The Virgin Birth

Bible Book: 2 John  1 : 7
Subject: Christ, Birth of; Virgin Birth; Forgiveness

Is the virgin birth important? I'm here to tell you that it's the most important doctrine in all of scripture! If there's no virgin birth, there's no gospel. If there's no virgin birth, there's no truth to the Bible. If there's no virgin birth, there's no Holy Spirit. If there's no virgin birth, there's no hope for salvation! Is the attack on the virgin birth new? No, it's always been under attack but not with such momentum as in these last days. Notice John's warning to the church.

I. The Attackers of Christ, vs. 7.

A. Their number, vs. 7.

For many... vs. 7. ...many... is this a surprising statement to you? This is a descriptive word that implies that there were more against Jesus than for Him. I'm astounded but not shocked. Again I believe John was a writer of prophecy. I just heard that a judge passed a ruling that school board members couldn't pray out loud because a child might overhear it! God help us! When a child can listen to the worst filth on earth through the TV, computer and in public school literature, but can't hear a prayer, we're in trouble! Not only do we see their number but also their nature.

B. Their nature, vs. 7.

...deceivers... vs. 7. Catch the impact of the word deceivers. It's an adjective. It's the Greek word 'plano.' The word means stooping to any length to deceive you. It carries with it the idea of looking or searching for a way to change your heart! This is the epitome of lying. The strange thing about all of this is that it's not a God thing or an evil thing with them. It's all about destroying another person and in this case that person is Jesus. It's just their nature to get the goods on somebody, to be the one with the latest scoop. They just can't wait to bring someone down. Not only do we notice the attackers of Christ but also the attack on Christ.

II. The Attack on Christ, vs. 7.

A. The attacker's message, vs. 7.

...who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh... vs. 7. The message he clearly presents is that Christ is powerless as a Divine Being. The phrase ...are entered into the world... vs. 7 is actually translated 'are gone forth.' These people go from place to place stomping on the very heart of the gospel, and the love and forgiveness available only through Christ. They don't stay around and they don't say it with their lips. They say there's no power in Christ by their lives. Then their lips confess "I just can't forgive him," "I just don't believe what he's done," "I just don't believe I can worship there." To say these things seems so innocent. Sometimes saying these things even sounds spiritual but they highly contrast the way a person thinks, acts and speaks when he or she is living for Christ. "I'm sure Christ is disappointed with what I've done, but He loved me and forgave me!" People who sow discord and cause dissent deny the life that Christ lived as the Son of God. Not only do we see the attacker's message, we also see the attacker's motive.

B. The attacker's motive, vs. 7.

...This is a deceiver and an antichrist., vs. 7. I'm about to tell you one of the greatest truths you've ever heard. Listen! Their motive is to get you to love them more than you love God - more than you love anybody else for that matter! Their motive is to make themselves look spiritual, intelligent, strong and way ahead of every other little peon in the church! Yes, even at the expense of denying the power of God's love and power to heal and forgive. John warned us that if these people could get you to believe them rather than believe God, they could destroy the deity of Christ in the church. How can they accomplish this? Just by making you think the Bible is wrong about the love and forgiveness of God  and thus they seek to turn Jesus into just another human being.

Listen! God can forgive the unforgivable. He can love the unlovable. He can do ministry in the difficult places. As a matter of fact, if you look closely at God's inerrant word, you'll find Him doing exactly that!