Surprised Giver

By J. Mike Minnix
Type: Story
Subject: Stewardship; Giving
Surprised Giver

The Watchman Crusader once carried the true story of a well-known preacher who was making an appeal for funds before a large congregation. He asked the people to bring their gifts to the front of the church as an act of willing and cheerful liberality. Many came forward to present their offerings; among them was a little lame girl who hobbled along at the rear of the procession.

Pulling a ring from her finger, she placed it on the table at the foot of the platform and then made her way back up the aisle. After the service an usher was sent to bring her into a side room where the preacher met her and said, "My dear, I saw what you did tonight. It was beautiful. But the response of the people has been so generous that we have more than enough to take care of our needs. We don't feel right about keeping your treasured ring, so we've decided to give it back to you."

To his surprise the little girl shook her head in refusal. With a look of rebuke in her eyes, she said, "Pastor, you don't understand. I didn't give my ring to you; I gave it to the Lord."

Dr. J. Mike Minnix, Editor