What It Takes To Be A Dad

Bible Book: Ephesians  6 : 4
Subject: Father; Parenting

Everyone knows what it takes to become a father. Father is defined by Webster as “a male parent; a person regarded as a male parent.” But what is a dad? A real dad? The bible gives us some great insight into what it takes to be a dad. It’s something that all male parents have but few are willing to give. Listen closely to this statement! This is the time of the single parent home. Fathers walk out on their children today as though they never existed. It’s leading to the feminization of our little boys and a vacancy in the heart of our little girls that no man can fill! What does it take to be a dad?

I. How to ruin their lives, vs. 4.

A. The position is identified, vs. 4.

…ye fathers… vs. 4. This is 2 + 2. When a woman conceives = someone becomes a father. God is letting us know that this is a position of great power and responsibility. It requires a constant presence! Look at the parallel – God is our Father, He will never leave us nor forsake us, He is our Provider, our Teacher, our Comfort, our Refuge, He is our peace! Do you see the problem? Why so many fathers aren’t dads? Do you see why kid’s lives and minds are so messed up? How rare are those families where the father is truly a spiritual leader, a solid rock, a light in the darkness, a calm in the storm! Kids are being left at a young age to work it out on their own. Wake up, fathers! Notice the words of Jesus in Galatians 4:6 … Abba, Father. Abba means father so when it’s used with the word Father it means Father, Father or Daddy! Jesus could call His Father Dad because He was all a dad should be to a child. Not only do we notice that the position is identified but also the problem is identified.

B. The problem is identified, vs. 4.

…provoke not your children to wrath… vs. 4. What does this mean? Idle threats or doubles standards. One thing that will cause your children to rebel quicker than anything else is to constantly threaten them and then do nothing. The problem today is, watch this now! Fathers are not taking the position of spiritual leader seriously in the home! It’s not love to allow your kids to rule your home! Notice Ephesians 6:1 Children, obey your PARENTS… Not “a parent” but parents. Two people of opposite sex living under the same roof! Don’t even try to raise your kids right while they see your life in a mess! The problem is too many dead beat dads claiming to be Christians that walk out on their kids while saying “now you be a good girl and do everything mommy says.” God help you, sir! This will ruin even a good kid’s life. We not only see how to ruin their lives but also how to run their lives.

II. How to run their lives, vs. 4.

A. How to bring them up, vs. 4.

…but bring them up… vs. 4. Men, listen up! If you’re going to bring them up don’t think you’re going to do it over their new cell phone! You bring them up by being with them everyday. Every single day! I’ll tell you now, sir, if you don’t bring them up some judge will send them up! Then you’ll spend a lot of nights sitting up wishing you had one more chance to bring them up. God didn’t say let your wife bring them up or some other man, and for God’s sake He didn’t say let them bring themselves up! He said …FATHERS…BRING THEM UP… vs. 4. Not only do we see how to bring them up but also how to build them up.

B. How to build them up, vs. 4.

…in the nurture and admonition of the Lord., vs. 4. We are never told to raise them in the latest secular circle! The greatest gift you can give your child is a dad who fears and loves God with all his heart and loves their mother the same way! What does it take to be a dad? Blood, sweat and tears, and sadly I must say today most men don’t have what it takes! It takes discipline, prayer, pain, planning and lots of guts! What’s wrong with American kids today? I blame it all on faithless, godless, spineless fathers trying to be dads! Lets change all that today. Dads, come forward if you would.