Pajama Wearing Christians!

Bible Book: Romans  13 : 11-14
Subject: Christian Living

How do you experience a “Great Day?”

Definition of a Great Day…

Being at the right place

Being at the right place at the right time

Being at the right place at the right time in the right spirit

What is the “Right Spirit” for the Christian?

Knowing the past (sin), present (forgiveness), and the future (return of Christ)
Living each day with this knowledge

The Apostle Paul tells us how to live everyday…

I. Wake Up With Purpose

Sleep can be a Tranquil or Tragic!

Samson slept on Delilah’s lap, but it was a sleep of compromise
Jonah slept in a ship, but it was a sleep of seared conscience
Three disciples slept in a garden, but it was a sleep of indifference
Five maidens slept in a home, but it was a sleep of unpreparedness

Wake up ready to see…

People saved
Lives changed
Get in it to win it!

II. Get Up With Power

Wickedness is all around us, we need God’s Power for our “A Game!”
Wisdom is within us with God’s Spirit to teach us
Willfulness must be dealt with to defeat with wants to defeat us!

III. Dress Up With Passion

Get out of pajama’s and put on spiritual clothing
In Christ you always have clothing!
Jesus is your cover of Light!
Jesus is your constant Protection!
Jesus is your consistent Promise!

Don’t hit the “Snooze” Button, hit the “Move” button