The Risen Christ

Bible Book: Acts  1 : 3
Subject: Resurrection; Jesus, Power of; Living Savior

Congress once issued a special edition of the Bible, called the Thomas Jefferson Bible. It was a copy of our Bible, but it had no reference to the supernatural. In making his selection for this edition, Jefferson copied only the moral teachings of Jesus. The closing words are, "There laid they Jesus, and rolled a great stone to the mouth of the sepulcher and departed." But the Bible doesn't end like that, for Jesus burst the bonds of death.

It's written in Acts 1:3, "He showed Himself alive after His passion by many infallible proofs."

I. The Inspection

Jesus lived as a man, died as a man, and was buried as a man. But He was God of very God, and "He arose again the third day according to the Scriptures." By the expression, "He rose again," the Bible doesn't mean that His spirit continued to live after His body died, but that He was really raised from the dead in the same body that was nailed to the cross.

Do you ask, "Was there more than one appearance?" There were eleven.

Do you ask, "Was there more than one who saw Him?" There were over 500. There were witnesses enough to fix any fact.

Do you ask, "Was He on earth more than one day after He arose from the dead?" He remained 40 days on earth after His resurrection. That was long enough to disprove any deception.

Do you ask, "Did He appeal to any of their senses as well as to their sight?" He did. They not only saw Him, but heard Him, touched Him, and ate with Him. That continuous investigation dispelled every doubt, disproved any deception, and produced infallible proofs that Jesus is the living Savior.

II. The Inspiration

A dead Christ can't rescue or redeem sinners.

A dead Christ can't save or satisfy sinners.

A dead Christ can't transform or thrill sinners.

But the living Christ can and does.

He redeems from sin, rescues from shortcomings and revives from slips.

He disperses disappointments, discharges discouragements, dismisses distresses and dispels doubts.

He makes the fearful, fearless; the victims, victors! For He who inspired those to whom He showed Himself on that day, still inspires those to whom He shows Himself in our day.

He showed Himself to Saul on the road to Damascus, and changed him from a persecutor of Christ to a preacher of Christ.

He showed Himself to a shoe salesman, and changed him into a soul winner; and that man, D.L. Moody, shook two continents for Christ.

He showed Himself to a ballplayer and changed him into a believer; and that man, Billy Sunday, saw millions of people hit the sawdust trail and surrender to the Savior.

He shows Himself in our sorrow, and He unties our tangles, lifts our burdens, breaks sin's dominion, solves our problems, bears our sorrows and satisfies fully.

A few years ago a submarine sank. As soon as possible divers descended. They walked about the submarine anxious to find some signs of life within. Suddenly they heard a gentle tapping. Listening carefully they recognized the dots and dashes of the Morse code. These were the words spelled out, "Is there hope?" That's the cry of the human heart today. And the resurrected Redeemer is the answer to that cry!

III. The Instruction

It's written in Acts 1:3, "He showed Himself alive... speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God." The Lord Jesus was the rejected King. His own people said, "We will not have this man to reign over us!" What do you say? Will you rebel against Him, or will you let Him reign over you? If you rebel against Him, you'll remain in the kingdom of Satan. If you believe on Him you'll be delivered from the authority of Satan into the kingdom of God!


 Years ago the King of Persia visited a school. Taking an orange from his pocket, he asked, "To what kingdom does this belong?"

"The vegetable kingdom, sir," answered a little girl.

Taking a coin from his pocket, he asked, "To what kingdom does this belong?"

"To the mineral kingdom, sir," answered the girl."

And to what kingdom do I belong?" asked the King.

The little girl didn't want to answer, "The animal kingdom," and just then she thought of the Bible and God, and she answered, "To God's kingdom, sir."

The King was deeply moved. He placed his hand on the little girl's head, and said weeping, "God grant that I may be accounted worthy of that kingdom."

Would you like to belong to God's kingdom? Then just now repent of your sins and receive the Savior.