How to Be Restored

Bible Book: Psalms  23 : 3
Subject: Restoration; Renewal; Psalm 23; God's Care
Series: Psalm 23

Psalm 23:3

The psalmist makes a needed statement here. He restoreth my soul, vs. 3. I'd be amiss if I didn't take you back to verse 1, The Lord is my shepherd. This whole psalm rests on that one statement. You won't be able to claim or to render effective verses 2-6 in your life if you cannot claim the first five words of this psalm. To the person whose Shepherd is the Lord; you shall not want, vs. 1. You will find rest and refreshment as you serve the Lord.

I. What we Find Restored, vs. 3.

A. We find our love restored, vs. 3.

He restoreth my soul, vs. 3.

It's interesting to note that I don't restore His love for me, rather He restores my love for Him. The word "restoreth" is the Hebrew word "shoob." It means "to return or to bring back." When the Lord is your Shepherd, He then restores that zeal to serve Him.

Notice the words "my soul." God brings our soul or our love for Him back. The mood is imperfect, which means that this is a process. The process began with making the Lord your Shepherd. You see, for some of us the Lord is our Supplier instead of our Shepherd. That is a reversed process and it will not work! When the Lord is our Shepherd He begins the process of putting our love for Him back in its proper perspective. So when the Lord is our Shepherd our love is restored, but also He restores our leading.

B. He restores our leading, vs. 3.

...he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness... vs. 3.

There can be no happiness apart from holiness. God is more interested in our holiness than in our happiness or our health. It just makes good sense that when we allow the Lord to be our Shepherd He will resume leading in the paths of righteousness.

God will not lead you against your will! But, if you will make the Lord your Shepherd, He will restore your soul and lead you in paths of righteousness. Notice 2 Chronicles 7:14. Notice the word "if" in that passage. It's our choice.

Now notice Psalm 78:10-12. We can be restored if we make the Lord our Shepherd.

Not only do you see what is restored, but also what is reclaimed.

II. What we Find Reclaimed, vs. 3.

A. Who is reclaimed, vs. 3.

...for his name... vs. 3

 It's not all about us that we are restored! It's for His name that each of us should want the Lord to be our Shepherd. Why? Because Jesus died for you. He paid the price for our sins. His name is reclaimed in our hearts and that makes all the difference in the world.

B. What is reclaimed, vs. 3.

...for his name's sake... vs. 3

The word "sake" means "benefit."

The process is simple - I make the Lord my Shepherd:

  • Then I shall not want
  • Then I shall be rested and refreshed.
  • Then I shall be restored and led in the very best path for my life.

As a result honor, dignity and strength are added to Christ's name. My obedience will serve to benefit us both. Let me assure you, Christ wants that for you.

Do you want that for Him? Well, here's how to be restored: The Lord is My Shepherd!