Deep Water Blesssings

Bible Book: Luke  8 : 22-25
Subject: Blessings

There is a crucial need within the Church today and that need is for Christians to go deeper into the spiritual realities of our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. There are several occurrences in the New Testament which show us the value of venturing out into deeper water.

Deeper water is "faith territory." The blessings are out where you are over your head and Jesus must be trusted to get you through whatever the situation may be. The scripture says…"the just shall live by faith", and that says that the self is given up and placed in the hands of Jesus Christ. And, really, this is the safest place to live. Only after your feet won't touch bottom will you truly have to trust the Lord completely.

Most people want to be satisfied wading around where the only blessing is cool feet. We must learn and desire to launch out because the fish are in the deep water. Our assurance is out in the deep water also. As we grow deeper and learn to live in that environment, our assurance grows stronger.

When Peter walked on the water it was a miracle no one else has ever been able to do. But, his survival still depended on Jesus. He is necessary for our survival as well whether we are in shallow spiritual water or whether we are out in the deep continuously growing closer to him in actions and understanding.

Here is a lesson to learn: Jesus is a good man to have on board on the ship of your life. Let me ask this question: "Where is the ship of your life sailing to?" "How dependent is it on Jesus for survival?" Most people today think they can make it on their own, but the reason we have the Biblical examples we have is so that we can readily see that our course in life is a disaster unless He is on board and unless we are yielding to Him from day to day.

The Lord has called me and our other ministerial staff to lead you into deeper water spiritually. In reality, you want us to do that because you keep coming back searching and searching for a closer relationship to the Lord. We make no apology for challenging you to launch out to deeper water.

I want us to talk about the places in which we live and where we should go.

I. Living in the Shallows – Ankle Deep Water

There are several factors about swimming is shallow spiritual water. First, only minnows swim there. Also, you can control your direction and speed. Furthermore, the water is not very deep in the shallows and can always touch the bottom with your feet. When you are in the shallow water, land is only a step away, and you can always see where you are. In our natural environment we are creatures of the land and it takes very little faith to survive there.

Sadly, many Christians just want to get in the water, but they never equip themselves to go out any further – to go out into the deeper water that Lord is calling them to. This is like the person who just wants to be saved, but does not desire to go any further. Bible Study and regular church attendance are not on the agenda of people in the shallow waters. Personal prayer time is too much for the person wading in the shallows. The shallow Christian can be careless in shallow water of Christian living and this can become a deadly spiritual habit. Essentially a person like this is swimming around in the area reserved for children, but they don't voluntarily tell people that.


Shallow Christians want people to know that they are in the water, but how deep the water is will not be mentioned. You've seen them. They are all around us. They never learn to swim or fish in deeper water where the real blessings are.

II. Dwelling in the Deeper Waters

Now, when one’s feet cannot touch the bottom, he must have some trust in something beyond himself. A person in the deep water might trust in a boat. In other words, a person like this will construct a boat in which to feel comfortable in life. It may involve our education, our occupation, our money, our stocks, our possessions, or our families. We construct all this around us in order to feel comfortable with who we are and how things are going.

Let me assure you that God has more for you than just constructing a comfort zone around you. This world and its things can never compete with a right relationship with God. In fact, nothing else is really right without Jesus Christ at the helm.

III. Understanding the Waters of Life from Scripture

Our safety is there. Look at Luke 8:21-25. Jesus is the one who told them to go over to the other side. He led them out into the deep. They, in faith, obeyed and launched forth but that was in shallow water. They were not afraid there because they felt in control of the situation. But when they were in deep water, and the storm came, they were afraid. Jesus knew what was going to happen and He knows about situations which arise in your life and mine as well.

You may find yourself disturbed by the winds and waves swirling around your life. That is what happened to the disciples. But the Lord is not disturbed. Not verse 23 in our text. You see, when they could do nothing, he had the answer for their safety.

Up in the shallows they would try to do it themselves. But, in the deep, they needed Him! So, remember, your safety is out there in the deeper water where you cannot depend on yourself, but where you must depend only upon the Lord.

Our Reward is Out in the Deeper Water. Note John 21:5-6. The disciples, like most of us, had worked themselves to the bone striving to be successful catching some fish. But, when Jesus instructed them, and they listened and obeyed, they found their reward Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, tries continuously to get Christians to follow him into a deeper relationship where the true blessings and abundance really are. Notice this, they did not argue with His instructions. They did exactly as He said to do. So often people standing in shallow water will argue with Jesus because they can still touch the bottom of the pool or the lake of life. But to survive in deep water, we must follow His instructions.

I hate to tell you, but most people and most churches today know nothing about living in the deep waters where a true, vibrant relationship with the Lord exists. We are too busy occupying ourselves with the minnows rather than out there in the depths of God’s leadership where we can catch a net full of big fish.

Let me tell you again, our security is out there in the deep water. Look at Matthew 14:28-31. This is in total opposition to the way we think. We think that we can handle it and that is a giveaway as to where we are spiritually. Those who think they can handle it are wading in shallow water. In the midst of the storms of life we must trust Jesus. Peter was willing, even in deep water, to do something no man had ever done. He was willing to attempt walking on the water - and he did. When he started failing and sinking, his Security reached out for him and saved him.


There is a wonderful lesson here. Even though we start the journey and fail from time to time, the Lord never lets us down. Our Security is found in the deep water where we have no hope unless He comes through for us.

We ought t be people who are living in Deep Waters so that we can receive the blessings that it will bring. Don't be a person who is satisfied in the shallows. Allow the Lord to develop you into a Deep Water Christian so that you can receive the Deep Water Blessings from the only one equipped to give them to you - the Lord Jesus Christ.