Learning To Tithe

By Johnny L. Sanders
Type: Story
Subject: Stewardship; Tithing; Giving
Learning To TitheDr. Johnny Sanders sent the following story about his son, John, and Dr. Sanders granddaughter, Abigail. It is a great story about learning to give from the heart!John decided it was time to talk with 8 year old Abigail about tithing (she must have asked). She has been working on fractions, so he asked, "Abigail, what is one/tenth of ten dollars?"She thought for a second and said, "One dollar."John said, "That's right. Now, what is one/tenth of one dollar?"Abigail replied, "Ten cents."John exulted, "That's right. Now, if I gave you one dollar, how much would you give Jesus?"Young Abigail said, "Two dollars and sixty-two cents?"Her dad, John, looked puzzled and said, "Now think about it. I'll give you one dollar. How much are you going to give Jesus?"Abigail said more forcefully, "Two dollars and sixty-two cents."Dad asked, "What?"Abigail said it again, "Two dollars and sixty-two cents."Finally dad asked, "Where did you get that?"Abigail held up her little purse, waved it and said, "Right here - two dollars and sixty-two cents. In change."[You see, Abigail was counting all the money she had. Does this not remind you of the woman Jesus praised, the woman who gave all she had? How wonderful if God would grant us that spirit of stewardship! Dr. J. Mike Minnix, Editor, www.pastorlife.com]