The World's Greatest Question

Bible Book: Isaiah  10 : 33ff
Subject: Sin; Salvation; Forgiveness

What is the world’s greatest question? Almost everyone who answers that question will do so according to their own biological age, their current circumstances or the generational era. Some will ask, "Who will I marry?" or "Will I ever find a job?" or "Where will I live when I grow up?" or "Can they cure my cancer?" You see, people ask questions they think are critical, but then a few years later they are asking a different set of "critical" questions. But, what is the most important question anyone can ask in any generation and under any circumstances? The greatest question is, "How can I deal with my sin before a Holy God?" This is critical since everyone sins, and do so in every generation. Oh sure, there are those who don't think that sin really matters; they think that man is nothing but an animal that evolved into our present state. But, the questions remains, "How can that man find a solution to his sin?" He is a sinner and will answer to God whether he realizing it or not.

Let's look at a few issues related to the world's greatest question this morning.

I. The Criteria for the World's Greatest

It must be a relevant question. In other words, was it relevant way back when? Well, in regard to the sin question, go back to Adam and Eve and ask if it was relevant to them. Sure it was. In fact, it started with them. The world's most important question has always been the world's greatest question!

How about in the time of our parents, did it matter to them? Absolutely! You see, this question is timeless. This question is trans-generational. It is not  a fad like so many things in history. It doesn't change like hair styles, clothing styles and music styles. It remains a constant question in this world, "How can I deal with my sin?"

Is this question relevant to those living right now? Sure it is! It matters to you and to me. There is no escaping this problem. The writer to the Hebrews penned, "How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?" Indeed, we are all trapped in a world of sin. We are like people are an airplane that is tilting toward the ground. How can you escape? Sin imprisons all humanity in the throes of death.

Will the sin problem matter when you die? You see, sin has always been relevant, is relevant and will be relevant even after your death. In order to live in God's presence, sin must be removed. So, this is the great question of the world, of time and of eternity: "How can I deal with my sin?"

II. The Choices concerning the World's Greatest Question

Again, many will tell you that humanity is nothing more than the highest plane of the evolutionary scale. Also, these same people will tell you that humans have been and are evolving into something better, that we are always and ever moving toward perfection. Really? Look at history. Cain killed Abel! Okay, that was ancient man acting on the lower evolutionary scale, according to those who believe in evolution. So, how do they explain child rapists, men who batter their wives, wives who poison their husbands, gangs who require killing a human being to join their gang, world wars, terrorists, etc., in our day? Get real! We may be a bit taller than those before us. And, we may live a bit longer. Also, we may have a fer more creature comforts, but inside we are just like Cain. We are like Adam and Eve. We are sinners. We lie, cheat, are filled with pride, jealousy, greed, lust, prejudice and sometimes get so bad we think we could kill somebody! We are sinners. Don't try to deny it; you will only show yourself to be a fool. God said that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

So, we are back to the worlds greatest question, "How can I deal with my sin?"

Buddha lived 500 years before Christ, but had nothing to uphold him in history. He was a sinner and he lived and died. Mohammed lived 500 years after Christ, but he had nothing to uphold him. He was a sinner and he lived and died. Only Jesus was sinless, lived, died and rose again! Jesus came with witnesses before, during, and after His earthly ministry. Jesus had the witness of His works and teachings. Jesus had the witness of John the Baptist that He was the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. Jesus had the witness of His Heavenly Father who said, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." Jesus had the witness of the Scripture…over 300 prophecies pointing to Jesus in very specific and miraculous ways

My friend, here is only one true answer to the world's greatest question - the answer is Jesus!

III. The Change through the World’s Greatest Question

Jesus said…”I am come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10 The Bible told us about the coming of Messiah. The History of mankind shows us the affect of Messiah. Your life confirms it…or does it?

Have you answered The Greatest Question in your life - the world's greatest question? What is your answer to your sin problem?

Many of you will say that your sin was settled at Calvary and that you have received the grace and forgiveness found only in Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord, if that is true in your life. Now another question, "How are you living in light of your answer?" We must, from time to time, rededicate ourselves to the One who forgives sin. We need to honor Him with a renewed commitment to live as we should, and to keep our hearts pure.

The World’s Greatest Question deserves the World’s Greatest Answer! Jesus is the Promise of Peace and the Banner of Hope for mankind! If you have not settled the sin question, do it today! Come to Christ. He loves you so much that He gave His life on the Cross for you. He rose from the dead that He might place His living Spirit inside you. Come to Him today.