Safe Place for a Child

Bible Book: Jeremiah  1 : 5
Subject: Mother's Day; Family; Woman; Wife; Mother; Sanctity of Human Life

Jeremiah 1:5

Ever since the beginning of time, men and women have shared differences that have left the other scratching their head with both confusion and curiosity. Naturally, there are the physical differences and the role differences. Men are by nature a protector and provider, while women nurture and nurse. However, while many of the differences have already been well-noted throughout the centuries, perhaps what creates the greatest void of understanding is the fact women experience something in life men will never be privileged to know - carrying and giving birth to a child. It is through this experience that maternal instincts are imparted. There are just some things women know that we men will never grasp, and it all begins in their womb.

A mother's womb should be the safest place in the world. Tragically, our nation has turned it into the most deadly battlefield in the world. We have lost sight of the significance of this precious gift of God to a mother. While Eve was told it would bring great sorrow and pain, God kept secret the surprise of unspeakable joy it would bring as well.

A mother's womb is mysterious.

A mother's womb is majestic.

A woman's womb is miraculous.

From the surroundings of a mother's womb, we find it to be a cradle of love and sustainment, but also as the incubator of our hopes and dreams. While man believes his next greatest achievement will come through cloning, in reality, he will merely be clowning. Without a womb, there are some things that would forever be missing. There is much more that occurs in a mother's womb than meets the eye. Consider with me the significance of a mother's womb.

I. Deity Is Captivated

A mother's womb is a place where Deity is captivated. God spoke in Jeremiah 1:5, "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee..." It carries the idea that this was an event well-thought through, filled with great anticipation, and one God was not going to miss.

When our children are born, we stand proud and observe our little one through the nursery window. I have noticed babies do not seem to be too startled by the observation. I cannot help but wonder, has the mother's womb been a Heavenly looking glass for nine months and they are accustomed to eyes beholding?

When I think about God's creation of man, I am amazed at the "womb" Adam found himself within - It was the hands of God! God still takes a personal interest in our creation. While women know a baby's every kick and hiccup, is it possible that the many sensations which awaken her suddenly in the middle of the night could in reality be the fingertips of God moving in creation?

II. Dreams Are Cultivated

A mother's womb is a place where dreams are cultivated. In Isaiah 49:1, he writes, "...The Lord hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath He made mention of my name." It has a beautiful meaning that he was called by name and marked for remembrance.

I find it interesting that we parents spend so much time debating over the right choice of a name for our baby while God is already speaking to them by name! What is He speaking? It is hints of His design, desires, and dreams. Perhaps that explains why man is born with such a natural void, longing, and craving to know God. If only we could hear from the outside the whispers of passion, and the hush of Heavenly lullabies. No wonder John the Baptist leaped in his mother's womb!

III. Delight Is Compensated

A mother's womb is a place where delight is compensated. In Isaiah 44:2, he writes, "Thus said the Lord that made thee, and formed thee from the womb..."

It is the picture of a poem or song that is satisfyingly completed and sent with a purpose. You may ask, "But what about those born with defects?" Sometimes, the Lord sings songs of laughter and joy. But, sometimes the Lord sings personal love songs. A song written and sung just for me carries much more meaning than one given to the eyes and ears of the world. Oh, what tunes "normal" lives will never learn from within a mother's womb!


In Psalm 22:10, David wrote, "I was cast upon thee from the womb..." A mother's womb is a sacred place. From within its habitation, the Lord has granted women the honor of knowing what His heart must have felt on the day of creation. Yes, there are many things I'll never understand about a woman. However, I'm learning it is the things I don't understand that make them special. Thank God for the precious gift of a mother's womb.