Slow Moving

By David Hammonds
Type: Story
Subject: Trusting God; Waiting on God
Slow MovingPhilippians 2:13, "for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure." NKJVAutomakers should be required to place a label on some 4-cylinder vehicles that says, "Warning, trying to pass a car in this vehicle could be hazardous to your life."Recently, I got behind a slow moving automobile. The road I was on was not conducive to passing, but I like to live life on the edge. As soon as I found a clear spot I pulled out to go around the slow car. I pressed the accelerator to the floor. My truck responded by saying, "I don't have anymore to give." No matter how hard I pressed the accelerator my little truck just refused to give any more speed. I felt like a "sitting duck." I eventually made it around the slower car. God had a lesson for me to learn (maybe more than one).Sometimes in the Christian walk we try to make things happen. We press and press, but nothing happens. We want to have more faith, more peace, more joy, more victory, more everything, so we work hard at making it happen. Our walk with God does not operate in that way. He wants us to trust Him to provide every good work. He is thrilled when we quit trying. It is then that He is able to produce in us good things. Dallas Holms sings a song that I like very much. It simply says, "Now I'm riding in the back seat, and I'm leaving all the driving to the Chief."If you are frustrated today because you are not seeing things happen in your walk, it may be that you are still trying to produce them on your own. Remember, you don't have the power in yourself.I am late for my 2:00 p.m.!!think on these thingsDr. David HammondsSardis Baptist ChurchPalmetto, Georgia