False Self-Image Can Mean Eternal Death

Bible Book: Matthew  7 : 21-23
Subject: Self-Image; Self-deception; Salvation, True; Judgment

Matthew 7:21-23

Near the close of the message Jesus delivered in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus gave several warnings, which deserve our close attention. These warnings deal with life decisions that determine eternal destinies:

The Two Gate
The Two Fruits
Two Foundations
Two Professions

These reveal that people are separated before God into two groups - those who are saved and those who are not saved. The said thing is that some people can think they are saved even when they are not.

I. You Can Deceive Yourself About Your Salvation

A. Many Depend on Self-Deception Until It Is Too Late
B. Some  Depend On  Formal Acknowledgement

Some depend on some formal process they went through in a church, but they never truly repented and accpeted Jesus as Savior.

C. Some Depend On What they Have Said

A person can tell a minister that he is right with God, even when he is not. Yet, after a while, the person begins to believe his own lie.

D. Some Depend On What They Have Rejected

Some people think they are safed because they have not committed certain sins. These people do not realize that any sin and every sin separates a person from God Just because you haven't murdered someone doesn't mean you are saved. A single lie of any kind is a sin. It is sin that separates us from God.

E. Some Depend On What They Have Done

Some depend on the fact that they have been good to their neighbors, given some money to church or even joined a church. Yet, a person like this has deceived himself into believing that one can become acceptable to God by doing good deeds. Only Jesus can save a person and no work of my own can redeem me or forgive even one sin I have committed.

All of the above involves a false self-image. The person has convinced himself that he can make his own way to heaven or that he has complied, in his own mind, with what the Bible requires. He may be very sincere in his beliefs, but he has actually and simply set his own insufficient, false, deadly standard.

II. You Cannot Deceive God About Your Salvation

One may deceive himself about salvation, but you can't fool God!

A. God Must Know You.

You must have a personal relationship with God through Christ. This requires Submission to Him And Fellowship with Him. At the final judgment, God says, "Depart from me for I never knew you." God must know you and you must know Him personally. That requires salvation through God's Son.

B. God Has a Definite Plan For You To Know Him

It is called Salvation!

1. It Is Not of Human Works
2. It is the Way of Faith found in then Righteousness of Christ
3. Submission is the Evidence of your Repentance and Faith
4. All Else is Iniquity and Rebellion

III. The Challenge Is Clear

You need to know that there are Spiritual Dead Lines. You see, a person can cross a Spiritual Dead Line after which salvation is impossible. This truth has awakened many to the necessity of an immediate decision for Christ.

Note Six Spiritual Dead Lines. Rejecting Christ till you cross these dead line leaves one in a state of eternal separation from God and His salvation.

1. Death

Hebrews 9:27

2. Insanity or Loss of Mental Capacity

I know of no specific Scripture, but I have seen this in my ministry.

3. No More Call

Hosea 4:1-17

4. Hardened Heart

Proverbs 29:1

5. Second Coming

Matthew 25: 10-12

6. Unpardonable Sin

Matthew 12: 31-33