Stealing on the Death Bed

By J. Mike Minnix
Type: Story
Subject: Stewardship; Materialism

Some years ago I read the following story, though I don't remember the source.

A pastor once received a call in the middle of the night. He was asked to visit someone who was dying and who wanted to know how to be sure of Heaven. Arriving at the house located in a squalid court, he found a man about 40 years of age with the pale look of death already appearing in his face. The preacher leaned over the bed and told him about the Savior. As he spoke, he noted a sudden gleam come into the man's eye, and he mistook it for a response to the Gospel. But the man was paying no attention to the pastor's earnest pleadings. Finally, the minister knelt by his bedside and prayed for his conversion. When he arose, the man was dead, but his fast-stiffening fingers were clasping the chain on the pastor's watch! He had been a notorious burglar, and the sight of that gold treasure so occupied his attention that he couldn't concentrate upon the way of salvation. Instead, he had picked the preacher's pocket.

The love of money can turn a man or woman from God forever. Only a change of heart can give you a change of attitude toward material things

Dr. J. Mike Minnix, Editor