It Is A Buick

By Johnny L. Sanders
Type: Story
Subject: Stewardship; Possessions; Focus on Ministry; Values
It Is A BuickA Story from Dr. Johnny SandersCalvin Cantrell called Dr. H. Leo Eddleman, "A preaching machine." I once listened to him in a revival in my home church and at the end of the week I could recall the outline of six sermons. That is a lot more than I can remember about my sermons!My son John and I picked Dr. Eddleman up at the airport in Monroe, LA, one evening and drove him back to Bastrop. I might add here that other than my brother Mike and the late James L. Yates, Dr. Eddleman is the only person who ever called me John instead ofJohnny. As we reached approached Bastrop, Dr. Eddleman asked, "John, what kind of car is this?"I said, "It's a Buick."He hesitated and said, reflectively, "I think I have a Buick."Believe me, I knew what I was driving - I also knew what I wanted to drive!An automobile was what Mrs. Eddleman used to get him to the airport.He never knew how amusing I found that statement. Amusement would soon become amazement. I am still amazed at the contrast between his values and those of many preachers of the Gospel today. I am reminded that Jesus had no place to lay his head. I believe Dr. Eddleman was manifesting the character and values of our Lord more than some people I have known. I certainly include myself among the latter group.