12.

F. He is Ultimately Victorious…. v.13.

3. Jesus is More Than the World will Admit

When we think about Jesus Christ, we must realize that he is more than the world is willing to admit about Him. He is more than the evil supernatural world wants you to know about Him. He is what God says He is:

"My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

And, being God's Son also qualifies him to do something no one else is qualified to do: save your mortal soul.